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  1. I'm running ShotScope, so I'll be doing the same tracking to see if it makes a difference.
  2. I too read the write up on them and it sounded pretty impressive. Pulled the trigger on the 004 Mallet this morning. Did I need a new putter, no...but for the price I was willing to try it. Single Bend, SuperStroke Flat Front grip, 32". Now the wait , the hard part. I also have tried finding outside reviews of this particular model, and can't find much. Overall, across the entire line, review are very good, so I expect the putter to be there also.
  3. I've been a V3 user now for a couple months. I was using Hole19, and while it gave similar data, it was very cumbersome waiting to update my location on the fairway, then club choice. Love the freedom SS gives of just playing. Have not had the need to import pix of holes, so I can't help there. I have noticed on one of my courses they have a P5 and a P4 swapped. Need to shoot that off to support and see what they need to update. Look forward to hearing tips, and hopefully providing some of my own.
  4. I am currently using the Shot Scope V3 ($199 on sale now) and am liking it for the tracking and data it provides. The V3 watch is much smaller than the V2 as ChiefMikeOfficer noted, and is comfortable to wear. Tracking Tabs are small and don't interfere off the edge of the grip. You do have to edit your round at the end, as it does miss a couple shots, but overall I think it's a great app. I used Hole19 and my phone before, and it was a PIA having to input everything on the phone during the round. Shot Scope takes care of everything, you just play. Good luck in your search!
  5. Signed up via the link, pretty cool!! Look forward to the possible opportunity
  6. I also enjoy watching Rick Shiels channel, as I've gotten some good tidbits from him. Mr Shortgame is very easy to grasp with his concepts, and seems VERY excited to pass them on LOL The TXG guys are good also, I like how they do an all around review of the whole system and how it all comes together. One guy I haven't seen mentioned (yes, I read every post) was Danny Maude. Very straight forward and easy to understand. One YouTube golf couple I've really enjoyed watching lately is Stacked Golf. Young couple that goes garage saleing and Goodwilling looking for used clubs. Then they go play 4-5 holes with their latest find. Kinda fun. Great thread, I need to check out some of these other people that were suggested.
  7. Thanks for noticing that, it is a service I feel I can give back to our Veterans in respect to the service they gave our county in sounding the Honor from the heart and not by battery. I too was "grabbed" by the Veteran theme in the advertising, and do feel that they are founded by veterans and are doing what they can to provide jobs. Yeah, the marketing is a little suspect, but being a startup I guess they are just trying to get out there. I am disappointed that you have had such bad luck getting in touch with them. Could it be a time zone issue, since they are in CA and last in line for sunrise? I'm not making excuses for them, just hoping to get you a resolution.
  8. Wow, that is strange, I've talked to them 3-4 times and never had that happen. Are you calling Cust Svc at 888-864-9728? Sales # is 888-728-8090. And Welcome!!!
  9. I 2nd Nate on this also GordyMoe, I think you might have maybe misdialed? I just got off the phone with them about returning the set of woods I was testing out. Give it another shot. Thanks to longdrivenate's experience on the phone with them I knew what to expect in getting the RMA. I fully intended to wait it out for the full refund as I had no intention of keeping them (for which I'll explain below), and got the "split the difference" offer which I said no to. I actually had the RMA # written down and he had one final offer. He said they'd be writing them off at $40/ea. since they were not considered new anymore and would I take that price (3 @ $120), I said make it $100 and refund the balance and I'll do it for the sake of not going the the hassle of boxing and shipping. Done deal, and for what they are, I'm happy. My oldest is taking a Golf Class so they can fill his bag. So back in September I started the fitting process and had a new set of irons and middle fairway woods (7w and 11w) made. The plan with my fitter is to fit me for a Driver and 4w after the 1st of the year, letting the bank account recover from the above purchase, so having a 3/5/9 in the bag doesn't really do much for me. So, the ad come across email and decided to bite, sure I'll upgrade my 2010 Callaway FTi for free LOL, and it'll be fun to test clubs. I did a 3w, 5w, and 9w for my test group (since I had the 7w). The only thing I did wrong was order Standard Grips, instead of Mid-Size. They are small, but that's an easy fix. I planned to play 2-3 rounds of golf outside of driving range time, but a freak snowstorm 2 days after I got these, a drowning in the pond at a Golf Resort that shut down the course the weekend I was there (sad story), and our Governor shutting our state down for two weeks over Thanksgiving, totally blew my 45 day test period. It's 2020, what more can I say. So, 95% of testing was done at the driving range, 3-4 days (lunch hours from work), and only 1 round of golf. Didn't get the distance I was getting on the range, but I wasn't hitting range rocks and the fairways aren't as hard. I used a Taylormade TP5 for the round. Driver (Reg Shaft / 44.5") - (PROS) Feels good overall, head looks good, no adjustments for weighting or on hosel. It performed exactly as I expected against a 10 year old driver. I was getting about 215-225 yards total with the Callaway, where I'd carry 225-240 with the Patriot driver and roll out another 25-30 yards. Nice, this will work well for now. Hit pretty straight, nice forgiveness. I'm not one that shapes shots yet, so not trying anything fancy, just keep it in the green stuff, and down the middle. Like I mentioned above, I "ordered" the wrong grips, so for giggles and grins, I bought a Jumbomax grip. Holy Hell, what a difference. Talk about grip it and rip it, unknown if it's added any real distance, but doesn't feel like I'm going to loose the club now. Anyway, this is staying in my bag until I get back with my fitter and complete the process I mentioned above. (CONS) - Those shafts...ugh, Orange and Cream. Really? Who thought that was an attractive color scheme?!? 3+ Wood (Reg Shaft / 43.5") - (PROS) Well, what can I say? Its a 3w, either you can hit it or you can't. I'm at the "can't" stage right now. The few shots that I did hit well went straight gave me decent roll outs to 220-230 range. Grips might be playing a part in this being too small, will upgrade those in the future and work on my technique and see if things improve. Will play with at the range, but most likely won't get a ride in the bag. (CONS) - Those shafts, did I mention the color? 5 Wood (Reg Shaft / 42.5") - (PROS) Very easy club to hit after a few swings. Everything was straight and would get 200 plus yards on roll out. I get this distance with my 7 wood that was fit for me, due to much better quality materials so the 5w will go in my son's bag. (CONS) - Did I mention the col....yeah, I think so. 9 Wood (Reg Shaft / 40.5") - (PROS) Again an easy club to hit, very forgiving and straight. Getting average distance and nice height on the shot, rolling out 180-195. Again, my 11w covers this gap, so it'll go in my son's bag. (CONS) - Yeah, I think you know. OVERALL THOUGHTS - For a Mid to High handicapper that is looking to upgrade the woods, I think this might be a good inexpensive option to upgrade to current tech, along with a "free" Driver. If I hadn't just upgraded my entire golf bag, I'd happily play these for a couple years or until I was ready for the next level. YMMV Thanks for reading and stay in the short stuff.
  10. Not sure if I'm going to be able to participate this go'round or not. Our illustrious governor here in NM has shut our State down, once again, as of this past Monday thru the end of the Month. This shut down also includes all Golf Courses and Tennis Courts, which are two of the best "social distance" type sports around. Knowing her, she'll keep us locked down thru December and hit the Trifecta of ruining Thanksgiving AND Christmas for us (she took out Easter back in April). Anyway, I could be done for the year golfing, which happens to be some of the best weather for it here in Albuquerque. I'm enjoying reading about everyone else's adventures tho.
  11. It's a sad day in the world of the Classic Bag Challenge. I took my set to the range today, along with my players and worked thru the irons after I'd warmed up with a few dozen balls. Did ok on the irons (my GOD do you get feed back on a "off" stroke ) and went to my 4 wood. Hit about 6 shots and heard a CRA_A_A_K_K *%^&#$!!!!!! Sigh, this beauty is done for. Grandfathers clubs...now a wall hanger. I'll take it to my Club Fitter and see if he can work some magic and at least repair the crack. I have another set of Woods that aren't near as pretty that I'll put in the bag, but this and the Driver will never see grass again.
  12. Dude, in the words of the great Lee Trevino, "Even God can't hit a 1-iron..."
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