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  1. I also enjoy watching Rick Shiels channel, as I've gotten some good tidbits from him. Mr Shortgame is very easy to grasp with his concepts, and seems VERY excited to pass them on LOL The TXG guys are good also, I like how they do an all around review of the whole system and how it all comes together. One guy I haven't seen mentioned (yes, I read every post) was Danny Maude. Very straight forward and easy to understand. One YouTube golf couple I've really enjoyed watching lately is Stacked Golf. Young couple that goes garage saleing and Goodwilling looking for used clubs. Then
  2. Thanks for noticing that, it is a service I feel I can give back to our Veterans in respect to the service they gave our county in sounding the Honor from the heart and not by battery. I too was "grabbed" by the Veteran theme in the advertising, and do feel that they are founded by veterans and are doing what they can to provide jobs. Yeah, the marketing is a little suspect, but being a startup I guess they are just trying to get out there. I am disappointed that you have had such bad luck getting in touch with them. Could it be a time zone issue, since they are in CA and last in
  3. Wow, that is strange, I've talked to them 3-4 times and never had that happen. Are you calling Cust Svc at 888-864-9728? Sales # is 888-728-8090. And Welcome!!!
  4. I 2nd Nate on this also GordyMoe, I think you might have maybe misdialed? I just got off the phone with them about returning the set of woods I was testing out. Give it another shot. Thanks to longdrivenate's experience on the phone with them I knew what to expect in getting the RMA. I fully intended to wait it out for the full refund as I had no intention of keeping them (for which I'll explain below), and got the "split the difference" offer which I said no to. I actually had the RMA # written down and he had one final offer. He said they'd be writing them off at $40/ea. since they
  5. Not sure if I'm going to be able to participate this go'round or not. Our illustrious governor here in NM has shut our State down, once again, as of this past Monday thru the end of the Month. This shut down also includes all Golf Courses and Tennis Courts, which are two of the best "social distance" type sports around. Knowing her, she'll keep us locked down thru December and hit the Trifecta of ruining Thanksgiving AND Christmas for us (she took out Easter back in April). Anyway, I could be done for the year golfing, which happens to be some of the best weather for it here in Albuq
  6. It's a sad day in the world of the Classic Bag Challenge. I took my set to the range today, along with my players and worked thru the irons after I'd warmed up with a few dozen balls. Did ok on the irons (my GOD do you get feed back on a "off" stroke ) and went to my 4 wood. Hit about 6 shots and heard a CRA_A_A_K_K *%^&#$!!!!!! Sigh, this beauty is done for. Grandfathers clubs...now a wall hanger. I'll take it to my Club Fitter and see if he can work some magic and at least repair the crack. I have another set of Woods that aren't near as pretty that I'll
  7. Dude, in the words of the great Lee Trevino, "Even God can't hit a 1-iron..."
  8. WOW NRJzyr, thanks for the history lesson. The little bit of research I had done, led me to believe they were older, love that you were able to narrow down the spectrum for me. So with what you've said, this would make these 20th Anniversary's then? This explains the "newness" of them, if they are a early to mid-eighties run. My Grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's the last 15-18 years of his life, and passed away in '98. That means he got only a year or two worth of rounds thru them. Well, I spent last night getting the hosel's pushed back down, as most had crept up about 1/4
  9. They are amazingly clean, and my grandfather was quite the player if I remember correctly.
  10. Had them "on order" week before last, and "shipped" this past Monday. After not seeing any activity on the UPS Tracking # all week, I called PG and it looks like UPS lost my test clubs. Spoke with Tim (one of the owners) and he said they would start on a fresh set for me this morning and will ship out 2nd Day Air on Monday. So far, Customer Service is top notch.
  11. Man, I think I might join in this challenge. I have my grandfathers set of MacGregor Jack Nicholas Muirfield's (3-PW, D and 4w) that I "re-discovered" in my garage a couple months ago. I've been wanting to play them just for the h*ll of it just to see. This will give me a great excuse. I just need to reset the hosel's back into place on a few of them I "think" they are early to mid-70's era, and I don't think they are 20th Anniv editions that came out mid-eighties, so these will definitely make the cut. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into , but it'll be fun!
  12. Assuming you mean the 8 iron, I think I've swung it once so far during a round. I'm still learning my gaps with the new set, as I'm smoking the distances from my Adam's I was playing.
  13. I'm really liking it. I had the Classic II for many years and really liked the feel of it, and came across this one, and yes the "spider-esquiness" caught my attention. It has a nice pendulum swing to it, and I like the mid-sized grip. I have made as many one-puts with it as I have 2-putts, so it's staying in the bag. If you search it out, you'll probably go right to the site I purchased from, (not sure if I'm allowed to mentioned other websites here). Got it for 1/2 price as it was an "open box", and didn't have a scratch on it. Thanks for the welcome!
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