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  1. I had both of those carts in my radar a few weeks back when I was looking myself, and the foot brake/hand brake was something that was a factor. I had rented push carts for a couple rounds and one cart I had did have the foot brake, which seemed awkward at the time having to bend and step under the cart to set/release. That said, my 3rd option was a Bag Boy Nitron, and that's what I'm pushing now, and can't be happier. It DOES have the hand brake and I like it SO much better, just easier to manipulate. That would be my two-cents on the subject. The reason I chose the Bag Boy was for
  2. I just started on the Single Length Bandwagon with some Wishon 771csi's, 8-AW, with the 7i 1/2" longer. Did really well with them during the fitting, but haven't got a lot of road time in with them yet. So far, I'm happy, huge improvement over the Adam's I was slinging before.
  3. Ok, I picked them up last week and have been able to get some time at the range, plus a 1/2 round in so far. We got dumped on snow wise the last two days (about 12", which is NOT normal) so it'll be a few days before it dries out enough to go play again. So far, I'm loving them!
  4. Hey guys, fairly new guy here and am joining the WITB bandwagon. I played pretty regularly (and poorly at that) about 20 years ago and took time off to raise a family, but now the kids have flown the coup and I started back up again about 3 months ago. Still had my 25 year old clubs, but wanted to come into this century so bought some used Adams off FB Marketplace to get started and went at it with private lessons and 4-5 days at the range. Well, that was all well and good for about 2 months but they just weren't going to do the trick, length, weight, flex all WRONG. Decided to go to local
  5. Great Review longdrivenate, I appreciate all the detail. I think I might go ahead and call and do this myself. I just wonder how difficult it will be to get the RMA to return the "test woods" at the end? Just got fitted for a new set of high irons (7-Gw) plus a 7w and 11w. Will be interesting to see what the 3w and 5w are like. And here we go, 3w/5w/9w are on the way. Don't need the 7w to test as I have one in my new set. Charge upfront, and then have to deal with the return/refund process at the end. Talked with Gary, and got the same "schpiel" that longdrivenate did,
  6. New clubs - T minus 14 days.... So I'm new on the block here, and loving the forum and the site overall. Started golfing 28-30 years ago, played (if you call it that) for 10-15 years, had kids, and well...life focused on them. Oldest just graduated with his BS/ME degree going for his Masters, and youngest is in his Senior year in International Business. Time well spent, but now it's my time. I was fit at Golf Mart 25 years ago with a set of Tour Edge Comp 950's, and continued to play poorly, and knew those were NOT coming back out into daylight this go 'round. I picked up a set
  7. Russ McDuffie Albuquerque, NM Callaway Fti 10.5 ~2 Unknown, Sub 100 I'd guess Tsi2 10.5
  8. I'm gonna follow this topic as I have just this week gone thru three separate fitting appointments with a local guy here in town (been around since the 90's). I am pretty positive that I am going to be fitted with some Wishon heads, altho not entirely sure which model. I hit his personal set, which were pretty spot on to my fitting profile, and was adding 15-25+ yards per club. As I keep telling my fitter, "I don't know what I don't know, so enlighten me" as I've been out of the game for 20 years. That said, I've never played "name" clubs, so I don't know any different, but from hitting my
  9. Thanks Manimal26! It's a God-Given talent I truly love. It's similar to golf, once you think you got it figured out and your pretty good, she's a cruel mistress that will humble you like noob.
  10. Hey Everyone, Just recently joined up and am going thru the motions getting settled in here. So....here we go How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been around golf now for 30 years, but took a 20 year hiatus raising a family and doing what needed to be done with that. Both my boys are now in College and thriving, so time to pick it back up and remember how to swing a club. No handicap yet, working on it, but am shooting in the mid-20's right now (only been back at it for 3 months) but hoping for the teens. What do
  11. 2x here on what you thought of the clubs? I also got that same email from Hole19 (twice now) and was thinking of biting, as it does appear to be at minimal risk, and I'll always take a free driver I guess. I'm sure the offer will last a while. Looking forward to your thoughts.
  12. Russ / Albuquerque, NM ~ 24-28 (still working on getting rated) Top Flight 56° / American Open 60° It's a great look, very basic, not flashy and full of fluff. The look alone instills confidence in knocking it close. We're getting into the best playability weather here in NM, will have lots of time to test.
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