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  1. He may drop to 4th unless he pulls a great shot out of the bunker on 7.
  2. Spieth is so frustrating. He makes a great shot from trouble and hits a long putt and you think he will make a run, then he makes a terrible swing and loses a stroke and drops back.
  3. I think he was referring to National Golf Links, not Shinnecock. NGL is probably too short for the Tour and likely the members don’t want the hassle. And Shinnecock is right next to it, which itself does have links qualities.
  4. Rory is losing his swing again. Would have been nice to see him put it together but I think he will be wildly streaky the rest of his career.
  5. I think one goal of the WGC is to get top players to events that otherwise wouldn't get them.
  6. Why? The Fedex playoffs are all top fields with the best players on usually really good courses (sans East Lake, which is decent enough). I do agree that moving at least one of the WGCs to an international course would be fun. I'm glad the St. Jude left Firestone (boring course to watch), maybe that one or the Workday can find an international location. But it would have to be someplace in a time zone that works for the US market to watch.
  7. Absolutely agree. From March through September each month has at least one compelling great tournament to watch, from the Players, the four majors, the Fedex, to the Ryder Cup or President's Cup (granted that the President's Cup usually isn't as compelling).
  8. https://www.linksmagazine.com/the_top_10_links_like_courses_you_can_play_in_the_u_s/
  9. Just watched Jon Rahm's press conference. I really like this guy. He is conversational, smart, respectful, and I like his showing of emotion on the course. His conference followed Brooks Koepka and you can see the difference in likability.
  10. There aren't a large number of true links courses in the US to begin with. Then find one that has the infrastructure and convenient enough location for a Tour event and you can see why there aren't many.
  11. The Match was fun, mainly because of Phil and the beautiful course. I like these events once a year. But they need to get better personalities in addition to Phil for the future. Bryson really wasn't so great. Tiger would always be a draw. Get Michael Jordan and Tony Romo. Justin Thomas would probably be pretty good but he is still probably toxic right now, unfortunately. Rahm would probably be good. Or go co-ed- Phil and Tiger and the Korda sisters.
  12. Agree. I enjoy rooting for Americans who are proud to represent the U.S.
  13. When he is on, he is one of the best drivers in the game, with length and control. He also is strong with his irons and became much improved with his wedge game. He also has an ability to stay calm and collected.
  14. Hi @revkev - I don't disagree with your sentiment, but I can't respond with my thoughts on this because the moderators have given me a warning that if people here don't like my disagreeing with them I could get suspended or banned. Without agreeing or disagreeing, I'll say that it looks like Torrey is not going to be hosting another men's professional major for any time in the foreseeable (10 years?) future, and I won't miss it compared to the other courses the USGA (and most of the PGA) are planning.
  15. In their primes, both Jack and Tiger could hit certain shots at a level of skill and accuracy that few others could. That was raw natural ability beyond most other players combined with developed technique. They also set themselves apart with their ability to focus week after week, shot after shot, without letup.
  16. Referenced in a Golf Magazine piece today: https://golf.com/instruction/putting/top-100-teacher-arm-lock-putting-is-legal-and-works-like-crazy-heres-how-you-can-use-it/ "It’s an easy—and possibly superior—way to putt, and golf’s governing bodies have given it their full blessing. Here’s the basic concept: Connect the shaft of your putter to your lead arm at address (photo, above) and keep it there during your stroke. By doing this you eliminate any deviations in shaft angle from setup to impact, where most putting errors occur. Honestly, it makes controlling the putterface darn near idiot-proof."
  17. There is a separate rule that a player can't get advice from another player. As usually the only people on the greens are players and caddies, it isn't really feasible that a player will ask a fan or a cameraman to come over and give a read. How do you define hi-tech and low-tech. Laser readings are fairly standard technology nowadays.
  18. But why draw the line at lasers? Either the read is a skill, that only the player should be allowed to determine as a measure against another player’s skill, or the player can get assistance as to how the green is shaped to know the breaks. Whether that assistance is high tech or low tech, why does that matter? I read your whole comment. Please stop with the snarky comments. If you can’t handle a disagreement with your opinion, then don’t engage.
  19. If you don’t want me to quote you, stop referencing me.
  20. Part 2: https://golftoday.co.uk/behind-the-architectural-curtain-us-open-2021-torrey-pines-part2/ As Bryson said, interesting that I’m living rent free in your head ...
  21. Here is an interesting article interviewing several golf course architects about Torrey, US Open setups, the distance debate, and other topics: https://golftoday.co.uk/behind-the-architectural-curtain-us-open-2021-torrey-pines-part1/
  22. But they don’t use their own senses. They use caddies to give the reads, and they use practice rounds beforehand to putt from all over the greens to see the rolls. If the ability of the player to read the green is part of the skill to score, then they shouldn’t be allowed to get a read from a caddie.
  23. Tough start for Phil. Looks like he is done after 5 holes. Would have been great to see him contend again.
  24. I'm still not understanding what is wrong with it. Is it that different from a caddie who knows every inch of the greens giving you the read? Should caddies not be allowed to tell you how a putt will break as you are then not using your skill to read the green?
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