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  1. How has the PGA Tour "bullied" the DP Tour?
  2. You said they have "been allowed to play as they please" - that is false.
  3. Totally false. The Tour never allowed play in the US at an event opposite a Tour event.
  4. Please show the reports that the PGA Tour has made these deals with tournament sponsors. You have it backwards. Phil and Norman hated that the 2nd tier players on Tour were making money that they thought should be going to them. Having larger purse, limited field events hurts the 2nd tier players. The Tour prior to these changes was more supportive of the bottom 100 Tour players. Unfortunately, LIV has forced their hand to focus on just the top players more.
  5. He did not say he was paid by the PGA Tour to play in events. Unlike the DP World Tour—where tournaments have dished out seven-figure sums to stars to play in their events—the practice of appearance fees is prohibited by the PGA Tour. However, many events find workarounds to this rule in the form of off-the-course endorsement contracts. For example, Zurich sponsors a number of professional golfers, and most of those players will play in the Zurich Classic. Tournaments can also pay players for speaking engagements for week-of events during tournament weeks. In a statement to ESPN, the PGA Tour reiterated its stance against appearance fees while acknowledging these other avenues for payment. "We are aware that certain tournament sponsors may contract with a player to perform a sponsor-related activity during tournament week for which they receive nominal compensation," the PGA Tour statement said. "This is permissible under our guidelines."
  6. You can't only look at revenue. What are the margins? There are a lot more NFL players, and MLB players, and NBA players than PGA Tour players. The NFL and NBA and MLB teams have lots more employees and infrastructure. Apples to apples.
  7. Just because you are an independent contractor doesn't mean you have a right to contract with one employer and work at that employer's competitor at the same time.
  8. Please show the reports that the PGA Tour paid players and caddies under the table. Independent contractors always have to abide by contracts.
  9. None of that has anything to do with LIV.
  10. I get it that you may not be familiar with financial statements. You have to look at the balance sheet and the related schedules. The PGA Tour has $1.2 billion in stated pension liabilities. And that is just pension. You can't compare the PGA Tour to a non-profit hospital. It is a professional sports league. Do you think that the executives at all pro sports leagues should not be paid competitive salaries? The NFL Commissioner makes over $30 million a year. NBA- $10 million. MLB- $17 million.
  11. And how much of those assets are earmarked to support player pensions and other debt obligations? Again, please show these statements from Monahan or these two players.
  12. Please show the statements where Monahan said money was restricted, and then used for purses. The Saudis were starting LIV regardless of who was the head of the PGA Tour.
  13. I and others posted plenty of reasons why Norman is an awful choice to head up LIV. You seem to not read any of those posts.
  14. That was a strange comment by him. The Tour spent down its reserves. Similar to the point he was trying to make, but far different from taking a loan. His comments on LIV, Norman, and the flaws in the OWGR rankings were very good.
  15. Courses on the Tour are longer today. Tiger’s domination wasn’t just from driving distance.
  16. Courses on the Tour are longer today.
  17. No one would put Rory to 275 yards. The top hitters getting to 300 would be good. Just like in the late 1990s. That would put the difference between the long and short hitters about the same as it always was. It doesn't penalize shorter hitters any more than they had been disadvantaged historically. The ball testing issue would be no different than testing that is needed now for all equipment. If bifurcation was made part of the USGA rules, and LIV didn't follow, then goodbye any chance at world ranking points.
  18. Some golf fans like watching pro golf. When LIV comes in with the goal of damaging the world's top tour and disrupting golf globally, and does so for the purpose of enriching a handful of pros (and other purposes I won't get into again on this forum), and it affects the majors and the Ryder Cup, and LIV is filing lawsuits, etc., then golf fans who liked watching all these events are not going to view LIV favorably.
  19. The disingenuous of Norman, Mickelson and others is grating. They want to damage the PGA Tour and enrich themselves. That is what they want. They aren’t looking to grow the game or make golf better. As said above, if they want to run their own tournaments to make even more money, go ahead but stop with the lawsuits and the whining.
  20. I will say that as I watched it live, it did look to me like she was giving it the slightest push with her thumb as she placed it, but I chalked it off to how it looked on television. A rules official was right there watching her. I don't believe at all that she would actually push the ball when she placed it down.
  21. You had said 25 years. But ok, let's compare to 2004. Median 2004 driving distance- 287. Median 2022 driving distance- 300. That is significant In 2004, 15 players averaged 300 or more on drives. In 2022, 98 players averaged 300 or more on drives.
  22. This is an amazingly inaccurate statement. The median driving distance on the PGA Tour in 1997 was 267 yards, In 2022 it was 300 yards. In 1997, the 10th longest driver on Tour (Vijay Singh) averaged 281 yards. In 2022, 191 out of 193 players averaged over 281 yards. "Bigger" and "stronger" have nothing to do with it. Distances are massively higher now compared to then because of equipment technology.
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