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  1. I was expecting a 6 to 8 week wait, and was pleasantly surprised to get a call yesterday after just 4 weeks. Hopefully things are getting back to normal.
  2. Just got my new irons in today, shout out to D'Lance in Denver CO for getting me fit into the right clubs. Srixon ZX7 4 thru PW with True Temper Rifle 6.0 shafts +.5 Ping Glide 3.0 wedges 60, 56, and 52 degrees Ping G410 17-degree and 19-degree hybrids with Fujikura Golf Pro Series 2.0 7S shafts Sm 2 Driver 9.0 with HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g 6.0 Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle putter with oversized grip
  3. I just had a fitting and discovered that I needed a heavier shaft to help with my transition and tempo. Got fitted for True Temper Rifle Parallel Tip 6.0 shafts that are 141 grams. The interesting thing was I picked up over 5 mph with the heavier shaft without any additional effort (83 to over 89mph)
  4. Bought 5 dozen of the Snell MTB Black last month, hopefully I don't lose them too quickly. Last year I was lucky enough to win a case of TP5 golf balls, which lasted me most of the year. After that I bought various DTC balls Vice, Snell, Encore, RZN and Quantix, then tested them out and decided the MTB Black fit me the best. Going to stick with those the rest of the year.
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