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  1. We played a course Thursday just south of GR, Saskatoon, really enjoyed it
  2. I'm in Fort Wayne....so GR was about 2.5hours, was thinkiing of hitting the Marathon and the Solheim as well, Toledo is barely 2 hours for me.
  3. eventual champ Nelly Korda tee shot on #1 (Friday) 20210618_100055_1.mp4
  4. Attended the Meijer LPGA in Grand Rapids on Friday....really fun experience, just thought I'd share a few pics
  5. good article, and I think spieth is one of the generally good guys on tour
  6. Dang! -17 after 36 holes.....-6 just to make the cut, they are tearing that place a new one My preference is when they play courses that are more challenging, but THESE GUYS ARE GOOD I wonder if the PGA tour will come back with them destroying it like this?
  7. I have a BagBoy Quad XL....I chose it because it does keep the bag a little more upright than many of the others, not 90* mind you, but works for me
  8. Great opportunity here!
  9. always a great opportunity for the forum members....
  10. Scott Fort Wayne, IN I walk about 3/4 of the time. I get a cart on the long courses that meander through housing additions Yes, Bag Boy Quad XL
  11. is the format still taking your best 4 golfers that week?
  12. Damn, So far i've given it the lowest rating and I frickin' LOVED it.....haha
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