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  1. JudgeSmails

    Your ideal golf weather

    wind always at my back on the tee
  2. JudgeSmails

    New member

    welcome to the forums.....have a look around and get involved as well
  3. looks like some quality, high-end products....good luck fellow spies, unless we are testing snow suits, I gotta sit out of this one
  4. total points = 54
  5. JudgeSmails

    Driver comparison with 3 shots v's current driver

    Probably not enough swings to super accurate information. First I've heard of the Wilson Cortex thing...didn't they have a similar problem w/ the first Driver v Driver winner?
  6. JudgeSmails


    welcome aboard
  7. reviews aren't too bad, prob worth a shot..... not sure about this guys form though
  8. JudgeSmails

    Bill Murray movie "Loopers"

    yeah, this looks great
  9. Sill waiting on my free bowl....maybe it's a voucher of some sort
  10. a new hybrid headcover, made for the Judge
  11. JudgeSmails

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    that was a gold old fashioned ass whoopin @GolfSpy STUDque good luck next week
  12. JudgeSmails

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Hook me up with a BROKE 80, have done it a few times this year
  13. JudgeSmails

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    the Judge is ready @GolfSpy STUDque WE NEVER SLICE
  14. JudgeSmails

    Callaway 2019 Big Bertha Irons Thread

    just never really been a fan of any of the black irons....Callaways, so i'm sure they are good....but just don't like that look in general