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  1. Awesome...I can't wait...Thank you MGS and Lynx
  2. Scott - Fort Wayne, IN US 8.6 Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal Prowler VT
  3. decent looking stuff...but $90 polos, no thank ya I have a bunch of adidas polos that cost me in the 20-30 range and are super light and comfortable
  4. great opportunity, look forward to the results
  5. Although I pay close attention to the Most Wanted and Forum Reviews...I've never just blindly bought anything that was recommended without trying it out first. Yesterday I broke that string, after going over this test several times and really breaking it down the best I can. I've been playing ChromeSoft the last couple years.....These numbers to me don't lie.....I just ordered a couple Dozen BStone Tour B X and B XS, and going to see which one I prefer. Being a weekend golfer, I don't have tons of time to try out 6-7 different balls, and I'm probably not good enough to truly be able to tell which one is performing better, or if I'm just having a good day. BX was in the excellent category and if you watched the recap, B XS was basically Excellent 1a.
  6. - Scott - Fort Wayne, INDIANA - Driver SS is Low 90's / 9 Handicap - 17* 2hybrid / 23* 4hybrid (both Callaway Epic) (no FW Woods currently in bag) Right Hand
  7. - Scott - Indiana - Scotty Cameron Fastback Select - Weakness for sure. I struggle on the short putts some days, and don't make nearly enough of the few makeable birdie putts I have each round. Thanks for the opportunity MGS and Odyssey
  8. been wanting to see a MGS most wanted ball test for years, can't wait for this one
  9. great looking putter...I must say, I love your logo
  10. I know which comment you are referring to...my thought was that, mallets didn't exist when these guys were playing
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