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  1. My Mizuno MCraft V came with a weight kit.....i put the heavier weights in it when i got it, just because i like the heavier feel....haven't messed with it since
  2. Finally nice enough to play (Indiana) didn't get my first round in until May 1....that's gotta be the latest i've started.....time to start makin up for it
  3. love all the Masters week contests...thanks for this one MGS
  4. on a side note, i'm surprised they have this event so close to the Masters, just for the sake of the course condition.......do the divots/marks/etc...have time to grow back? Just curious
  5. seems like a solid choice....think he's pretty well like amongst his peers
  6. I have SunMountain C130 that's about 5 years old, I'm itching to get a new one, but hard to justify, the thing has just held up too damn well I mean, with a good cleaning, it practically looks new.
  7. Good information for people coming in.....I think many see it as a 'contest' to win. I've done quite a few reviews on here, and while it's exciting and a great experience, there is definitely some work involved.
  8. Welcome to the community....lot of great folks and opportunities here
  9. I think you guys meant that the Hammer is the GREATEST commercial in all of golf
  10. Great write-up, thanks for sharing this
  11. We played a course Thursday just south of GR, Saskatoon, really enjoyed it
  12. I'm in Fort Wayne....so GR was about 2.5hours, was thinkiing of hitting the Marathon and the Solheim as well, Toledo is barely 2 hours for me.
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