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  2. Being in Indiana....my season is over. Here are my final stats with each putter on the year. I did eventually cool off a little But still loving EVNRoll...
  3. as several already mentioned...check out EVNRoll we just did a review recently....
  4. I'm a fan of the LPGA and follow it pretty regularly.....They really could have picked someone in better form if they want an LPGA player to make a good showing....as great as she has been in the past, Lexi is not playing well, she can't make many cuts on the LPGA this season, let alone go play on the PGA. Seems like they could have given that invitation to someone who is playing at a higher level.....Nelly, Lilia Vu, Rose Zhang, etc....
  5. I now have 6 Rounds in w/ EVNRoll in the bag, here's a little stats update
  6. What Player Will Have the Most Points - Rory McIllroy What Player Will secure the Clinching Point on Sunday - Viktor Hovland
  7. just have a 3 and 4 hybrid.....just hit them better than fairway woods
  8. Ladies and Gents, my FULL review is up.....happy to answer any questions you have
  9. a little preview of my testing setup, putting EVNRoll against my current gamer head to head......results to come soon
  10. doesn't feel heavy at all in the head, if anything lighter than what i'm used to....it's 355g according to the website...there are weight kits though
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