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  1. - Scott - Indiana - Scotty Cameron Fastback Select - Weakness for sure. I struggle on the short putts some days, and don't make nearly enough of the few makeable birdie putts I have each round. Thanks for the opportunity MGS and Odyssey
  2. been wanting to see a MGS most wanted ball test for years, can't wait for this one
  3. great looking putter...I must say, I love your logo
  4. I know which comment you are referring to...my thought was that, mallets didn't exist when these guys were playing
  5. I should say, i'm a little surprised it actually WON, but not that it finished very high. Felt really good, liked the alignment
  6. https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-mallet-putter/ Won't give it away if you haven't read yet, but it's not a big name. Not that surprised, I tried this putter at Dick's SG a while back and really liked it.
  7. Mixed bag here.....until someone starts paying me endorsement dollars, i'll use what works best for me
  8. I can't stand to have much in my pockets, whether I'm playing golf or not.....No Phone No Wallet while i'm playing, they go in the bag.. For me, back left for glove when it's not on. Front right; couple Tees, ball marker, Tool......That's it
  9. I remember when i first starting playing golf 20 years, I wanted a set of Black Cat irons more than anything. Be interesting to see if they can catch on here
  10. Official Ruling: USGA Rule Book, Section 8, Paragraph 10; Player B is a dick
  11. Looking at upper 50's this coming weekend....should finally be time to tee it up, courses should be opening this week. Damn I hate winter. (NE Indiana)
  12. Great Opportunity, would love to test this Scott - Indiana Scotty Cameron Fastback Select The Bettinardi name means HIGH quality and they make some of the most beautiful putters around.
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