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  1. You say you want most forgiving but do not want hybrid style irons. Those are mutually exclusive statements. Get over ego issues and look at Wilson Launchers, Sub70 799s and Cleveland Halos. Watch TXG videos on the Clevelands and Sub70s.
  2. I cannot compare Shotscope V3 to others, but I can relate what I believe to be its strengths and weaknesses. Shotscope works best on full-swing shots. The aggregate stats are very insightful, both for length and dispersion. But... one must be sure to tag shots as "positional" when, for example, one punches a 4-iron from under trees into the fairway or else that shot can erode the full swing 4-iron stats. One should be diligent entering the number of putts. And even then, much post-round editing may be needed to reflect distance and direction of putts. I find it more trouble than it is worth so ignore putting stats excepts for gross number of putts per hole. I do not need Shotscope to tell me I stink! On course the watch is useful. Its yardage will differ from partners phones by 2-3%, but I believe the Shotscope is more accurate. That said, some phone apps give more intuitive depictions of trouble (water, traps, etc.). The new layup numbers are useful. Shotscope club RF buttons are a bit fragile. They break off (for me) maybe one every 20 rounds. I now epoxy them to the butt of each club and when I need to regrip, I will need new buttons. But the price is reasonable. The aggregate stats are the most useful. The "Performance Distance" figures toss out obvious mis-hits for each clubs yardage stats. (Note to Shotscope: It would be instructive to know what percentage of each clubs strikes are tossed out for Performance Distance. IOW, how many mis-hits do I hit?). Overall, I am very happy with Shotscope V3. For $250 this holiday ( Practical Golf), I endorse it.
  3. Heritage Golf Group operates these 3 clubs on Hilton Head Island. They are offering a 10-round package good anytime at any of these courses through February for $425, including cart. I'll be down there (from New Hampshire) for several weeks in this timeframe. Is this a decent wintertime deal ($42.50 per round, w/ cart) for HHI? Are the courses decent? Thanks for any insights.
  4. Someone sent me a very detailed response that my tech-challengedskills cannot find again. But a belated thank you, thank you, thank you for these suggestions. I will research these for those that may be best for my wife and I. She is a beginner and very wary of playing a course where she will hold up good players (though she always picks up when struggling on the fairway, then may drop on the green for a couple putts). Are there any courses you have suggested that might be a better fit for us? We do not mind a less than pristine course, and prefer the more moderate priced greens fees. Many thanks again Hank R Hampstead NH
  5. Wife and I will be in Beaufort , SC for January and would like recommendations for a public mid-priced course (or two) we can play a couple times a week. Less challenging is best. Having a decent teaching pro would also be nice as we'd possibly also buy a 4-week lesson package. Probably not interested in the hoity-toity Hilton Head courses (unless they're $60 or less, which I am guessing they are not). Thanks
  6. Henry, Hampstead, NH Yes, have used a net before No, do not own an LM.
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