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  1. The GT looks kind of plain which is normal for Titleist. I would prefer a less shiny top. The bottom, though not really important, looks a little cheesy. It could be a little more subdued on the bottom to fit the overall style
  2. I'm 63 and still carry 4 and 5 irons. My irons are Rogue X so they are lofted stronger. The 5 iron is one of my favorites and go to club. I generally hit the 4 well but I'm considering trying a 7 wood to replace it.
  3. I'm always on the lookout for nice golf shirts. I may consider a new driver but not sure.
  4. I'll be sticking to my same pairing this year but might demo one of the newer drivers. I'm currently using the Ping 425 Max 9 degree and the TaylorMade mini driver in 11-degree loft.
  5. I am beginning to research a move to Florida and so far I've narrowed it down to the Villages, Sarasota, and Naples. I am a senior and will be retiring in a few years. I would prefer to live in a golf community or at least have easy access to golf. I am flexible but would like reasonable costs and access as I envision playing often. Fun, active communities are preferred over stuffy clubs. Does anyone have any advice on these areas?
  6. I'll be playing the AVX again this year. It fits my game well. I have a few dozen of the previous generation but am curious to see how the new model performs.
  7. I like plastic tees though they often spring further away after the shot. I tend to break wood tees and plastic have more options.
  8. I would choose the King Forged Tec X because some forgiveness Todd, Midlothian, VA Playing Callaway Rogue X Irons 4-AW Current Handicap index is 17.8 I will contribute to discussions on the forum about these irons
  9. I can test which ones are easier to loose and wich ones bounce best off of cart paths and trees.
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