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  1. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Bummer the Lamkin grips didn’t work because the actual ACE rubber is very soft and makes a corded grip very comfortable for me.
  2. Another wet round this week with the grips and still even after over a month of play, same performance with the grips being able to stay “grippy” despite the poor conditions. Let us testers know if there are any questions or pictures you’d like us to take of the grips
  3. Yeah I am glad you got the replacement grips but I am sure it is a disappointment they fray on you. What other grips do you try and maybe do not have the fraying issue?
  4. I did not notice fraying. That may be a grip defect? Potentially worth an email to Lamkin. My Driver grip had a little bit of wear on it, but not like those two pictures.
  5. 1. Pinehurst No 2 2. Tobacco Road 3. King Kamehameha (Maui) 4. Pinehurst No. 4 5. Virginia Country Club 6. Pine Needles 7. Turtle Point Kiawah 8. TPC Myrtle 9. Orange County National 10. Legends Golf Resort - Heathland
  6. Hi everyone. Just posted my final review. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Completely agree. I was at first worried that I was going to ruin my round on No 2 but the grips stood the test and they definitely were wet wet at points in the round so I am impressed to say the least.
  8. Pinehurst has been adventurous for sure. My Dad and I played No 4 first, then No 1. The 2nd day we did the Cradle and then No 2. On No 2 we got caught in a pretty bad lightning/rain storm. It was a definite test of the grips as all my gloves were wet from being on the outside of my bag and I played the last 16 holes with no glove and wet grips. Surprisingly on drives and longer iron/hybrid shots, my hands did not slip. The grips for being soaked at one point ended up drying relatively quickly and by around hole 12 I would say the grips were fully dry. Here’s a few pics of the grips on course No 2 and 4 as well as a quick video of a 305 yard drive on 18 on Course 1 and a video of how wet it was out on course No 2 . IMG_8656.mov IMG_8646.mov
  9. The green looks great on a Ventus Black shaft. Looks okay on the Ventus Blue shaft. Here is a picture from today on my Ventus Black shaft.
  10. I’ll send you a message. I am headed to Pinehurst this weekend so I will probably not play Berk until the week of the 21st but we should for sure link up
  11. I got another round in today and it was very humid and wet out. The course was soaked and I had a few issues again with two topped drivers. Tops are definitely not my usual miss. I am curious if it is the grips and I slip or if I am just making really bad swings. It could be a combo of both and hopefully I get it worked out soon as I go to Pinehurst next Sunday.
  12. I agree. There were times I would rub them down with a dry towel because I thought, “man these will definitely slip,” but I think it may be the texture because it stayed relatively the same and I did not slip in my swing even with the humid and rain conditions Saturday.
  13. So far so good on the grips performing in bad conditions. I will keep putting them to the test. Any particular area you’re interested in the grips to report back on?
  14. Had an awesome time with @mikeanthony on Saturday. As Mike stated, the conditions were perfect to really get a first on course impression of the grips. Beyond the rain, the humidity was really bad out there on Saturday. The grips almost initially felt slippery, but I never once had a hand slip during a swing. I even did all my touch shots 80 yards and in with no glove in rainy, humid conditions and did not notice any slippage. I was very impressed throughout the round that even though the grips felt a little slippery at times to the touch, in the swing I had stability. I had a very off day driving with some tops and an OB shot on 6 but managed to put together a round of 82 because of 11 one putts. I think the grips are a lot to contribute to the low putting because I missed a lot of greens and my chipping for the most part gave me opportunities to knock in a putt. I chip with no glove and was impressed initially by the grips. I have the opportunity for some range time and playing this week, so I will definitely add more thoughts. If anyone has any questions, let me know.
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