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  1. Stuck at home with work but rolled 100 putts on my perfect putting mat. I think it will actually help me more than a range session would.
  2. Me either. 12 days is a starting point haha. Here’s to hoping
  3. Since I am trying to not buy any clubs for 2022 I just bought some stamps to mess around with my wedges and maybe my putter after I practice.
  4. If it adds to the fun of the game, switch at will for sure. I’ve found switching out to give a fresh look after like 15 rounds especially if the last round was a bad putting round for some reason helps to change my eye and when I go back to my gamer after I feel more comfortable. I only keep two putters or I’d be tempted to switch more often. I do love my gamer and invested a good amount so I try to use it for the majority of my rounds.
  5. I think this might be perfect recipe for me to leave titleist and go back to Srixon. Write up has me intrigued for sure. I will be buying to try.
  6. Haha that is so true. Well so far in 7 days in 2022 no changes. Not even a grip. I like for full swing grips anything with cord for the summer. Right now in South Carolina doesn’t really matter but in hot and humid I need at least a little cord. In addition to Mcc grips I like Lamkin full cord players grips they are a little more grippy than the tour velvet cord. Either way I hope to keep clubs and grips as long as possible, the stealth has me intrigued but no movement yet by me haha
  7. I find the flatso to help me eliminate all hands and get a smooth stroke. I do like the pistol one too just settled on flatso for hopefully a while.
  8. I use the original MCC on all my clubs and a Superstroke Flatso 1.0 for my putter.
  9. Wow great write up. I am really looking forward to this release.
  10. What shafts are you playing out of curiosity
  11. I’m a big fan of fantasypros. Got caught up on this thread and definitely interested for next year. The comparisons seem helpful for compiling experts across websites for who to start.
  12. Welcome! Awesome looking bag you have there. What shafts are you playing in the woods and driving iron?
  13. Great looking bag and awesome thread. Love seeing the evolution of the bag. Mine has transformed quite a bit over the year too. My buddies always ask how long are these irons going to last haha
  14. Bag looks awesome. Do you have pictures of your putter??
  15. I think the Radspeed fairway woods are exceptional. I would still have the 3 wood if it didn’t go too far to not have a practical place in the bag. As for cobra in general they produce high quality gear at a more affordable cost than the big 3.
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