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  1. I’m going to do my irons only on a 50 foot down hill usually down wind hole at my course to hit a 7 iron.
  2. It’s until Monday right? I have a time Sunday finally to complete the challenges.
  3. I can see the driver staying if I switch shafts and for sure the 7 wood is staying in the bag for me.
  4. I agree, if I had more time to devote to practicing instead of playing I’m sure I could get adjusted. The biggest concern is touch shots and having mentality you’re swinging a 6 iron to go x distance. I would get too steep with wedges but maybe with more time I could shallow out my swing and get better results.
  5. That is a very good point with distance control. I had a lot of difficulty hitting half shots ect with any scoring clubs because come to think of it, I don’t hit too many touch shots with a 6 iron (how long the OL was compared to my current irons). I agree with the shorter clubs as you get to scoring clubs, might have to Frankenstein this set to try and accomplish this.
  6. Just finished up my review. My first one ever for MGS. Thank you again Cobra and MGS.
  7. Yeah definitely. We will have to meet up for a round for sure. The hi rev shafts are very very good on any partial shot. I find them to have a lot of feel and they definitely reward smooth swings. The only difficulty I have is with full shots but then again maybe it’s a sign I don’t need full shots on my wedges. My gap wedge has the 135x hi rev and I find that to withstand full swings a little better than the 125 version. Overall I think it is a solid wedge shaft as I have historically just matched my irons through all my wedges.
  8. Wow that really would explain why I get fliers with the wedges when I play in the morning and have really struggled with distances with the snakebite wedges. I have noticed a difference in morning vs afternoon with hitting my number more consistently.
  9. I need to get in and di a gapping session with both to compare. For reference my current 60 is my 100 yard shot. It won’t go further so I just take a nice smooth swing and if the number is 100 I’ll be between 90-97.
  10. Thanks. I tend to play a lot of PW-60 at my home course if I hit my driver good so it’s been hard having to think of a different swing when hitting the scoring clubs. I hope they come around in time for the challenge. I am shooting 6ish shots worse on average with the one length and that is primarily due to approach shots.
  11. I think it’s because I tend to have a lot of shorter clubs in my hands and the gapping is hard to adjust with a longer shaft hitting wedges. I find if I choke down (I know it defeats the purpose) I am having considerably better contact. I only have a 5 iron then 4 hybrid. The hybrid and 5 iron do seem easy to hit but in comparison to the struggles I’m having with the scoring clubs it’s been difficult to get good scores.
  12. I think the 5 is a little easier to hit. The lofts are much stronger than I’m used to so I’m not sure if distance is coming from lofts. The one length with cobra sensors are the length of my normal 6 iron. I could see 4-7 one length being fine and then normal from there forward. also could be my swing. I am shallow which is why I play a thinner sole iron and the Radspeed has a little chunk so maybe that is why I’m struggling with irons more too.
  13. Honestly, I would have not gone one length. It has been such a big struggle with any scoring clubs it’s making me score significantly higher than my normal score. Pitching and chipping are difficult too. Love the woods and driver. I just am struggling big time with the one length.
  14. Wow thank you for sharing this was awesome insight.
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