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  1. I think it’s from the decade system but it’s the shits or holes when at the end of the round I am like that’s where I messed up today.
  2. I’ve been tracking the Tiger 5 1. Bogeys on par 5 2. Double bogeys 3. 3 putts 4. Bogey inside 150 5. 2 chips
  3. I believe piretti would do it as well. Mainly boutique putter companies. I like to remove the sight line even on a putter like a Scotty so it has a clean look. Past example.
  4. Couple recent ones from Tobacco Road. 7 iron into par 5 and a cut driver. IMG_2075.MOV IMG_2076.MOV
  5. Ventus TR Black 6x just arrived today. Can’t wait to test it out!
  6. The newer chrome soft XLS is the closest I’ve found, cuts through the wind slightly better in my opinion than left dash.
  7. Oil can finish. Lajosi makes awesome putters. I hope to pass it onto my son someday for sure
  8. I’d get all your clubs preloaded so when you hit a shot you can select the club in the moment so you don’t have to do the clean up later.
  9. Thanks. It is literally sticking to weight watchers and golfing one to three times a week walking. I don’t lift or really monitor food just track the points and it works somehow. I have a major sweet tooth so I eat healthier so I can enjoy some dark chocolate daily. Good luck on the 40 left! You got this.
  10. Down 50 pounds this year. Can definitely tell my back appreciates the loss in weight and I feel more flexible too. About 10-15 for goal weight. Almost there.
  11. Finally a solid round after a few poor rounds out. I’ve been working on my swing and committing to changes instead of just my score. Today I hit 9 GIRS and was on fringe for 3 more. I had one dumb double and two three putts but still managed a 78 today. Best round in a minute. It was nice seeing my hard work on irons and wedges paying off today with solid ball striking. Hopefully a sign of swing changes paying off.
  12. I’m in the area and need to book a time at the muni. I’m in Summerville so I play berkeley most of the time but I’ve heard great things on the muni.
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