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  1. Very true, I've sold more on ebay.even some items overseas, I try to be transparent with the buyer about shipping times. Overall, I'd rather sell a on a forum if it's a nice item that is in good shape.
  2. I got a new job that is much better than my current one.easy not to be grateful during these times but I have a lot to be thankful for. Also, almost done with our home addition and have a great family to share it with.
  3. Sim 9 degree xstiff, enroll we 2, bettanardi studio stock 3
  4. All prices are obo, shipped and paypald. Take it all for sold Pxg proto x-hzds yellow smoke stiff shaft,riptide cb shaft, extra adapter, headcover and tool included. Sold Tm spider tour 35 inch- hc included excellent condition. $sold Titleist 910 h-19 deg. Ust atlas stiff. $ sold Tony penna putter 35 inch never touched a ball. $sold Taco t2g slope rangefinder case included.$sold
  5. I'm started doing the golf wod program and have had awesome results. It's has really helped with the footwork and being able to be explosive into the ball.
  6. Sik pro putter, sim to rocket 3 wood which is replacing my driver
  7. I walk every now and then, mainly at a par 3 near my house. I've been thinking about getting a push cart next season and walking more.
  8. I have lots of balls at least a dozen or more Tees Ball markers Towels Windbreaker/rain gear/gloves etc Range finder Cbd,tylenol, some form of caffeine Batteries Basically all the things I may even need
  9. In my experience, a lesson would probably be the first thing to do. I took some last year to help with the same issue off the tee. Found that my stance wasn't open enough and my ball position wasn't forward enough. During the process I also got fitted and have went with heavier shafts across the board which have helped tremendously with dispersion. Hope this helps
  10. Thanks! I understand that, my better half wasn't pleased when I brought a new one home,hence me selling this one
  11. Hi I'm new here kind of, always read a lot of articles and forums here but never had an account. Never knew I could sell here. Message me with any questions tensei pro orange 43 inches with tm adapter plays 44.5 in m6 $ sold M6 head sold Cbx 58 stock shaft L/L/L $ sold M1 3 WOOD 110 MSI X STIFF sold plays more like stiff to me Welputt start matt sold
  12. That's an awesome course!! Played it in high school when I was younger
  13. Sub 70 699 pro 4-pw Wedges tommy armour vcg 50&54 Vokey sm8 60 Ping g400 16.5 Titleist 910 h 19 Pxg proto 0811 x
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