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  1. I took my fairway woods out of my bag years ago and tried hybrids. Didn't like them much either, so I took them out. Now I carry a utility iron and an extra wedge and couldn't be happier. My dislike of the 3 wood (and others) isn't because of my ability to hit them - I just don't need the distance, particularly at my home course. Even when playing other courses... I think I would have liked a 3 wood about twice in the past few years.
  2. Ha! My TS2/Evenflow White combination was a big left miss monster. It was great when it was going straight but I couldn't hit a fade to save my life, and the left misses were starting to become more frequent and even bigger. I know my swing changed a bit throughout my time with the TS2, but the primary change was only a few mph extra club speed. The great thing about the TSi3 with RDX Black is that I can hit a fade now... and straight is the default. Arccos tells me the difference is 43% missed left with the TS2 to 20% with the TSi3 - and I've picked up 10 extra metres, too. Those miss fi
  3. For what it's worth, I really did not like the original Smoke Black at all and ended up with the RDX in my TSi3. The dislike may be a weight and flex issue - I don't remember trying an X flex original with driver, and the Smoke Black that was originally in my U510 was 80g/6.0 - it's now got a Ventus Blue 9X in there, so it's heavier and stiffer again. It's tough to find X flex demos around here. I did not gel with the original Smoke Black at all. I hated the feel - it felt both too soft and too stiff at the same time, which in hindsight is probably not the best way to describe it. I
  4. I play KBS Tour 120S shafts in my irons, and Ventus Blue 9X in my utility. Weirdly, the Ventus feels kinda similar to the KBS Tours. The (16 degree) utility is the only club I have between my driver and 3 iron, so it has to be versatile - with the Ventus, I can do just about anything I want to with it. It's great from the tee and behaves like a power 3 iron from the fairway.
  5. I only drive under duress. Here in .au, it's usually only the old, injured or infirm, or the lazy who drive. When it's 40 degrees, sunny, and the wind is so hot that it melts your airway, I fit into all of those categories. Otherwise I don't fit any and walking is good for the mind and body... so I walk, happily.
  6. I think I've pretty much maxed out my current swing in terms of ball speed and delivery - I don't know if a different head would give me much better results... certainly not better enough to be worth paying for considering this driver was basically free. I am working with an physiotherapist and TPI certified exercise physiologist to build a faster swing at the same time as working through some issues with my back (not golf related), so hopefully that gets me somewhere. My goal is 180mph ball speed by the time I turn 40 in a few years time. That said, I suspect I'll need to seek out a
  7. I also went from a TS2 to a TSi3, but for different reasons. Firstly, I was lucky enough to win the TSi3 in a club competition and was fitted for it by the same Titleist guy who fit me for the TS2 I had purchased a year prior. I was happy with the TS2 with EvenFlow White 60X, but my miss was a big, big, BIG, left bomb which could sneak in at the worst possible moment. Usually when I was playing well. Despite preferring the look of the TSi2 to TSi3 (I like a reasonably flat looking face) I ended up with the TSi3 and RDX Black 60X. It's largely eliminated the big left miss, but it also gave
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