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  1. I can't wait to try them out on course. They were OK on a simulator, but I hit from mats so infrequently that I have no idea how (or if) the feel translates to hitting from grass. I went with the T200 3 iron because I've already got a (2019) T100 3 iron, which I can hit just fine but I figured the T200 would be a very different club - more of a utility iron than the T100, but not as chunky as a U505. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts once you get to the fitting I think we've had a few days of no golf here in my part of Australia - which coincided with the worst of winter, so nobody was really inconvenienced. But you're right - it will be a while before we get many people coming here on golf trips and it'll be a while before we'll head overseas for a golf trip. What a time to be alive, hey?
  2. Titleist have always been good here, at least in my experience. I've never waited more than a couple of weeks for any of their clubs (it's usually a 7-10 day turnaround). There are occasional issues with Footjoy gear, but that might just be at my club. I think it might have helped that I didn't order a "stock" set but didn't go too far off-piste, either - the KBS Tour shafts are pretty widely available here and the MCC Plus4 grips I specced seem to be readily available here, too. But maybe I just got lucky - there was an outbreak of "the situation" in two other states so their fitting sessions would have been cancelled around the same time I ordered. It's a mystery! I waited months for a Callaway wedge earlier this year, for whatever reason. So who knows. The quarantini shelf lives in my office - it's full of booze that hasn't or won't make it into the cellar, or wine that I've pulled from the cellar for whatever reason but which hasn't yet gone down the hatch. The books are mostly cooking and wine related (I have half a winemaking degree but run a geoscience business - go figure), with some records and other bits and pieces. It makes for a fun work space You're more than welcome to head on over. Year round golf, some of the best courses in the world at really affordable prices. The food is great and the wine is one of our best kept secrets. I've lived in a few other countries and travel a lot in a normal year, but I keep coming home and thinking how good we have it here. Check it out when the world gets back to normal - come on over in early Autumn - March is pretty good. Start in Tasmania and work your way west to Perth via Melbourne and Adelaide, then head over to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Sydney. There is so much great golf Re: The irons... I had carpal tunnel surgery a few days after they arrived and haven't had a chance to try them out on the course. I took them to a simulator to try to figure them out a bit and I was very impressed. They feel great. The numbers were not totally trustworthy so I'm taking them with a few grains of salt, but I could probably go up (down?) a flex to the 130g version, but man, I really need to get my launch angle under control. I'm casting enough to worry myself - which impacts smash and dispersion. Distances are good, feel is great, dispersion is good, spin (my whole reason for changing from 2019 T100's to 2021 T100S') is still to be figured out. Hopefully I'll be alright to play in a few weeks when twilight season kicks off. But, so far so good!
  3. Mine arrived on Thursday - less than a week from fitting to delivery here in .au. T200 3 iron, T100S 4-PW, KBS Tour 120S shafts, Golf Pride MCC +4 grips. They are very, very pretty.
  4. I have 2019 T100 irons in the bag - 3-PW, KBS Tour 120S shafts. I'm very happy with them, but they can get a bit too spinny. There was a Titleist fitting session at my club on Friday and I now have T100S irons on order. Same shaft - weirdly, the KBS Tour gave me the best spin numbers. I was somehow spinning the C Taper and X7 more...??! Very strange. I've ordered a T200 3 iron, and T100S 4-PW. It will mess with my wedge gapping a bit, but I can deal with that. I'm still on the fence about the U505 - it feels great, but I'm pretty happy with my U510. Both the new T100 and T100S feel fantastic - noticeably better than the 2019 models. They should be here in a few weeks, just in time for carpal tunnel surgery and a month off golf.
  5. If they are anything like the current T100's they will be a pussycat to hit. Scary to look at and nowhere near, say, T300 easy to hit, but not difficult at all. They are wonderful irons and definitely worth trying out - don't be intimidated by the looks
  6. Oh... hello. I am also in the club of thinking the T200's look better than the T100's but I can see a 3-PW T100 set in my future... to replace my current T100 3-PW set. And I am definitely not the type of guy to change irons every release - these just look too good, and I'm thinking I could probably have a more optimal shaft fit... so why not? Edit: Had a closer look. Not sure about the back of the T100/T100s irons and the textured strip of metal. I think that's why I prefer the look of the T200's despite definitely being a T100 player. I have the U510 1 iron with Ventus Blue HB 9X. It's an awesome club. Do it!
  7. I took my fairway woods out of my bag years ago and tried hybrids. Didn't like them much either, so I took them out. Now I carry a utility iron and an extra wedge and couldn't be happier. My dislike of the 3 wood (and others) isn't because of my ability to hit them - I just don't need the distance, particularly at my home course. Even when playing other courses... I think I would have liked a 3 wood about twice in the past few years.
  8. Ha! My TS2/Evenflow White combination was a big left miss monster. It was great when it was going straight but I couldn't hit a fade to save my life, and the left misses were starting to become more frequent and even bigger. I know my swing changed a bit throughout my time with the TS2, but the primary change was only a few mph extra club speed. The great thing about the TSi3 with RDX Black is that I can hit a fade now... and straight is the default. Arccos tells me the difference is 43% missed left with the TS2 to 20% with the TSi3 - and I've picked up 10 extra metres, too. Those miss figures aren't gospel, though - my home course has narrow fairways but isn't super punitive if you miss, and quite often my left or right misses involve going too straight and through a bend in the fairway...
  9. For what it's worth, I really did not like the original Smoke Black at all and ended up with the RDX in my TSi3. The dislike may be a weight and flex issue - I don't remember trying an X flex original with driver, and the Smoke Black that was originally in my U510 was 80g/6.0 - it's now got a Ventus Blue 9X in there, so it's heavier and stiffer again. It's tough to find X flex demos around here. I did not gel with the original Smoke Black at all. I hated the feel - it felt both too soft and too stiff at the same time, which in hindsight is probably not the best way to describe it. I just couldn't get it working for me in any way - everything from strike to spin was totally inconsistent. The RDX, though... geez, that's a great feeling driver shaft. I had an EvenFlow White 60/6.5 in my TS2 and think that feels pretty good, too.
  10. I play KBS Tour 120S shafts in my irons, and Ventus Blue 9X in my utility. Weirdly, the Ventus feels kinda similar to the KBS Tours. The (16 degree) utility is the only club I have between my driver and 3 iron, so it has to be versatile - with the Ventus, I can do just about anything I want to with it. It's great from the tee and behaves like a power 3 iron from the fairway.
  11. I only drive under duress. Here in .au, it's usually only the old, injured or infirm, or the lazy who drive. When it's 40 degrees, sunny, and the wind is so hot that it melts your airway, I fit into all of those categories. Otherwise I don't fit any and walking is good for the mind and body... so I walk, happily.
  12. I think I've pretty much maxed out my current swing in terms of ball speed and delivery - I don't know if a different head would give me much better results... certainly not better enough to be worth paying for considering this driver was basically free. I am working with an physiotherapist and TPI certified exercise physiologist to build a faster swing at the same time as working through some issues with my back (not golf related), so hopefully that gets me somewhere. My goal is 180mph ball speed by the time I turn 40 in a few years time. That said, I suspect I'll need to seek out a swing coach to keep everything working well for actually playing golf and not just chasing the driving range numbers. The TS2 and TSi2 were just too happy to go left for me, and left on my course is dead 90% of the time. I much prefer the look of the TSi2 but the numbers and performance of the TSi3 just couldn't be argued with.
  13. I also went from a TS2 to a TSi3, but for different reasons. Firstly, I was lucky enough to win the TSi3 in a club competition and was fitted for it by the same Titleist guy who fit me for the TS2 I had purchased a year prior. I was happy with the TS2 with EvenFlow White 60X, but my miss was a big, big, BIG, left bomb which could sneak in at the worst possible moment. Usually when I was playing well. Despite preferring the look of the TSi2 to TSi3 (I like a reasonably flat looking face) I ended up with the TSi3 and RDX Black 60X. It's largely eliminated the big left miss, but it also gave me much better spin and dispersion numbers than the TSi2 - which I could still get very left. I was launching my TS2 and TSi3 at about 17 degrees and 170mph ball speed, so there's not much improvement there, but the dispersion figures and the confidence I have are much greater. I've kept the TS2 for days where my back is misbehaving and I'm swinging slower and/or less aggressively. I haven't got the TSi3 out there as far as my longest on-course with the TS2, but it's hit more fairways and is longer on average, so I'm pretty happy.
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