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  1. That club is like cheating when getting out of the sand.
  2. Looks like you have a defective water bottle holder.
  3. I think that most people will agree... pace of play is dictated by the group in front of you and not by the group behind you. Also, I've been playing golf for well over 30 years and have belong to several different clubs. Not one of them had an average anything close to a 4.5 hour round, and if they did, I would not have been a member there. My final point... I belonged to a club that would ask you to pick up and proceed to the next tee after 2 warnings to pickup the pace. That particular club had the best marshals, and if any paying customers gave the marshals a hard time they would ask the group to leave the course, report to the proshop and receive their refund. They were also told not to return again unless they could keep pace of play. That was 20 years ago... and the club has since been purchased by Club Link.
  4. Unfortunately Hogan was suffering from dementia during his latter years. Several tour players who knew him well have talked about his state of mind towards the end of his life.
  5. No problem. For those looking for a quality very reasonably priced putter take a look at the Cleveland Frontline putters. Great value.
  6. Cleveland also uses a very similar face insert in some of their putters.
  7. Very common for them to replace defective product well beyond the warranty period... great customer service.
  8. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. This putter will be in my bag as soon as this years club membership is paid for. Plans for new irons are now on hold.
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