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  1. On the original post, as has been noted, it's where the ball comes to rest that determines its status, not how it got there. For the OP, if you want an analogy to explain it to your buddy ... Suppose the ball hit a house located out of bounds, and caromed back to the middle of the fairway. You'd presume that's in play, and be happy, right? Now reverse it ...
  2. @LICC, so why not publish your own rule book? You clearly disagree with the one used by the current ruling bodies. Publish it, promote it, and suggest that people play using it. You could even create a website where people playing LICCGolf could post scores for reference. I officiate ice hockey, and many leagues have their own customized rules ....
  3. Related to all of this, I remember a great quote from an old golf book, which is essentially still true: "Jack Nicklaus in his prime could beat your and my best ball, hitting a headcover with a rake" .... When we talk about mishits, there's a HUGE disparity between a mishit from a Tour pro / legit +5 handicapper vs. a scratch player vs. a "low" handicap amateur vs. a 7-12 handicapper vs. a 15+ hcp player. Most of us "low" handicappers would kill for Tour-level mishits!
  4. Yes, if the committee/course has adopted the model local rule that provides relief in this situation. Otherwise, no.
  5. Club Glove travel bag
  6. I've concluded that I'm better off hitting driver whenever I can. There are only a few situations where I drop back to something else (3w, etc) Serious penalty or deep bunker trouble pinches the fairway at driver range, and I can't carry it The ball absolutely has to go right to left (we have a couple of R>L doglegs that driver goes through the fairway if it doesn't move R>L) Driver would carry me onto nasty downhill/sidehill lies. Our 1st and 10th holes are both seriously downhill. Driver doesn't get to the flat bottom, but it goes past the shorter flat area that's a
  7. I use both, but 90% of the time, the GPS gives me more than enough data. I generally am looking not at the pin, but at front cover distances, or possibly "how far is too far" if the flag is back on the green. GPS is also useful for layup distances, cover over bunkers, and the like. Where I use the laser rangefinder is for shots inside of wedge range. I really do care in those cases whether the flag is 87 yards or 95 yards. Those are different plays for me. Those generally augment the GPS data. I'll often say "OK, it's 81 to cover the front bunker, and the flag is at 87. Hit the 90 yard sh
  8. Zero. Virtually every course bans them. The softspikes/spikeless do less damage to the green. Unless the tour is coming to town, I don't think gc superintendents want the damage.
  9. This takes dedicated practice. Measure distances, and hit tons of balls with shorter, controlled swings with each club. The "clock face" idea is another good one. I also like to hit this shots choked down about an inch; I find the both promotes consistent contact and reduces the tendency to overswing. From a mental perspective, I have to get the distance, make a few rehearsal swings with the chosen club, and then consciously tell myself "commit to that swing".
  10. Mine came from my 24-handicap wife .... "Just go make easy pars". Got me to focus on hitting the ball in play off the tee, and getting the ball on the green, without worrying too much about the hole location. And it works!
  11. Today was a good day. Striping the ball off the tee, and although I only hit nine greens, never missed too badly. The only putts I made over 3 feet, though, were par saves. 16 pars and two bogeys for 74.
  12. WAY more. Past 12 months from GHIN .... # of Scores: 170 High: 88 Low: 71 Avg.: 78.6
  13. But I'm all out of TPS forms .....
  14. I have a pair of the blue Traditions on order, arriving Saturday! Also got the all-black ones, as my current black shoes are falling apart!
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