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  1. San Jose, CA. Silver Creek Valley CC, in the southeast foothills.
  2. We're in the burbs, but abut to open space, so get quite the variety of wildlife. Deer, Tule elk, coyotes, and bobcats are daily visitors (keep your small pets inside after dark ...). LOTS of eagles as well, which manage the rodent population nicely. Our bane is the roaming packs of wild boars. We have several HUNDRED that have invaded the neighborhoods, and terrorized the golf course. Our front yard was hit about 3 weeks ago. The course has had them nightly for 2 full months.
  3. I've played that format a few times (not in a pro-am, but local events). It actually adds a bit of strategy to the "which shot do we choose. In a pro-am, it would add even more. Examples: On a par 5, pro blasts a huge drive, but carry to green is over a penalty area or deep bunkers. None of the ams can really carry it with certainty. From the ball that's 20 yards further back, pro will be 50-50 on getting there. Which do you play? On a par 3, pro drops it to 15 feet. One of the ams hits it 22 feet. Do you let the pro putt from further out, with 2 reads in front of him? Lots
  4. The same way I have for 50 years, since age 7 .... D, 3w, 5w, putter in the top. 7w, 5h, 6i middle left 7i, 8i, 9i middle right PW, 50/54/56 in the bottom.
  5. The usual model for this is that you continue paying dues, but they provide reciprocal agreements with other local clubs to allow you to play (at reasonable frequency) at minimal cost (i.e. cart fees only).
  6. I've been playing this ball for a year, and it's really the perfect fit for me. I'm not really price sensitive, I'm performance sensitive. I wanted a lower spin ball, especially off the irons - with the ProV1, I had iron shots backing up 15-20 feet on greens. The Left Dash stops just about exactly where it lands for me, even on relatively firm greens. I get plenty of short game spin/control, and it flies high enough for me off the driver, and plenty long. I also find it very consistent from ball to ball, box to box - typical of my experience with Titleist.
  7. Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect - Rotella Harvey Penick's "Little Red Book Of Golf"
  8. I use the 3-wood from the tee quite a bit if driver puts bunkers or a very narrow fairway in play. Love it, and hit it solid from the tee. From a good fairway lie? Maybe. At 57, my driver swing speed is down around 100, so unless the lie is perfect, and I have room for a two-way miss, 3 wood is just too risky. I find that I can often hit my 5-wood just about as far anyway -- better launch conditions for my relatively slow swing speed.
  9. My wife and I play singles match play, 4-5 days a week. She's a 25 index, I'm a 2. No money (the left-pocket/right-pocket thing ), just bragging rights! After 6 months, our matches run pretty close to 50-50. Days where we are playing relatively the same, we go down to 17 or 18 (yesterday I won 1-up with a birdie on 18). Other days, it's wild. The BEST day was when she was playing out of her mind, shot 43-46 -- 89. I lost the match 7&6, when I was 1-under after 12! I shot even, and was never in the match!
  10. Didn't play today, but played yesterday. Two-man scramble, net event. Requirement for 6 tee shots from each player. We finished even par gross. On my own ball ... I was even! My poor partner had such a difficult day. Longest putt he made was 2 feet. All over the course. I didn't even get to hit a tee shot on 18 ... we HAD to use his, whevever it went. Maybe the best shot he hit all day ... 230, down the middle. My 6-iron layup and a 9-iron to 18" made for a nice closing birdie. I truly felt bad for him ... he was so frustrated, and couldn't find anything. At least net we were T-4 in our f
  11. As a 26 handicapper, finding a low-cost ball you can play consistently will help your game. You don't want to lose a dozen ProV1's a round; that said, find a quality lower-priced ball that you like and play it. Once you've gotten more consistent, then you can reap the benefits of a higher-end ball. When looking for the lower-priced ball you want to play -- start from the green out. Look for something that you feel comfortable with around the green, pitching and chipping. A few yards either way off the driver are less critical, given that your ball-striking has fairly significant variabili
  12. I've been playing the left dash for close to a year now. I absolutely love them. They give me the appropriate launch off the driver, plenty of spin and control around the greens, and they combat my "too much spin" problem with my irons. With either the V1 or V1x, I was spinning balls back 10-30 feet on greens. The Left Dash stops right where it lands. To quote Davy Jones, "I'm A Believer"
  13. Swing-wise: Their stance & setup gives them no chance to put the club on the ball solidly. 10 minutes with a pro and some alignment sticks would do wonders. Course management-wise: Not playing within their abilities. Driver on every hole, usually wild. Trying to carry bunkers, penalty areas with no prayer. Underclubbing. Basically, not understanding what shots they are capable of hitting consistently and hitting those.
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