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  1. Almost every really good player I play with these days hits a stock shot, period. They have confidence in it, and they execute it very consistently. That said, they all know HOW to move the ball either direction if they truly have to ... as in, "go around a tree" have to.
  2. Most clubs contest their club championships (match play, stroke play, or both) at gross, with no handicaps. Yes, there are flights, but every club I've ever seen requires "the" champion (overall, senior, or women's) to be "lowest score wins". Does your club use handicaps to determine the actual club champion? If so, I'm really surprised ...
  3. I'm a low handicapper, and I refuse to play in our club's skins games. The guys are great, and they have a blast, but everything is net, and most of the guys are carrying handicaps that range from 8 to 25. It's just about impossible for me to win a skin in that environment unless I birdie one of the "difficult" holes (and even there, the guy getting two strokes only needs to make par to tie it), or eagle an "easy" par 5. The guys who run the game keep asking "what does it take to get the low handicappers to play in the game with us?". They don't like the answer, which is "play gross skins only". Sadly, the club for many years had a gross skins game on Fridays, which EVERY low handicapper played in. No low gross / low net prizes; skins only. The game played fast because you didn't have guys grinding over a 5 footer for bogey, or even par, and it was truly a birdie-fest!
  4. I've gone to having a very consistent pre-round plan, and it's help me get back to looking like I sort of know how to play golf. We generally play in the morning, between 7:30 and 8:30 am, so here's the routine for that kind of a day. Honestly, I struggle a little more when the tee time is later in the day, since I have more time to kill before my routine starts .... Wake up around 2.5 hours before tee time Coffee and breakfast around 1.5 hours before tee time. Breakfast is usually berries and a sugar-free cereal (Shredded Wheat, etc.) Organize water, golf cart, etc. Leave for course in golf cart about 1 hour before tee time Arrive at course 50 minutes before tee time Putt for 10-15 minutes. Lag putting ladder drill uphill and downhill, gate drill on 3 footers, 2/4/6 foot ladder drill. Sometimes a sidehill or multi-tier drill Chip for 10 minutes. Simple chips to different flags with different wedges and trajectories. Focus on contact and trajectory control. Finish with "3 balls inside 3 feet" Practice range - 20-25 balls with wedges, mostly half to three-quarter swings. Focus on contact. Practice range - odd or even irons, maybe 3-5 balls with each iron, until contact is crisp and consistent. Practice range - a few balls with hybrid and fairway woods Practice range - Drivers until I am confident and happy with ball flight, shape, and contact. Some days, that's 5. Some days, it's 15. Finish with two good shots with the club I'll be using on the first tee Head to first tee, and play away .... Once in a while, I'll add a few bunker shots, if it's a course I haven't played before, or my bunker play has struggled a bit.
  5. You can also read detailed reviews from 4 MGS testers (including me ...) here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/21-arccos-smart-sensors/
  6. I would also build a plan for that 1 hour break. That's not a lot of time, and during that window, you'll need to: Finish with scoring from round 1 Change socks / shoes Eat some food, but not so much you're stuffed Drink more water / sports drinks Sit and rest for a bit Hit a few shots to get loose for Round 2 I've seen tons of people in these events go in, sit down, eat a massive lunch, and head to the tee for round two without ever swinging a club. That usually ends ... badly.
  7. Making a free, aggressive swing on a tight driving hole ...
  8. To me, the 3w has a very specific role in my bag, and when I use it for those specific things, it works really well. Every time I try to do something else with it, it's a mess. For me, it comes down to three specific shots: A tee shot that absolutely MUST move right to left. My driver tends to have a slight fade, so if the hole presents a shot with trouble right, and no bail-out by aiming down the left, I use the 3w to hit a consistent draw. It's probably 10-20 yards shorter than the driver, but I know it won't miss right. A tee shot where driver puts trouble in play, length-wise A shot from a perfect fairway lie that is intended to RUN onto a green that's open in front, and where a "miss" with the 3w is no worse than a lay-up shot to a wedge approach distance. Essentially, a green-light par 5 approach in 2 where a terrible 3w is no worse than the mid-iron layup. I use the first shot a LOT. We have 2 holes on my home course that demand such a shot, so generally I'll hit it at least twice a round. I use the second shot periodically when I play other courses, and almost never the third. That's very situational; maybe once every 20-30 rounds. As for tips, I'd suggest range time figuring out exactly how your 3w behaves, and what shots it covers for you -- then use it only for those. It also works well as a place to hang your towel ....
  9. Par 3, 176 to flag, all carry over water. 6 iron, landed 5" past & left of hole, spun back to 3". Made the putt ...
  10. Wow, certainly not my private club experiences (and I've been a member of various clubs for 51 years ....) At our club, if we play in the morning (before about 9 am), we can usually play in 3.5 hours or less. Weekend afternoons MIGHT be a shade over 4 hours. Tournaments play a bit slower, because, well, tournament golf. The tee sheet almost always has plenty of openings midweek, and on the weekends, you can generally slot in if you forgot to make a time the previous week. We also run "open times" from 6:30-9:30 am on Sat & Sun. Just show up and play ..... Our members are pretty good at raking bunkers and filling divots with seed. Repairing pitch marks is hit or miss, but in general, the greens are immaculate. Virtually any public course near here is less well maintained, and plays closer to 5 hours than 3.5.
  11. My son is still waiting on his 425 irons ordered in June. I'll be pissed if they try to charge more when they're delivered through our pro shop!
  12. So, maybe a regular putter, and the old Billy Baroo for big putts to win matches?
  13. I wear progressive lenses in my glasses, but for sporting use (golf, cycling, skiing, refereeing ice hockey) I wear single-vision distance contact lenses. I tried to play in my progressive glasses, and it was a disaster. I usually don't play in sunglasses unless it's really bright or there's a lot of glare. When I do, it's the REKS golf lens, which is the best I've found (including some super-high-priced models).
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