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  1. I’m in the same boat just when I settle on one to save for another one comes out or is teased! I have access to a 2500 sq ft indoor baseball facility on a daily basis, I could work on so much! I just can’t decide what to get lol
  2. I game the Maxfli Tour and find it performs very, very well. You can get 2 for $60 on the new model, $30 a box.
  3. As a resident of the flattest place on earth (Oklahoma) any backdrop featuring a geographic feature would suffice mush less some SWISS mountains! Add some doggos and you have yourself a sweet tracer vid.
  4. Awesome crew! Looking forward to hearing how the rapsodo works for you! I may need to start saving some $$$
  5. I know…which is a bummer because it would be so exciting!! Dude, Sabbatini is on fire right now! Holy cow!
  6. I haven’t watched much until tonight. Would love to see it truly be some sort of team event rather than stroke play. Would certainly help me get into more.
  7. Always a negotiation in my experience
  8. I am in the same boat as alot of y'all on here. 2 kids and wondering how the heck I can get out and play! lol, but seriously I have been taking my 3 year-old to the course with me for over a year now and he loves it! I am currently trying to get a better hitting mat and a rapsodo to supplement my cravings when I can!
  9. I’ll 2nd what others have said but especially @TBT did. Play what you are most comfortable with and can still performs best. Do some tests, go get fitted, try one of the OEM demo programs like Sub70. I think I echo the thoughts of many people on MGS when I say whatever you do try to get fitted. That way it will allow you to take performance into consideration with the guidance of a fitter. I switched from Game Improvement irons when I started struggling to control greens and during my fit we quickly figured out I wasn’t getting enough launch or spin!
  10. 12k sign ups by day 3! Lol mods are going to have fun vetting through all of these! Godspeed!
  11. Hands down best ball I have played in the wind is the Snell MTB Black. I live in Oklahoma, everyday is 20 mph winds. Low traj, solid carry. If you can get your hands on them they are a good ball.
  12. Cool thread! Driver: Big Hitter Forger->Cobra AMP-D->Nike Vrs covert 2.0 ->Callaway Epic Flash subzero-> TSi3 Irons: Spaulding Centurions->Taylormade Burner->Nike Vrs Forged->Cleveland Launcher-> Ping i210 Fairways: Ping Tight Lies-> Sub70 Putters: Odessey White Hot -> MLA -> TA Impact No. 3
  13. Well that’s a bummer. I don’t want club stats from practice rounds and such.
  14. How can you tell? I’ll check mine if I can and see if mine is the same issue!
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