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  1. Gonna watch as well. One of the best characters of the whole franchise!
  2. HeathS16


    Gotta say, I keep expecting him to get back to form sometime this year. Not sure Southern Hills is the best place to try and do that based on the scores we are seeing so far. Much less the conditions. Hope he can get it back though.
  3. Been chuckling about that all morning. Didn't know you'd be spot on with Y.E. Yang!
  4. Honestly, sounds like you're right there. Keep it up!
  5. So I decided on a foolproof plan....I picked who I thought would finish worst in all of the tiers. That way my terrible predictions could be blamed on the process and not my terrible gut on how people will play at Southern Hills.
  6. Man, I feel this on such a personal level. My team is mid-season right now. Doubleheaders multiple times every week and weekends. Gotta love that baseball life! Really hurts the golf life though. I've only been able to get out and play 1 time since September! Hopefully you New Englanders can get out there soon for some well deserved "family time".
  7. I enjoyed cycling through. I'm a huge dark theme user on basically anything I regularly use, even my work computer. Appreciate all the work on this Jamie, it's fun having the options!
  8. I always love the TXG vids, seems like I learn something every time.
  9. Got to agree with most others on here. Not an idiot, I bought some Mizuno MP-33s just cause I wanted to have fun. Nothing like having a pro style look before your non pro shot! Enjoy the sticks!
  10. First round of 2022 could not have gotten off to a better start. The birth of my daughter and Health issues for my wife have kept me off the course for awhile. But man I came back with a vengeance on a tough course!
  11. Good thread, love getting to see the nitty gritty of testing selection. Not a enviable job imo
  12. Hope you have a quick rehab and recovery! Good luck Foz!
  13. All I am going to say is watch out for Mr. Irrelevant. Big things coming...
  14. I have been saying this for the last two years. The life cycle of a running back in the NFL (in the line of Zeke, a bellcow) is just too short. He doesn't run the same and he isn't as effective. Pollard has more pop and burst. I wouldn't be upset if they drafted another RB. I am afraid Dak won't let them lessen Zeke's load...my teams need to step it up, the Rangers broke my soul, my Sooners have wilted every playoff game and the Stars choked the Stanley cup away in 2020. Falcons gonna have to get a new QB and WR1 to really start that rebuild. Pitts will help as he matures. I like Matty Ice but he's getting a bit too old and slow. Hope Ridley can get himself 100% and come back.
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