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  1. Lots of truth to this. For my purposes it’s speed training and club head speed so a PRGR or something like it is worth it for right now. If you’re really wanting to dig in I can see the G 3 as being the best option. Loved the reviews of the Rapsodo.
  2. VERY much appreciated! And I love the use of a Community gif. Made my day. Thanks spies!
  3. Hope it works better. My sessions have all been cut short every time due to overheating. But it certainly isn’t 59 degrees Fahrenheit here!
  4. That’s the same issue I was running into earlier but using my phone. Maybe a bug from the recent update?
  5. 2-8 it's now or never At 2-8 and then accidentally dropping my WR#3 in a waiver claim the desperation meant going big....
  6. Well, I tried everything y’all suggested and the rapsodo worked well today. Only missed 3 shots out of 30 before my phone overheated. I will say, the numbers were a bit shorter than normal but I am chalking this up as progress!
  7. Got the Rapsodo to finally work today: nice little indoor session focusing on ball striking.
  8. Just sent you an offer if you're interested.
  9. I appreciate the tips! I’ve had up to 12 ft of ball flight before the net in indoor setups and still have the same issues. I’ll try the 4 paces, I certainly noticed that the frame for me to stand in isn’t quite big enough for longer clubs and loses view. im going to try it out again this week, hopefully I can get it to work
  10. Still a good team year in and out. Not so much as of the last few years but still a force. Competitive in regionals every year.
  11. I just saw that! I hope it helps, all it says is that it contains net mode improvements but no details. I will have to try again sometime this week.
  12. For sure, grew up going to DBU baseball camps and then Oklahoma Christian joined DBU's conference my last 2 years. I always loved that they were a small school who could go to-to-toe with DI's. (Baseball is a bit different in that its more of a level playing field, all you need is 1 DUDE pitcher to make a run at someone.) Of course the money ruins it all lol Yea it's not worth Vandy leaving, even though they suck a football they get a good share of the money by being SEC, I would judge them if they left honestly. I do wish it would work though, cool and unique story of DBU could offer some insights into how the future pans out if indeed something happens to the NCAA like all the conspiracy theorists are suggesting.
  13. Mevo + it is. Was worried these would quickly price me out. I do love the product, it looks awesome, if I could afford it I think the GC3 is easily the better option. Not a huge fan of the subscription system.
  14. Dallas Baptist is a DII school in every sport except baseball, and they a very good. If you can have a school cross two divisions then you could have different sports in different conferences. SEC is also stellar at baseball, lots of good programs there.
  15. I appreciate the feedback, I’m really wanting this to be a good practice tool as well. Hoping I can get this figured out. I think it boils down to alignment but I have tried every suggestion they gave to no avail. Hope y’all get that coach connect up soon!
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