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  1. Interesting brand. I love value, I hope it lives up to the claims!
  2. Probably some good thoughts on them here. I'm in the market for some new wedges and these reviews helped me out alot.
  3. I know this thread is a bit old but, I reviewed the Bag Boy ZTF Stand bag earlier this year. Good bag. Customizable with removable pockets and such. Link is in my signature.
  4. FFG is great in combo with speed training. I did a trial run of SuperSpeed in conjunction with Mike's programming and doing the speed work prior to the lift really helped minimize fatigue. Would 100% follow this advice.
  5. Quick .02 here. I use an Apple watch with my Arccos and it provides the same info as the SS watch. I love it.
  6. Date 08/04/2023 Course Name Lincoln Park Golf Course (West) Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 10 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 301 Tough putting day. 35 putts aint getting it done.
  7. Date 07/28/2023 Course Name The Greens Golf and Country Club Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 10 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 291 Set a personal best of 5 birdies! Wind gusts made it a very difficult day and I only scored pars on 4 holes...ouch. But I had the putter going and the greens I was able to hit turned into birdies. Very psycho scorecard.
  8. AT this point this is my longest family tradition. Rejection by the MASTERS. I got mine yesterday, I was hopeful since it took a bit longer this year to get the news.
  9. Nope. No shot. I remain aceless...honestly my worst fear is to be playing alone and have an ace.
  10. Lovely end to majors season! Thank you MGS and Titleist! Tiebreakers: What the Cut Number Will Be: +1 What the Highest Round of the Week Will Be- 78
  11. Yep. A bit cumbersome tbh, you're having to adjust each strap in 2 different places to get it to sit correctly. WIth the PING it is just like a backpack and takes 2 seconds, not so with the ZTF. However, this is not the worst bag to carry, get the straps right and then don't adjust them again. Hope that helps @GolfSpy_APH
  12. Date 07/16/2023 Course Name Lincoln Park Golf Course (East) Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 9 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 291 Was trolling along pretty well up until the head snapped off of my driving iron on 14....was +7 until then. I couldn't shake that out of my head and finished +2 on the last 4. Still broke 80 without my A game so I am pretty happy about that.
  13. They are decent. I had a hard time adjusting them as I am used to the PING system which is very easy. For me it turned out I was putting my left arm in first (cause I am left handed) and then my right arm, once I switched it up it became a much easier bag to carry. I have walked about 27 holes with it and find the bag to be comfortable enough. In Sunday bag mode it is easier.
  14. Date 07/08/2023 Course Name Twin Hills Golf and Country Club Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 9 Gross Strokes over/under par 3 Net Score to Par -6 Net Score 66 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 321 Best round of my life. Shot +3 with a double and a sloppy 3 putt on the card.
  15. I am always down for a game of mini golf. I go on a boys trip every year to Branson and we get AT LEAST 1 round of mini golf in after dinner one night. More about the company than anything else. Another fun thing to do to mix up putting practice is to make your own course on a practice putting green (while also being aware of others on the green, don't worry). Big fan of the mini golf.
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