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  1. Snell MTB-X balls. Order direct from Snell.com.
  2. Roger that, and thanks for the reply. Thinking LV could be a place to start my search...... Was hoping to find a good recommendation for a known good fitter closer to my summer spot. Thanks again.
  3. Recommendations for getting putter fitting?? I'm currently in western Wyoming for the summer, then down to Mesquite NV over the winter. Thanks
  4. I made turning 50 my time to start using a push/pull cart. First cart was the Bagboy "pull" cart. Wheelbase was too narrow and cart would turnover when not being conscious of terrain. I bought the Clic 3.5 5-6 years ago and it's definitely a great "push" cart. A lil pricey but we'll worth it IMO. I'll be 67 this summer and I still prefer walking versus riding in a cart. Yes, I too, have knee issues but walking is what I prefer.
  5. Mike Box Elder SD I switch between a Scottie futura x counter balanced putter and my ping anser. I would love to test this mallet putter.
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