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  1. Yeah, hitting off a mat I needed a way to tell when I wasn’t getting ball first contact so I’ve used that method for a long time when grass ranges aren’t available. I’m going to break 80 next year, and I’m going to get there early in the season.
  2. Found my first complaint with the setup: there have been a couple times where the SC300i didn’t sync with the app after a session so the data didn’t transfer over. I’ve found that if I connect during practice I never have an issue, and will continue to monitor. I still haven’t gotten up the courage to hit driver indoors, so far just 5w off the mat and hybrids/irons. I typically lay a towel on the mat behind the ball to give me the feedback of hitting it fat when I hit the towel. I’ve been hitting pretty well and I can’t wait to see how it translates to the course in the spring. I’ve also been using 3-4 clubs per session rather than working through the whole bag. Im probably going to spring for some simulator time to make sure my ball flight isn’t all over the place, but I’ve been pretty consistent hitting the target in the net, so at the very least my start line is on point. current carry and total yardage in the pics.
  3. Outstanding! I have 2 putting mats, 1 knockoff perfect practice mat and a birdie ball mat. I let a friend borrow the BB mat since he doesn’t have one. I think Target mode on the SC300i is a great tool to keep my chipping sharp. A lot of reviews on the Spornia net mentioned quick set up and takedown, and so far that’s been a huge positive. Less than 5 minutes on either side to put it up or down.
  4. I didn’t want to move back north, so I had several stipulations revolving around golf, and how much I can play at home and or on the course.
  5. Awesome, nice improvement! I got lucky that the garage had high enough ceilings to set up inside. My handicap goal for next season is to get to single digits, with a couple practice sessions a week I think I can get there.
  6. I had 7i data from 2 sessions in that picture. The first was actually outdoors, the 2nd was a test round with the indoor setup using just 7i. I’ll add some more data after I have 5+ sessions with all clubs to see where they compare.
  7. The kind of consistency I need with my 8i, my 150 yard club. This is from practice today, and one of the things I love most about my irons is the “click” they make on sweet spot contact so I could tell I was flushing it.
  8. I recently moved from South Carolina back to Pennsylvania so playing year round isn’t going to be an option. I only started playing again in August 2019 after a 5 year break and the big hit me big time. I got fitted for new clubs, spent a ton of time practicing and went from struggling to break 100 at the beginning of 2020 to a 12.4 handicap and almost breaking 80 on several occasions at the end of this season. Then it got cold and that was that. I didn’t want to lose all the hard work I put in for next season so I decided to invest in a net, mat and launch monitor. After a lot of reviews, searching for deals and taking garage space into consideration I ended up on a Spornia net/mat combo and a Swing Caddy SC300i. I’ve used Arccos for the last year and a half so the first thing I wanted to test was distance, comparing the SC300i results to over 5000 Arccos shots. They lined up very similarly after 1 full session. The net and mat so far have met all of my expectations. I was a little nervous hitting into it the first few swings, but I quickly realized even shanks won’t escape the net the mat feels similar to a mat you’d encounter at the range, and it’ll be interesting to see how it breaks in over time. All in all I’m pretty happy with the setup, and I’m really looking forward to seeing if I can keep my momentum going through the winter and shooting for sub 80 early next year
  9. After experimenting with and without using alignment marks (typically the manufacturer mark) both during play and practicing I’ve found that I putt significantly better using the alignment mark. I try not to make sure I’m lining up while others are putting so that I can go quickly when it’s my turn and keep the round moving, but over the course of a full round its been equating to 5 or 6 strokes when I don’t use a line.
  10. Thanks everyone, played pretty well both birthday rounds!
  11. I hung out at Penn National a good but before I played golf as my HS girlfriend lived on the course. Haven’t been back to play it. I just moved from South Carolina to Hanover PA and have found there to be a lot of nice courses in the area. Played the Links at Gettysburg last week and besides the worst putting round of my life played pretty well. Hideaway hills was always my favorite up there. Mt Airy is fun too. I lived near Allentown for a while and there are some nice courses down that way too.
  12. For longer putts (12+ feet) I don’t use an alignment mark of any kind, but I use the manufacturer marking on putts inside of that. I’ve gone back and forth with using the alignment marking on the tee, not sure I can find a discernible difference.
  13. I’ve been playing them for about a dozen rounds. For me they play very similar to ProV1s. I’ve hit my only 300 yard drives with them (tracked by arccos) and they have more than enough green side spin. All in all a great ball IMO.
  14. I switched balls regularly trying to find a lesser expensive option that played like a premium ball, since I’ve really only been playing again for a little over 2 years and was losing a lot of balls. Then someone gifted me a box of Tour Speeds and I noticed a huge improvement in the balls reaction to my swing, putter, etc. Then I played some new Pro V1s and I never wanted to play another ball again, but spending $50/dozen just seems so excessive. Tried the new Maxfli Tour after the reviews on here and they play so close to the ProV1s for me that I’m playing them exclusively at this point. It helps that I’ve improved enough that I don’t lose more than a ball or two in a round and regularly play the same ball all 18 holes. I’ve been playing the Maxflis for about 10 rounds now and I’ve had 4 of my 5 best rounds ever (81 last weekend, a sub 80 is coming soon!) and had my first ever 300 yard drives, tracked by Arccos. That’s my ball, and I’m sticking to it.
  15. Another follow up here. I’ve had the new putter in the bag for 4 rounds now and I’ve never putted better than I have lately. It took me a couple weeks of practicing to get my set up in a comfortable place, and now I feel like I’m going to make every putt. Yesterday I rolled in a couple from beyond 25’ and only missed 1 from inside 10’. My misses were all close, leaving a lot of tap in clean ups. Distance control has been such a huge improvement with this putter, and the ball coming off the face is even better now that I’m really comfortable with my setup and stroke. For reference my Arccos handicap for putting yesterday was +5, whereas with my old putter it was typically anywhere from 2 to 10. I can’t recommend strongly enough getting fitted for a putter and keeping an open mind if your fitter suggests a putter you wouldn’t have considered.
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