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  1. I’ve been using arccos and a basic garmin gps watch for a year or so. Would be interesting to compare to a laser range finder.
  2. I have the previous version 919 hot metal irons. They’re very easy to hit and the ball comes off like a rocket from the club face. I have to imagine the newer version would be similar. For reference I play to about a 16 and mY driver swing speed is 100-105, 7i from my fitting was low 80s.
  3. I hold my wedges more than I hold my...never mind. I’ll deal with off the rack for whatever else. Not my wedges.
  4. I was just getting back into golf when I went. I was striping my 7i to warm up, worked my way to driver and snap hooked about the next 40 shots I hit no matter the club. Went out and played one of the worst rounds in my entire life. It was still worth it, I had a blast and a ton of fun.
  5. I’ve found that soft chip shots from the rough often get missed, but other than that if the sensors are working it’s pretty rare that they don’t pick up the shot, especially since I added the Link. the sensors do have a 2 year replacement warranty no questions asked. I’ve had a couple of them die on me, and had replacements sent out right away.
  6. To update this: I ended up getting the orange whip and it’s helped tremendously. Between using it to warm up and using it to help my tempo my swing has never been in a better place. Now if I can just get my chipping yips under control...
  7. Used to live near there, Morgan Hill is a fun track, riverview used to be awesome. Agree with the Olde Homestead rec above, that’s a great course. Also southmoore in Bath is a fun course not far from there. Apple valley is across the river in Nj and another great option.
  8. I tried to purchase a pair in my size several times but they were always sold out. Would love to try them and give my feedback. I’ve traditional worn foot joys, and have also tried Nike and under armor shoes in the past. Last year I bought a pair of adidas spineless shoes on a whim and I love them.
  9. Depends on the course. On number 2 white tees are around 6400 yards iirc
  10. Rob L Upstate SC current putter is a Ping Scottsdale Piper C, I’ve had it about 8 years I’d like to test the impact 3 putter
  11. Rob L Inman, SC I walk occasionally, but would like to start walking more I don’t have my own pushcart currently, but have been considering a bag boy nitron.
  12. My Goals for 2021 are: Break 80, my best is currently 84 accomplished 3 times. 12 handicap, currently at 15.2, down from 24 a year ago. Play 40 rounds.
  13. I have about 3 dozen Titleist Tour Speeds to play, but I tend to lose 2-3 balls a round (bad days might be double that) so those will only last a dozen ish rounds. I ordered 2 dozen Oncore Elixir after a friend recommended them and after the MGS golf lab compared them to the Tour Speeds, but they seem to be lost in transit and Oncore hasn’t been very helpful in figuring out where they are. If they ever show up I’ll compare the two and play one or the other this year.
  14. I’ve decided I’m going to get one of the two after reading reviews and forum suggestions. I’m leaning towards orange whip but it’s a close race. If you were only going to get one of the two, which would it be?
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