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  1. My point is, who cares what auto part we call it? The point the person is trying to make is that the shaft is more important then the head. And they should probably just say that.
  2. You might be right but it's semantics. When someone says the shaft is " the engine " or "the transmission " or "the whatever" we all understand that they're saying the shaft is more important than the head. Maybe they should just say that.
  3. I personally buy used balls but only local from marketplace. I've found guys who live on a course and the balls were hit in their yard and surrounding areas, no water balls. Cheap, no shipping charges and haven't had any problems.
  4. I think you'll get better as you play more and get used to it. I did. Like you I played poorly at first, often very poorly. I'm much more relaxed now. Some of it was how casual we play with friends. Ready golf, putting out of turn if a guy's not rerady, etc.
  5. I'll often carry 2 drivers, one a straight/draw driver and one a fade driver. I choose which to hit based on the way the hole sets up.
  6. Do most of you guys follow the advice of going up in loft as you age? I've tried 12* and 14* drivers and all they do for me is go higher and shorter. I'm getting my best distance with an 8* Wishon 919.
  7. You went from a stiff shaft (that you say played more like x stiff) to an L flex??? Did you demo the L flex? Hope it works but this has disaster written all over it
  8. White pants look like your trying too hard for the PGA pro look for me. But if you like them, wear them ,who cares what anyone else thinks?
  9. Golfsmith had a 1000cc head for awhile years ago. Bang used to sell a 750cc head I believe and still sell a 600cc head. Banggolf
  10. Not sure what that has to do with my question. I'm just wondering if TM is using the Twist Face technology? I had an M5 and was really amazed at how corrective it was of mishits.
  11. Haven't read the whole thread but does the new Stealth still feature Twist Face?
  12. I'd wonder about the guy from the company that bought that fake Scotty. I can hear it now "hey guys we need to pitch in to get $500 to get Bob a Scotty Cameron putter for retirement. " Then goes out and buys a $50 fake and pockets $450
  13. As others have stated, are the new drivers R flex or stiff? Do you have them set up so the face is open?
  14. So far this year I've played a G400 Max, TM M5, Cobra SZ Extreme, and Cally Mavrik Max and have hit the Cally Mavrik. For me, the Ping was the longest of them all.
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