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  1. Band-it elbow brace is the best for me. I've been using them for 20 years. They won't cut off circulation from long term wear. Work great.
  2. Especially in n on golf related areas
  3. Golf pencils, doesn't get any cheaper than that. I even saw a guy who had a case made to display them.
  4. If you're not worried about YOUR handicap, just play from what ever tee box you want on certain holes. Feel like playing a driveable par 4? Play from the forward tees on that hole. Feel like playing a mammoth par 5? Move all the way back. This works great on some courses where all the par 3's are the same general distance. It's bad course design but I've played courses where every par 3 is virtually the same yardage, like 150-155. That can get boring. Move around.
  5. It's the same in any team sport. You could be one of the best basketball players in the world, (say Luka Doncic) and if the rest of your country men suck, you don't make the Olympics
  6. And you're still technically playing a longer course than them. You're drive should be past their's so you have the same club in. If you drive it even with them they likely have 9 iron in while you have a 7 iron.
  7. I almost always play shorter tees when playing a bucket list course. I want to enjoy myself not get beaten into the ground. Plus who wants to spend big bucks to be miserable. I will move back on the occasional signature hole or one with a ton of elevation from the back tees just for fun. At 64 I try to stay at 6000 yards and under.
  8. That's not how it would work. It would be like any other team sport, they have pre qualification events. Niemann would have to play with the next best Chilean golfer(s) even if they're 12 handicaps. Obviously Chile likely wouldn't qualify, but lots of countries don't qualify for certain sports. I believe there was a time when the US men's team was lucky to qualify for soccer.
  9. I disagree that people will watch only sports that they like. I watch lots of sports in the Olympics that I never watch anywhere else. Track and Field, Weightlifting, Boxing, are just a few sports that I never watch except at the Olympics.
  10. I know it's not close to everybody but SOME guys using rangefinders can be slow as sh-t with them. I played with a guy who lasered the flag from 20 yards. I kid you not.
  11. I can't imagine playing the same course over and over. I try to go to a different course each week and then play a rotation of 5 or so courses once a week with my BIL. I love going on a golf vacation where every course I play is new to me. Just did that in Myrtle beach in March. Do you lose a stroke or two due to lack of course knowledge? Probably, who cares? I love standing on the tee box of a hole I've never seen before. I do like the idea of joining a club though. It would have to have 36 holes though at least.
  12. I only wear golf specific shoes for the waterproofing if it's wet out or early morning dew. Seems if you're slipping all over the place, you're swinging too hard.
  13. And not one of them pays to have it done. If someone wants to do mine for free, i'd let them.
  14. Probably not a lot of component guys here but it's worth a shot . Looking for a Wishon 919 THI driver head 9* -11* with an open face angle. 9.5* -10* would be perfect.
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