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    Golf (obviously), my kids (most of the time), my wife (sometimes 😉), the beach, high humidity, and that feeling when you hit the center of the club face.

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  1. @BIG STU found me actually! We are on opposite ends of the Strand, but not terribly far. I would definitely like to work something out for a round with the legend.
  2. Aww thanks guys! Most of my coworkers forgot it was my birthday today, so this makes up for it! Over a decade with these fools….
  3. Thank you for the information, and speedy response. I had almost convinced myself it was worth the fallout with my wife to buy a mevo+ until I came across this post. This just might satisfy all parties involved. I will PM you if I decide to go for it.
  4. I am tempted, very much so, but I am curious, why are you selling it after just one month? I haven’t bought one myself because I am worried about the performance. Are you trying to get rid of it because you are unhappy with the readings?
  5. We love it here. Far from anything like Detroit. I’ll always love Michigan and the D, but there is nothing like the MB area back there.
  6. I do not live in a golf community. My wife and I lived in the city for the first dozen years together, with neighbors surrounding us, and we had enough and wanted space and we wanted horses. So we got a nice lot down here and a couple horses. I am 33 so I am a little shy of senior leagues at the moment. I appreciate the useful information though for sure, and I am sure I’ll have questions. Before we got down here, I found the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail online, and it seemed like a smart play. I have definitely made my money back on savings on the greens fees, but I feel like I am missing out some real gems not on the trail. In due time though. I am definitely overwhelmed with the options. A good problem to have. We are very blessed and lucky. It was a scary move to make with young kids, no family or friends around for support, and my wife starting a new job, but we haven’t been happier. Thanks again for the willingness to help out. Everyone on this site is so great!
  7. Dude that’s perfect! Thank you for the recommendations. I am all caught up on my favorite podcasts, so this is perfect. I am a big fan of Your Moms House (all of their different shows) and Joe Rogan. Rogan less lately, but YMH brings the heat! I am excited to give all of these a try. I appreciate it. Love the username by the way.
  8. Hello fellow MGSers! I am curious about golf podcasts. Which are the best? Funniest? Best guests? Most informative? With podcasts being this century’s talk radio, I have truly turned into my father. News radio 950 in Detroit was my commuter entertainment as a child. Now all I listen to is podcasts. I figured since golf has taken over every other aspect of my life, which not while I drive a car, exercise, clean the house, mow the lawn, etc.!?
  9. Big Stu!! I think I have seen you on here before. I am sure I have seen you at a pancake house. We got down here and I go “what’s a pancake house?” 30 pounds later and I know what they are now! Our favorite spot is Theo’s Pancake House right by Arcadian Shores. Fantastic. Garden City is a bit of a trek from Loris. I say Loris because it’s hardly Conway this far north. But maybe we can figure something out along the way.
  10. Yeah this community has been absolutely amazing. I am so glad I stumbled on this site. I was a non member observer for the first part of this year, and decided to get in the mix recently. I appreciate the recommendations! I literally have no friends or family in the area, and I work from home, so I have no real opportunity to meet people down here. I am in Conway/Loris. Down the street from Shaftesbury Glenn, for any locals that know the area. I played The Pearl in Calabash on Saturday and played the best round of my life. Lots of firsts that round. First time I played the entire round with one ball, first birdie, first multiple birdie round, and I broke 80! I am afraid it is lightning in a bottle though!
  11. Oh wow! Thank you so much for all this information! I am fairly new to the golf world. Outside of a few rounds a year with my father as a child and early adulthood, I wasn’t really involved. Seeing the 2020 US Open and Masters really made me fall in love with the game. I sold our house in Detroit and moved to Myrtle Beach where I could play golf year round, and learn to play well. It’s eight months in, and it has been amazing. I found this forum in that time, and it’s been a linchpin to my success on the course. But I am really looking to branch out and get involved in the golf community, and something like this is pretty cool! Maybe I’ll run into at one of these events down the road. Thank you so much for the detailed information. You have been great!
  12. At the risk of sounding stupid, but my curiosity is peaked. What is a TT loyalist? What sold out in minutes? My guess was Team Titleist, but even if that’s right, what was the sign up? How often do they happen? I would love to be a part of a golf group like what you are describing.
  13. I just moved down to NMB from Detroit about 8 months ago. The ONE course? Yikes. There are so many to choose from! World Tour is amazing. Well kept, and it’s carbon copies of some of the most iconic holes in golf. Thistle in Calabash is epic. Kings North (Arnold Palmer design) is a marvel. And you can’t go wrong with TPC Myrtle Beach. Best value is The Pearl in Calabash. Played it today, and that is a great course. A step below the above mentioned, but only slightly. If I had to tell you to go to just one, if you can’t get in the Dunes of course, I would tell you World Tour. It’s an experience like no other, yet it’s just like 7-9 others. They did a great job recreating world famous holes.
  14. Wow! That is so cool! You did an amazing job. I would love to get into something like this if I had the time. Maybe one day. I am kind of late to this post (new to MGS), but did you ever take any video or launch monitor data on those beauties?
  15. For me, it wasn’t even close compared to OEMs. I couldn’t believe it. I even tried the SIM2 again, and a Titleist TSi3 after the Epic Max, thinking maybe I was just warmed up and hitting farther. It could also be that I am not accurate enough for those other drivers, and the Callaway is just that much more forgiving? Not sure, but I am a happy camper! I can’t believe it either!! I never win anything! My wife and I joke about how we have never and will never win a drawing or giveaway. This is either my one and only in my lifetime or it has opened the flood gates of giveaway prizes. Hopefully the latter, but I will take health and happiness over being a lucky prize winner. Either way I am so happy I won! Just makes this purchase even sweeter than before!
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