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    Golf (obviously), my kids (most of the time), my wife (sometimes 😉), the beach, high humidity, and that feeling when you hit the center of the club face.
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  1. I have considered purchasing these on more than one occasion, but end up spending more on a Titleist or TaylorMade. I would love to compare and see what these balls are all about.
  2. Oh man I seen “Honma” and “test” and got very excited, but sadly I don’t fit the bill. Swing speed is on the higher end, and my wife hates golf. More for me I guess! Good luck to all who apply!
  3. Congrats guys! Very interested to see how this review goes. Driver has quickly become a strength in my bag, and this club and this company have me intrigued. Have some fun fellas!!
  4. Man MGS, you just keep coming with the bangers this year!! So cool! I would love for this to be my first MGS test opportunity! Putting is a weakness for me, and what really prevents my game reaching the next level. I have a mallet putter, but I wonder if a blade would be a better fit? Or a different mallet? I would love to see if a different putter would improve my overall score. Maybe I’ll be able to change my name to GIRplus2Putt!
  5. @BIG STU found me actually! We are on opposite ends of the Strand, but not terribly far. I would definitely like to work something out for a round with the legend.
  6. Aww thanks guys! Most of my coworkers forgot it was my birthday today, so this makes up for it! Over a decade with these fools….
  7. Oh wow! This would be perfect timing for my first ever MGS test, as my birthday is the sign up cut off, and I just got a launch monitor. I was just reading the new article about Sub70 yesterday, and spent quite some time on their website last night. I would love to run some direct comparisons against my Callaway Epic Max. Pick me please
  8. Would love to get my first crack and testing! I have been working hard to improve my game, and MGS has been a huge part to my success. I have been looking at this system for the last couple months, and it seems very interesting!
  9. Thank you for the information, and speedy response. I had almost convinced myself it was worth the fallout with my wife to buy a mevo+ until I came across this post. This just might satisfy all parties involved. I will PM you if I decide to go for it.
  10. I am tempted, very much so, but I am curious, why are you selling it after just one month? I haven’t bought one myself because I am worried about the performance. Are you trying to get rid of it because you are unhappy with the readings?
  11. We love it here. Far from anything like Detroit. I’ll always love Michigan and the D, but there is nothing like the MB area back there.
  12. I do not live in a golf community. My wife and I lived in the city for the first dozen years together, with neighbors surrounding us, and we had enough and wanted space and we wanted horses. So we got a nice lot down here and a couple horses. I am 33 so I am a little shy of senior leagues at the moment. I appreciate the useful information though for sure, and I am sure I’ll have questions. Before we got down here, I found the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail online, and it seemed like a smart play. I have definitely made my money back on savings on the greens fees, but I feel like I am missing out some real gems not on the trail. In due time though. I am definitely overwhelmed with the options. A good problem to have. We are very blessed and lucky. It was a scary move to make with young kids, no family or friends around for support, and my wife starting a new job, but we haven’t been happier. Thanks again for the willingness to help out. Everyone on this site is so great!
  13. Dude that’s perfect! Thank you for the recommendations. I am all caught up on my favorite podcasts, so this is perfect. I am a big fan of Your Moms House (all of their different shows) and Joe Rogan. Rogan less lately, but YMH brings the heat! I am excited to give all of these a try. I appreciate it. Love the username by the way.
  14. Hello fellow MGSers! I am curious about golf podcasts. Which are the best? Funniest? Best guests? Most informative? With podcasts being this century’s talk radio, I have truly turned into my father. News radio 950 in Detroit was my commuter entertainment as a child. Now all I listen to is podcasts. I figured since golf has taken over every other aspect of my life, which not while I drive a car, exercise, clean the house, mow the lawn, etc.!?
  15. Big Stu!! I think I have seen you on here before. I am sure I have seen you at a pancake house. We got down here and I go “what’s a pancake house?” 30 pounds later and I know what they are now! Our favorite spot is Theo’s Pancake House right by Arcadian Shores. Fantastic. Garden City is a bit of a trek from Loris. I say Loris because it’s hardly Conway this far north. But maybe we can figure something out along the way.
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