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  1. I've done it... . All that cheet grass in my shoes the rest of the round. I give balls away when I go out now.
  2. Trying to get a babysitter for that Friday so I can play Canyon Lakes, still iffy about saturday at wine valley.. we will see. I will know more next week
  3. I just need to figure out how to get myself some MGS headcovers and stuff to make my bag final.
  4. 3 for me. Taylormade Driver, Irons, and Hybrid Cobra 3 Wood and Titleist Wedges and putter.
  5. Decided to upgrade my driver and 3 wood as well, ended up getting a Cobra LTDx 3 wood and a Taylormade Stealth Driver. Pictures to come.
  6. I am rooting for him, alway have. I hope to see him climb to the top.
  7. It has been a long time coming but today I finally upgraded my irons, I am very excited and can't wait to get out and play. My old RBZ irons I have been wanting to replace are in the pictures as well, they are a regular shaft and I should have at least changed the shaft years ago. My new irons: Taylormade p770 4-P.
  8. Thank you and I definately will be out there more, I just had to have a little break for a bit but back at it and having fun!
  9. Thank you, sorry to hear about your dad. I will definately be playing more.
  10. I think I may have played with him last year at Columbia Point and he shot 2 under. I haven't been on much here or playing much golf lately, my grandpa (the person who got me into golf when I was young) passed away a few months ago and I just couldn't bring myself to do anything with golf. I have since been able to push forward and I am back lurking these forums. I was able to get out and golf today for the first time in months and I felt... ok. Definately have some work to do at the driving range but nothing I can't fix. I had fun and that is what I needed.
  11. Thanks all! Been super busy but am still lurking around.
  12. Well I went to the driving range yesterday... I hit well! still some bad shots here and there but not every club in the bag and my irons are back to being trusty! I am sure it was all mental.
  13. I haven't been to a range or a course in a week but hopefully this weekend. I is/was definately mental I hope I have gotten over it though.
  14. All very good advise and I will definately try to implement it all, I have been hiting plastic balls in my backyard and of course that seems like I am a dang pro . I will be headed to the range Monday most likely and I might play tomorrow if I can find a babysitter for a few hours. Too lazy to quote everyone sorry.
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