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  1. Been fighting that quite a bit too. It's infuriating. Right up there with missing a short putt. I've got a line on why for me after taking a lot of video and catching a hosel rocket on film. Figuring out how to catch myself in the process... thats another matter.
  2. Kind of an ongoing practice session. I have the net I just bought and the chipping net set up on the back yard. Rather than kill time on Reddit or here when I take a break I've been walking outside and hitting about a dozen balls or chips at a time. Kind of fun actually. Obviously can't see trajectory, but have a generalized idea based on where I hit on the net. One of the cooler things that I have noticed so far is how much more I can tell where I hit on the face and what the shaft is doing when I'm not distracted by seeing the shot. It's not going to fully replace range time, but its going to be very good for contact drills and getting more practice in. Contact & tempo have been solid today so far. Going to break out the swing caddie here in a bit and see if it will give me any data with limited ball flight. EDIT: The answer to the swing caddie is yes to shorter irons, no to longer clubs. Seems like it needs to see the ball for a bit longer with the longer clubs and I don't really want to move further back from the net. Too many neighbors and windows about...
  3. Thanks to the budgeting app mint, my free wheeling golf spending days are done for a while. I fully agreed to it, there's a very large thing we're saving for down the road, but I think it was borderline better for me not to know what kind of cash got thrown into this bizarrely deep hole in the grass. It's a little bit insane how quickly all those buckets at the range add up... In an effort to claw back some of my golf budget from the range buckets I found this on facebook marketplace this morning. Works well, is easy to set up, and will be really good for contact drills. Now... how to fit a mevo+ into the budget..... PS: I am aware that my mat has seen better days.
  4. Got out to the range on Wednesday and had a great session that was mostly focused on getting some video comparison of the Modus 115s from 7I up in comparison to TT Elevate tours. My swing felt great, mostly I think because of the warmup routine I've developed. I spend about a 1/3 of the bucket going through a sequence that helps me find my low point, tempo, connection & turn, and trail elbow position in downswing. It's been really successful both from finding feels and for calming my mind before I do anything serious. After warmup I took the video for the comparison, which I got through fairly quickly, then jumped into a few shallowing drills before taking a little more video with full swings. I was very pleasantly surprised when I looked at video at home. I finally feel like my swing is starting to get repeatable with decent body position. It's only taken six months of practice and five lessons to get away from OTT.
  5. Was sitting on the couch last night with my wife doing my normal Sunday evening thing of seeing what my week looked like & trying to see where to wedge 18 holes in. Later in the week looked terrible so I figured I'd see what I might find for today. Hop on the LA City Golf, check times. See 6:20 AM Rancho park. Immediately look over to my wife & ask as nicely as possible what her morning looks like and if she can take our daughter to school. The sound of 'Y' was barely out of her mouth before I clicked to book hoping that it had not disappeared in the 10 seconds it took me to ask the question. (Those of you in LA will understand how cutthroat Rancho times are). Cut to this morning, I'm so glad I played. 41/39 80 with a lipped out birdie on 18, a really really dumb three putt bogey on 10 , and lots of very close almost up and downs. It's still my personal best both score wise and differential (8.5) and its far and away the most complete round of golf I've ever played. I was focused, sharp, and made mostly good decisions. (I cannot recommend Decade foundations enough.) I hit 12/14 fairways 8/18 GIR and recorded my first card in a while without a double. I'll give a lot of credit to a suggestion from my instructor to positively reinforce before nervy (& all shots). Told myself I was going to make solid smooth contact with any easy swing before every shot and mostly did. The capper to the round was one of my playing partners being absolutely shocked that I wasn't a single digit cap, and saying it was really fun watching me play when we walked off 18. Never had that happen before.
  6. As I'd hoped my home course did indeed feel a mile wide after my last two rounds. 40/43 83 in a men's club tourney. I flirted with 80 all day and played pretty well save for #14 when I forgot how to play golf and tripled. 9 Pars on the day, which may be a personal record for me. My putting was lights out today except for a single three putt -- 31 total putts, two 30+ ft putts to get up and down + a ton of of them that burned the edge leaving me with 6" tap in's for bogey, same for all the pars I made in regulation. The par put was 1' or less. Just couldn't get a birdie to drop. If I'd been a bit luckier the score could have been in exceptional territory. Short game was also pretty exceptional for once. Left myself with a lot of reasonable chances. Off the tee and on approach I was okay, not great, but reasonable. I've been trying to smooth things out, but doing the towel drill tucked under my trail arm. I decided to just swing at that tempo all day and surprise, surprise, a smoothly swung iron that hits the center of the face goes further than aggressively swung hit off the toe or heel. Credit to my instructor on that one. He posted a video of his swing (which he rarely does) this morning and I thought man I just want to swing smooth like that all day... which became my swing thought for the day.
  7. A decent day at a tough course. 44/45 89 at Angeles National from the blues. I haven't played it in in a decade since it's usually on the very pricey end of the scale, but Mondays and Tuesdays it's 'only' $95 with cart. I wasn't planning on playing, but I had a bunch of meetings drop off the calendar today and I've heard tales of 3.5 hour rounds and the course being uncrowded. For once the rumors were true, so in spite of the price this could be in my future more often. I don't often get to play 18 holes by myself at prime time. (9:30). All that said, the course is great, tough, narrow, and the only Nicklaus design in Socal. Lot's of strategic thought required and I got caught out more than a few times. I spent a significant amount of time in the fairway bunkers today. Jack really liked putting bunkers right in the 240-270 yardage area on this course along the preferred driving line. They were absolutely magnetic to me today and responsible for all my bogeys. I didn't putt badly, but I also could not get up and down. I also found a lot of the brush on the side which is ESA and red stake land that you can't play out of -- responsible for 4/5 doubles. The high point, 4 good pars, a birdie, and a lot of up and down chances. I feel like my home course is going to feel a mile wide and super friendly after the courses I played these last two rounds.
  8. Totally humbled in a tournament today by a tough course in tournament conditions (us open qualifier yesterday.). 53/50 103. And I had six pars... Did I mention 25 mph winds from the second hole on. Every mistake, no matter how minor, was punished heavily by the course. Still, I had a great day and don't feel too bad. Toughest conditions I've ever played in on a tough course. Edit:. Results are up. As I suspected everybody got their butt kicked today in my flight which went from 10-30 index (the low indexes has the early pre crazy wind tee times). Only one person in our flight broke 90!. And only 12 broke 100. Tough day.
  9. Good practice today. Went up to GDC in Moorpark. Its a nice facility with a lot of good targets, varying since they have better targets, varying lies, and lots of different types of mats to practice on. Today was the last big big practice before a tournament on Friday and I felt very comfortable. Warmed up through about 30 balls focusing on the bottom of my swing before shifting into some full swing drills. On a whim I tried a variation of a half swing drill to stay connected that would let me swing almost full speed. It's the towel tucked under the arms but with it only squeezed under my trail arm. It felt like a very short back swing, but on video it's actually almost as far as I normally go. It also forced me to drop the club into the slot to keep the towel under my arm and was really good for learning that feel. It's something that's going to be a regular part of my practice and warmup from here on out. After those drills I worked on my tee shots and 'played' the course I'm playing Friday. Spent some time on the practice green dialing my stroke in before moving to the chipping green to practice some of the shots I think I'm going to be left with on Friday with a variety of clubs. Feeling comfortable with my swing for the first time in a month, adjustments feel like they're starting to set, tempo feels good, and it feels like I might be peaking at the right time, at least for this tournament.
  10. That's the one I picked up too. It doesn't slide and it provides the right amount of support.
  11. Since I spine and flo, mine end up somewhat haphazard throughout the set. If I weren't though, I'm with @Riverboat I want everything as clean as possible. Down would be my vote.
  12. Zero issue hitting them, even when you can see both sides. I suppose it might be weird if it was a perfectly even split split, but in most cases one side of color is clearly more dominant than the other when it comes to rest. So you're either going to hit a mostly white or mostly yellow ball. The only issue I've had is training myself to look for both colors when searching.
  13. Signed up for a tournament at a course I'd never heard of because it was one of the nearer ones to me in the SCGA one day series. Started to research said course and saw reviews and comments that said, Final stage of 1996 Q School, US open qualifiers, Bethpage black of the West, Brutal in the wind, 2004 GD 33rd most difficult course in the US and thought well this ought to be interesting. Long story short, I decided I should probably prepare myself (something I should do anyway.) and bought this. We're about to see if a little prep and some extra knowledge has any affect on a hacker like me.
  14. I've been playing the divides since they came out. Love them. They're great to putt with and I've found that it helps me to look at the yellow side when I'm lining up a tee shot. Also high on my list is that I've not had a single person at an LA muni try to play my ball yet. I can't tell you how many times that happened playing the all white ones or ProVs.
  15. Short Par3 (under 100yards) on a par 3 course? What's the ruling there? I don't have one of those but saw a guy do it from 70 yards the other day. Both he and I had no idea and I thought to myself. "I'm excited for the guy, but if it were me, would I feel like I actually did it or feel like I got a kiss from my sister?"
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