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  1. Decided to throw a skinny flatcat on the Link. I've felt a little handsy with putts lately and I'm hopeful my this will help quiet them and let the love no do what it's supposed to.
  2. Fellas, LAB outlet is doing 20% off on their outlet site. I came within a single thumb click if buying a mezz max today. Then I realized that until I correct my current aim issue the only thing that would change is that I'll be brushing the right side of the hole with a different putter head. The outlet site has slight blemish putters/shafts. There's some custom options to it if you want too. The prices are pretty superb on a normal day. %20 makes it a steal.
  3. Thanks fellas. I had plans to play out in Ojai, but my wife and daughter got sick. They are well but it forced a change in plans to a dawn patrol 9 at the local instead. First out with random pairing (as it turns out another loon that loves early rounds). Good company for birthday golf. I promise I'm happier than I appear in the photo. I'm often so focused on framing the picture I forget to smile.
  4. I haven't seen this. If you haven't, I'd recommend joining the facebook group. There's a lot of questions like this on there and they get answered pretty quickly and thoroughly.
  5. As @ejgaudettementioned, it doesn't do this, but I can easily see how this product could expand into a range of clip on accelerometers that could show every aspect of your swing. Off the top of my head, you could pretty much get all the data you'd ever want out of 3-5 sensors plus the watch -- head/hat clip, lead & trail hip, lead and trail shoulders, glove clip, and a light one that sticks to the back of the club or the hosel. The biggest trick would be making yourself stand still enough before swinging to register the data. (I have virtually no waggle, but I don't really have a big enough pause between setting the club down to swing for it to register ready without me consciously making myself hold still. Then I pretty much go as soon as I hear the ready chirp. I may have to start imagining the chirp as my trigger soon.. The thing that's most interesting to me on the list of things you can do with the device is potentially turn up the sensitivity so that it can read a putting stroke. That would be huge. I am very, very, curious about potentially being able to do that.
  6. This is great. Next on the wishlist, can we get a model hand path for the ambassadors that we can overlay over our own swings.
  7. Got exactly the same reaction from a friend. I feel like a lot of the 'data' is best used with a coach/instructor and most people would be best served working on the areas it shows in the app. I think your suggestions are a good idea though... e.g. "this particular data point is way outside the norms" here's some suggestions on how to clean it up. Even highlighting data as red/yellow/green could help. The data is pretty useful though with the proper knowledgebase. I noticed one number for me (IIdy) was way outside of normal (-40º) and I posted about it on the facebook group. The co-founder helped me identify what faults it could be related to (beyond what the app shows) pretty much immediately. It would be very cool to take that knowledgebase and put it into a database where you could click on a particular number and go to a link that lists a series of issues the datapoint relates to along with some links or drills on how to work on them. Immediately for the swing clip. You make the swing and the path shows up on screen along with a good chirp/bad chirp depending on the swing. It does provide averages (per club in the app), but only for the day, week, or all time. One minor thing that I wish it did is exactly what you're describing. A running average in session. I also wish it provided the ability to compare two swings to one another, both visually and data wise. One thing I really like though is the ability to pull your data into excel from the web browser version. It helps me organize the data in a visual way that's easy for me to look at.
  8. I'm not seeing a huge range, but at the high end of the bag I'm maxing out at around 19.5 mph hand speed. At the bottom end of the bag (50º is the highest lofted wedge I swing full with) I'm at 16.9 mph hand speed max. Average top end is 19, bottom end is 15.9. It seems to be almost entirely in line with length of backswing. I just get deeper into it with the Driver. I also have the problem that I get more arm dominated (distance to impact is lower) at the top end of the bag. I'm averaging max hand speed 8" to impact vs. at the bottom end with my 50 that at 16". At 4I & 5I I'm still okay at 12", but as soon as move into woods and hybrids it drops below 12. I'm playing around with dropping the swing weight in those clubs (thank you PXG for adjustable weights) to see if the issue is more that I play my woods, hybrids, and driver at D5 instead of lighter or if it's a weird fault on my part.
  9. I'm starting to think the true value of the deWiz to me is how many swings I make with it. Its really easy to use with good feedback and minimal fuss. I got up to do a morning stretch/light workout then figured I'd hit a couple balls while coffee was brewing. I ended up making 50 swings (my usual quota for the day) in rapid order. It was borderline like mindlessly bashing through a bucket at the range except for the direct feedback I got on every shot. I wasn't focused on metrics or using the learning stimuli. Just listening to the good/bad chirp. On another note I've been using the favorite feature in the opposite direction. I mark all the bad swings with head scratcher contact so i can compare them to the others.
  10. So far, I find it pretty concise. Don't get me wrong there's a ton of data, but I think the app keeps it pretty focused by only providing practice for a couple of the major metrics -- (Length of Backswing, Tempo, and transition). The focus on those metrics seems to echo their website with the longer, straighter, closer. All the other data metrics seem to be for either building consistency in the main three or diagnosing a fault. I played with focusing on IIdy and IIdx since those were the two metrics I was furthest off normal from and I couldn't make either budge too much. The moment I started focusing on transition and length of back swing both number started to come a bit more in line.
  11. Anyone else suddenly develop an odd fetish for watching pros hands in YouTube swing videos? Wishing someone did a swing tracer for the hands. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  12. I have also found that a harbor freight grab canvas tarp (NOT a cheapo blue one) or one of those square shades sails work really well. I have only tested both through 7 iron so tread carefully. got nervous and bought an actual net after and use the tarp as the backup layer.
  13. I've mostly been still fooling around on Discovery mode. I've played with the other settings, but I'm focused on getting a good baseline for every club in the bag. There's a couple interesting things that I've noticed so far. 1. When I compare video of my swing to a pros swing I always feel like there's too much additional movement. It isn't as simple and clean (obviously) but I didn't really know where that extra movement was or where it started. Now I know. I can look at an entire session of swings and instantly see which swings were better than the others. Both visually with the hand path and in the statistics shown below. It makes for way faster adjustments during practice. 2. I finally see what my instructor would say when he'd say "good swing" when I made poor contact, and let's try do that a bit different on a swing with good contact. Some swings are clearly better visually and in the metrics than others (even if they don't result in good contact). In the session yesterday I hit 21 drivers in a row and made what I would consider good contact through all of them. The last two were excellent for me, carrying just shy of the boundary fence at 250 then bouncing into it with the first bounce. One of them was not nearly as good a swing as the other and had a lot more in common with most of the ones I marked as not so good. Lots of extra hand movement in transition. The good one was one of those swings that felt effortless, and it was much more in line with the range expected metrics the deWiz suggests are the typical numbers. Interestingly there were several swings that I marked as bad that had similar results. I just need deWiz to make a sensor that clamps to the hosel to show club head orientation and position and I'll have all the data I ever need. Quick video on those last two swings: Two different swings with similar results. Both of them were striped, but one was much more efficient than the other. The big knock on both is that according to the app they're both a little too arm dominated with max hand speed coming well inside 12" from impact.
  14. Well, I certainly didn't intend to buy another driver, but here I am. Usual story. Walked into Roger Dunn in search of another 0317 Hybrid, walked out with a used, but mint 0811XT wearing a Tensei CK Orange shaft. I asked them to hold it for me and came back to clean out the older hybrid/driver's collecting dust in the garage to trade and walked out with it for $60. I may have to send Bob Parsons a card. On the GC quad at the shop it out performed my 0211 pretty thoroughly and I have absolutely loved that 0211 since I bought it. It also heavily outperformed it at the range. More penetrating flight with a still decent launch angle.
  15. First impressions wise... So far, the deWiz is pretty slick. I've put in about 100 swings in the garage with it using my practice 8 iron & 50°. I think this establishes a decent baseline for shorter clubs and I would say that the numbers I'm seeing are accurate considering the motion I see from the mannequin is uncanny to what my swing looks like on video. I've loaded the app onto my tablet so I can take video/use the R10 with my phone to compare in future sessions. Here's my swing with a 50° wedge. Stubby back swing with a heavy move toward the ball in transition. Recent swing with a 7I for reference. (This man may have to start wearing suspenders. ) Numbers wise, according to the app, my baseline is actually decent aside from the IDDy statistic. Which is theoretically supposed to be between +30°-55°. I'm way, way, way out of line on that one which lead me to reach out on the private facebook group that is available to those that own the deWiz. They're paying attention and I got a reply from one of the co-founders suggesting that if the number isn't from getting stuck as the app suggests, but might be because of a shorter back swing and slide forward in transition -- which is dead on to what you see in both the path in the app and the video. Pretty neat feedback very quickly. One last thing. Distance wedges is fun and is definitely going to have value, but my suggestion would be to do the first couple sessions without the learning stimuli. I've never thought of my back swing in terms of inches before and it takes getting used to. Enough so that you're going to miss far more of the targets than you get right and getting zapped that many times (even at 3) is frustrating. I will say that it did accelerate the speed at which I learned the length of my back swing.
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