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  1. I'm also an SC fan, I'm just nervous that if he doesn't produce right away the loud idiots will poison the well. The program needs a structural rebuild and that's going to take some time. I don't realistically see us competing till 2024/25 at best. While we have talent at the skill positions the line on both sides of the ball just isn't up to par. Beyond that the structural problems are pretty severe. The sloppiness, lack of team mentality, and general lack of discipline have been building since the middle of the Kiffin years and are now endemic to the program. I hope Riley recognizes the hill he has to climb. Of course Riley could be the genius that everyone , even me, hopes and believes he is and turn the thi g around right away. In any case I finally have some hope.
  2. I did not see that coming. Going to be interesting. Now, the question is if the USC fanbase is going to give him time to turn around the current train wreck. Best case scenario from way out of left field.
  3. Will do. Enjoy the AZ 'winter' and good luck on your search.
  4. That's too bad. I played them for a long while and they were quite strong for the price. Maybe they'll make a return eventually.
  5. Had a really good quick range session yesterday. I was mostly there to get some swings in with a newly built hybrid but decided to that I should also get some chipping practice in. It's becoming painfully obvious to me that my dropped strokes with chipping aren't the result of technique anymore. On the practice green I'm putting probably 60% of chips and pitches inside an area where the outer ones are inside what I would class as my 50% make range. Maybe half of those 30% of those are inside my definite make range (3 feet or better). I've even moved to randomly scattering the shag tube around the green on a variety of lies with some in the sand and the same seems to be holding true. However, I don't often play well enough to play to these percentages during a round it's clearly mental. The practice green doesn't matter so I can take each stroke with confidence and without the creeping fear that I'm about to blade the thing to the high side of the green and face a miserable comebacker downhill. I think the only way to get over this is for me to play as much as possible. That being said, I unfortunately don't have time for two or more 4+ hour rounds a week and the execs are letting 5somes out :(. I think I have a good solution, one that I discovered last week. I played the Rancho Park par 3 in between meetings last week (surprisingly for the first time) and got in in a 1200 yards of pitch and putt practice in just over an hour. I'm kind of embarrased that I hadn't considered these little courses as perfect practice environments for what I'm working on. There's a series of these little par 3's all over LA (pretty much one in every location that I have regular meetings) and none of them are booked solid like the execs and full size courses. I can hop on play for an hour and continue with my day. I'm genuinely excited. That lights out short game is right around the corner now. After chipping and pitching I moved to the range. Lately I've only been hitting small buckets. I focus on a couple small technique things for half of the 40 odd balls -- picking one or two of the following : building lag, hip turn, partial exaggerated swings to groove my impact, weight transfer, etc. things. Just slowly trying to sharpen technique without trying to groove things. I'll spend 10 of the balls working on accuracy and working the ball (I'm not particularly consistent with that yet but it seems to help me when I play if I plan for a shot shape). Then I'll use the remainder to experiment -- what happens and what kind of distance can I get when I really try to step on different clubs, what happens when I really hood the face, can I accurately predict and control where I want a low hook to go, can I control my impact enough to hit it where I want to on the face (so far -- yes, but mostly no). I'm finding this low volume practice seems to really work for me. Mostly because I don't and can't sit there and try and groove a club and I don't have enough balls to reinforce a bad habit by trying to 'fix' something when I'm having an off day. In any case to work on my hybrid I did a lot of impact and backswing work with it to kind of get a feel for it and get myself on the plane I wanted with it then swapped out for driver and another iron before returning to it mid-way through the bucket. The thing is awesome. I feels like consistent with better control than previous hybrids I've used but the ball still explodes off the face. It also seem to be able to produce a wide variety of distance with it depending on the swing I use. It produces an arrow straight 215ish carry with an easy smooth no fuss no muss swing. I can't seem to put much movement on it beside a light draw or fade ( I think the RBZ 2's were historically very forgiving almost to a fault) but that's a huge positive for me, especially since I built it to find fairways when I'm having an off day. It also seems to do equally well off the deck. If I really step on it I can get it to go out to about 230 again with very little movement while a very soft 3/4 swing seems to bring me a very mellow 205 with not a lot of rollout. I'm really going to enjoy this thing and I may soon be mulling pulling my 4 iron out of the bag in favor of another one of these. We'll see.
  6. I drove up to Agoura and went a to a Club Champion. Kit was fantastic. I didn't end up purchasing through them because the prices were more than I could afford.... But the fit was excellent and I've since rebuilt my clubs (old heads) with the new shaft and it's working pretty much like the data from the fit showed it would. He threw in a wedge fitting for me at the end of the irons as well.
  7. I've had one round with it and am going to swing by the range today to get some more swings in with it. My experience after the one round though is that I very much like it and I think its going to do exactly what I hoped it would. Off the tee is monstrous, same for off the deck. Plus it seems very amenable to both a softer finesse and a heavy step on it go swing. I still have to get used to it though, the consistency will come but I need more reps.
  8. Whereabouts? I have a one day window on the 17th before we fly out. Rustic Canyon?
  9. Had a middling day today. 87 on a 71.9/123 course. So, still on okay differential but I felt like it could have been much better. I am once again my own worst enemy. 7 Pars (couldn't buy a birdie today) 4 doubles and the rest bogies. I'm not upset though, the course was pretty tough today and the greens were very fast with some tricky pin positions. I'm about 1" total distance in 4 putts from 4 birdies -- just couldn't get one to drop. Driver: Was pretty reasonable today. The only major issue I had with it was on one of the doubles. 3 Wood: Used twice, but both were excellent. Once off the tee to clear a dogleg that I'd run past with driver and a monster off the deck on a par 5 (oh well, why not shot that carried 245 and rolled out to 260 from 289) 2 Hybrid: I rebuilt it with a steel shaft and I think I'm in love. Didn't have a chance to hit it before I played so it was a learning experience, but when it goes it goes. Seems to do fine with both a 3/4 mellow swing and a full get out there swing. Going to be a very versatile club in the bag. Since I hadn't hit it I wasn't really sure how far it would go (and I'm still not) but it's arrow straight with a nice high flight that seems like it will have the same stopping ability as my irons. Irons: Also pretty good today, especially the long irons. I hit a couple irons shots that surprised me including a 5 iron from 195 that landed against a backstop, stopped cold, then trickled back to about 8'. (That one was one of the birdies that slid over the edge). I also had some good short iron shots. I'm finding that if I'm trying to be accurate it works really well to club up and hit a nice smooth 90% shot with a little fade to kill the rollout. Wedges: Saved me on a several, hurt me on a few more. I'm in this funny place with my wedges where it all seems to average out to a push. It's still a vast improvement over what it was, but I still need to keep pushing it toward the strength side. I will say that from beyond 40 yards they were absolutely lights out short of one hosel rocket into a sand trap. I almost saved that one too. Putting: 34 putts doesn't necessarily look like a great day putting, but with the greens the way they were today it felt solid. Especially when I left myself above the hole, barely tapped it, and ended up with a ball that leaked by the hole with an 8 footer coming back. I will take two putts in that situation any day. I feel like I'm really close to putting it all together and the 2, 3, and 7 I played with today thought I was a single digit player -- and were really surprised when I told them a I was a 14. That was a pretty nice boost.
  10. Less of an experiment and more of a oh well why not. I picked up this Rbz2 tour hybrid 2iron the other day and while I don't mind the stock shaft it felt a little inconsistent to me it also didn't really slot into the 3wood to 20°4 iron gap the way I wanted it to tending to get more toward the 3 wood than where I wanted it to be north of the 4 iron. So I figured I'd take a flyer and try it out with a 2 iron shaft that matches my irons. Hoping that the steel shaft would take a little distance out of it and make it more consistent. Cut, flo'd, weighted, and epoxied last night... Hopefully I've built a new fairway finder that fits into the gap I want. Excited to try it out.
  11. 3 strokes off the winner for my flight in gross, but still good enough for a tie for 2nd. Interestingly I had a better day than a lot of guys in the top flight so my score would have been good enough for 9 out of 40 for the day in gross against everyone. I'll take top 25% for my third time playing competitively. I also did finish 1st in net for my flight so I got to play for free (made the entry fee back). I'm so happy that my men's club has a time limit. Finish in 4:30 or better or lose a stroke every 10 minutes. It's not ultra fast but people don't dawdle and no-one is waiting till someone else hits to do their shot prep. They're also pretty understanding if you're the groups behind the slow group.
  12. 2021 is a weird one for me. It's been mostly a good year with a lot of highs, but it's also been incredibly frustrating scoring wise and the lows have been pretty low. I started the year with the goal to improve from the mid cap location I've been sitting at for years. That started with heavy swing work and stopping the casual practices I'd been guilty of when playing (Gimme's, breakfast balls, etc.) It turns out that I may not have actually been a mid-capper in the first place.... Even knowing that, it has felt like a major regression. Along the rest of the way: A major jump in swing speed, which caused a major issue in dispersion. A fitting to help correct the dispersion -- which also opened my eyes to club building. A rebuilt iron set. A renaissance with my driver and off the tee that exposed the weakest part of my game (Chipping & Pitching). A 105 yard hole out to halve the first competitive thing I've ever done on a golf course. Learning to practice with purpose Almost cutting my finger off and having to sit out for a month while it healed A complete rebuild of my pitching/chipping stroke -- which actually helped my iron striking Hours and hours and hours of chipping and pitching practice Learning to build clubs Rebuilding my wedges Playing competitive golf in a local men's club Maybe winning my flight at a tournament? (they still haven't posted results) Lot's and lots of tinkering with the bag. The year has been a net positive, but the scoring regression (a real regression combined with finally counting all strokes) has really clouded it for me. I'm only just finding my way out of it both from a more positive perspective and actually seeing improvement in my game. Hoping next year will be much better scoring wise as it feels like my swing has never been better, I'm pretty competent off the tee, my putting is solid, my wedges are finally coming in line, and I'm finally figuring out how to play my brand of aggressive golf without making stupid mistakes. I've got a pretty serious package of lessons on the way for my birthday and Christmas via my wife and I may actually make it to single digits after all.
  13. I totally understand that, it was either that or another TM Hi Toe, and I decided to err on the side of a comfortable full swing. Interestingly enough I'm getting better distance out of the CBX54 than I was out of the blade 52 that I had. It's a lot more forgiving and so far with a very small sample size it's been pretty lights out with a less than 50% touch swing and out of the sand too.
  14. I've been digging into how the handicap system works -- in particular how to calculate differential. In any case, I reworked the equation so that it delivers the score you should shoot to achieve a certain differential rather than delivering a differential based on the score you shoot. It involved me reteaching myself a bit of algebra today but I put together this PDF calculator and figured I'd share it. (Procrastination is the mother invention) You input the rating and slope of your course based on the tee box you play then add the differential (index) you're hoping to achieve and it spits out the score you should be aiming for. Basically, if you are playing a course with a Rating of 72 and a slope of 114 and you're hoping to play to a 5 index you will need to shoot a 77 or better to hit that mark for the day. I figured it would be helpful for me to know what range of scores I should be aiming to shoot on my local courses to get toward the handicap I want to get to. Hopefully it's helpful to others. PS: If anybody picks up on any inaccuracies or the link doesn't work let me know. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L81Oefcfw3U9OL7TbLsWFA6wqTsze0PK/view?usp=sharing
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