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  1. Mixture of good and bad today. 40/44 84 gross, 10 pars, 4 doubles, 4 bogies, 34 putts, and partridge and a pear tree. Good: My putting was much better than the 34 would imply. Zero three putts. Zero misses inside 6 feet. Good lines and speed all day. Just not quite good enough to drop. It appears that the speed training is working. If nothing else I'm learning to swing fast consistently. For a 55 degree, windy, drizzly day I hit one out to 289, another to 285, a pair out to 270, and a 260 yard drive straight into the teeth of a 1.5 club wind that I think would have been my longest of the day. 243 average for the day. (Distances thanks to my new watch). The four doubles were odd. It felt like I'd never swung a club before on all 4 of them. Just couldn't get it together -- starting with trouble off the tee. I'd get to the green in 4 and two putt. Had fun though, something I've been focusing a lot more on. I'm either going to breakthrough at some point or I've arrived at my Peter Principle.
  2. Went to the range today to play with the Garmin. So far my observations are that it's pretty accurate as to flight path for me if I'm properly aligned with accurate distances that drop off in accuracy as you work into the top of the bag. Can't tell if that's an algorithm thing or a range ball thing. It doesn't have a setting for range balls like the Mevo, so maybe a bit of both combined with me not hitting the ball as far as I think I do I played a pair of sim rounds today as I've been hyper focused on swing/putting/and speed training lately and wanted to take it easy. Turns out that it was excellent practice anyway and it'll be something I do regularly. It brought some realism to the range. There weren't any wasted swings as each one was to a specific (simulated) point and distance. I played my home course and found it pretty interesting that I shot what I normally shot -- losing strokes in exactly the same way on the sim as I do in real life. Distances were surprisingly accurate as I hit many of the same shots from the same distances I do when I play for real. I played a second one at a much tighter course I know (Quail Hollow Boise) and also found that pretty accurate. The best part was that in a little over an hour I 'played' two 18 hole rounds of golf and got a ton of course management practice in. I originally bought the Garmin aiming to use it for gathering data and understanding my misses and shot dispersion, but I think the 'playing' practice is going to be just as valuable. Pretty neat little tool.
  3. I saw a quick article the other day (can't remember where) about the variance in launch, spin, trajectory, and spin rate you can get from the various settings on an adjustable Driver (or wood/hybrid) sleeve. It was quick and just didn't have a lot of depth with it. I thought MGS could do a much more detailed test using all of the big OEM sleeves with the robot to see what effect each of the positions on a sleeve have given repeatable conditions. And maybe, if possible, what kind of adjustments help achieve certain results on a given sleeve.
  4. Continuing my slide into tech and the Garmin ecosystem. Garmin Venue sq. It's on a black Friday sale and I had a $70 Roger Dunn gift card in my wallet. The card was earmarked for balls, but after applying it the watch only cost $55 and change. Hard to pass up a Garmin product that will do golf, fitness tracking, and can also be a day to day watch.
  5. Have fun. Don't try too hard. Swing easy (you're going to hit a ton of shots). Lastly, if you're comfortable asking, ask a lot of questions about why they're making the adjustments they are. I found the answers to those questions to be as informative as the specs you get at the end. One last bit of advice. Be prepared for the sticker shock at the quoted prices, and don't be disheartened. There's a good (and reasonably priced) builder up your way that can do whatever you need him to do based off your specs.
  6. A little more speed training and a lot more putting today. Going to the good range where I take my lessons tomorrow and to play a couple sim 18's with the Garmin to focus on positive visualization and course strategy
  7. Now that travel for the year is done (no holiday travel!) I jumped back into speed training. My baseline speed with my driver as 108 if I swing for the fences (and probably won't make contact) and 98 with the swing that I use to find the fairway. The goal is to nudge that fairway finder speed and control up toward the max speed. We'll see where we are after the first month. As I've read I showed an immediate jump in swing speed (that's temporary for the moment) with my fairway finder being at 103 and my swing for the fences at 112. Should be interesting to see how it goes. I've also been spending a lot of time putting. It used to be the strongest part of my game but has tailed off this year even with practice. I think a large part of that has been mental (reading Rotella) with me putting a lot of pressure on myself and focusing too much on my mechanics. I've started just putting around to build my confidence mixing drills in with casual putting and trying not to put too much pressure on myself to hole the putts. I've been heavily focused on inside 8 ft and in and it's had good effect on my stroke which now feels much more natural to me. It's also had the added effect of making lag putts seem less intimidating since I'm much more comfortable inside six feet. Should have focused on this all along.
  8. Lucky. People don't usually walk away from this kind of thing.
  9. Precisely. I'm hoping that some connections might come through closer to the actual tournament but I'm not counting on it, nor am I going to be one of those hanger on LA people who asks those connections for a favor.
  10. Well, I whiffed on US open tickets. Got into the queue early got into the purchase area three minutes after it opened, added 1 gallery ticket for each day to my cart, saw the price, hesitated, thought why not, clicked the get tickets button... and they were already all gone. . The good news here is that I now own a Garmin R10 courtesy at a very fair price from another Spy (the real reason I'm posting) and I can drown my sorrows using my 30 day free trial of Home Tee Hero to play LACC north. I'm expecting it to be significantly easier than the one time I got to play the real because I'm not going to have to actually putt on the sheets of glass they call putting greens. The other, and considerably more important, plus side is that I don't have to explain to my lovely wife why spending $1,200 on tickets to the US open was a worthwhile decision. Grounds passes were $320 for Sat/Sun and $280 for Thurs/Friday. I think the golf gods may have spared me today.
  11. I was playing the Z-Star XV's before the XV Divides came out. I made the switch on a whim and performance wise I haven't noticed a single difference between the regular XV & the XV Divide. They spin, stop, and check for me on well struck approach shots -- something that holds true on the occasional solid & accurate 4 iron swing this 11 is capable of. That said, the real reason I continue to play them is that on the VERY heavily tracked muni's I play no one has picked up or tried to pick up my ball since I started playing them. Something that was not true for any other ball I've ever played (particularly ProVs). I also like that they turn into great practice balls for the shag tube after they've had their time on course and they're weirdly easy to find. Something about the iridescent contrast finish.
  12. Well that worked out better than I expected. I rebuilt RSI2's yesterday, took some swings with each to make sure I wasn't putting out bad equipment into the world, and brought them over to play it again sports. My timing was perfect. The MP59's were on sale and my RSI2's are in good condition. So I sold them my RSI2s and got paid $50 and a 5/PW set of MP59s. Lol. I apologize for violating the rules of the thread for technically not buying anything.
  13. Added another Rotella book to the library 'putting out of your mind'. I'm also stalking this set of Mizuno MP59s at a trade in store. I'm probably going to rebuild my old RSI2's with the TT DDG pulls I have in the garage to trade in order to soften the blow.
  14. I figure this is as good a place as any to drop and update on the 2021 0211 since I'm curious as to how you're getting along with it. I'm loving it, my cousin is struggling with it (Hzrdus smoke black 7.0 for him Tensei Raw Blue 75 S for me). My early opinion after 5 rounds is that I have a keeper. To me it's the most forgiving driver I've ever hit. Something I was not aware that I desperately needed. It's giving me a lot of confidence off the tee and no matter where I seem to hit on the face I seem to get a positive result that moves down the fairway to a reasonable if not amazing distance. Heel strikes turn into low fades, toe strikes seem to be straight pulls. Neither of which goes way off line (not the case on my 2016 M2 where a toe hook was catastrophic and a heel strike went 190 yards). Even the slice is not that bad when I deliver the face open. When I hit it in the center which is surprisingly often it doesn't look or sound like much but then it just keeps going. I've had a couple nearly 300 yard pokes in the last two rounds. The head has a huge part of that but I think I nailed it with shaft selection. The face is where I expect it to be at impact 90% of the time. The worst that happens it when my tempo gets wonky and that's when those toe, heel, and open face strikes come into play. My dispersion has really tightened up because of this. Last round I hit 9/12 fairways (round cut short) and the one before that one 10/14. The misses haven't been very far off and the most telling part is that I haven't hit a ball OB, into a hazard, or lost one yet off the tee (that isn't going to last but it's fun to say). Time will tell, but the more I swing it the more I seem to be able to get out of it. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the sound.
  15. I know. Every time I drive up the entry road I feel giddy that I have access to such a great golf course at such a reasonable price. As you mention it's even more impressive when you run across some predevelopment pictures of it where the topography is exactly the same minus the fairway and greens. There's some pictures out there of the barranca/waste area in front of the first green that aside from the brush instead of green look exactly the same. & Yes # 17 has been responsible for more three putts than I can count. It's deceptively fast, a lot downhill, with a surprising amount of side slope from that left side into the right. I think I'm going to buy a strackaline book just because it's so fascinating how they built the greens to look like they slope one way then they all slope toward the gate! I'm really happy with that par on 18 too. (First one ever for me on that hole) It usually gives me fits.
  16. Couple good rounds in a row. 44/41 85 at Rustic Canyon and 38/what might have been at woodley. Had to leave the 14th green at +4. . Rustic was great. The front was a little mediocre, mostly because of two doubles from attempting too aggressive of a play. The back started the same, but turned at #14. From the blue tees is a 466 yard dogleg beast of a hole with a minimum tee shot carry of 190 yards. That day they had the blues all the way to the back of the box so carry was more like 220. I hit my best drive of the day, easily cleared the esa and left myself and uphill 190 yard shot to the pin. It was short on the high side and required two putts to convert. I consider bogey to be solid there so I wasn't upset. 15 is an uphill par 3 to a narrow 3 tiered green. It's 135 yards that plays like 147. I hit long into the hill of the upper tier and watched it trickle back toward the pin and out of sight. Before everyone gets excited, you can't see the base of the flag from the tee so no hio today. No lie, I had my hopes up, but I'll take a six inch birdie putt every day. 16 is another beast par 4. 466 yards downhill from a very windy exposed tee. Another bogey is good enough for me on this one. 17 a nice little downhill par 3 with large but tough green.. Par 18 is a tough 437 yard dogleg finishing hole into a tough green. Red stake ESA all down the right and ob left. Hit a great drive the overcooked a 6 iron from 190 (hoping to bounce up) onto the wrong part of the green which pushed it all the way onto the shared practice green portion. 80 feet for birdie . Got that to within 7 and drilled the par putt. I played what I consider the toughest stretch on the course at +1!! Which lead into yesterday. I wanted to see if the command I felt like I had at Rustic would continue on a much easier course. It absolutely did. I was +2 after 9 and could easily have been even. Both bogeys were from poorly aimed approach shots. I still almost got up and down on both. I par'd both 9 &10 for the first time ever. Made a silly mistake on 12 to go to +3 before disaster struck. Phone rings, my wife can't make it to pick up my daughter due to work commitments. . I raced through two more before I had to call it quits.... one par one bogey. Standing on 15 at +4 and having to leave when you've been playing the last 4 holes at an average of around +2 for the last couple months is soul crushing. In fairness I probably would have had to play 18 in total darkness if I had continued, but still. Since I made it through 14 I can technically record net par for the final 4. Which is irritatingly enough +2. I can't bring myself to do it though. If it was something I'd shot before why not, but I'm not going to record a breaking 80 round without actually doing it. Until next time.....
  17. Well, back to muni reality after getting to play that Hokuala on vacation. Hopped out on the par 3 18 hole near me this morning after dropping my daughter off at school. +8 over 18 holes that easily could have been lower. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to improve lately (even on vacation) and I decided to just go out and enjoy it today -- which I should do more often. I didn't spend a ton of time overthinking things, just trusted myself. That said, I think all that pressure and attention to detail has made things a little more automatic for me in real time. In other words, I think I may have finally set some good habits into my pre-shot routine so that it has the intended effect of calming my mind instead of overthinking everything. I may not post much here over the next month. Following Rustic Canyon next week I'm going to take the month off and give myself a little 'off season' to focus on a swing adjustment I want to make that I think is really going to help my consistency and tip me over the edge into single digits.
  18. Definitely doesn't appear to be a huge shift in look. It could just be the quality of image but they appear to have markedly shift of mass toward the sole on the 7. Seems more beefy. They also appear to have beefed up weighting behind the sweet spot and shifted some mass away from the toe. Should be interesting comparing the two when it hits the market.
  19. Played a tough course on vacation. Absolutely decimated my score on 17 and 18 double then triple... Ocean Course Hokuala. 44/45. 134 slope. Amazingly, I did not lose a ball until 18. Then I lost two to the water then 1 putted for a 7. Nastiest finishing hole I think I've played. 430 with a 100 yard water carry to a peninsula green. I pulled my second shot left, bounced off the cart path on the narrow peninsula neck into the water. Now hitting 4. Back over the peninsula neck with a 25 yard water carry. Duffed it. Now hitting 6. Stuffed that to 19 ft and made the resulting putt for 7. Too bad. If I'd kept it to bogey on the last 2 it would have still been a 12 differential at 86! Still though pretty reasonable for a set of rental clubs on a tough site unseen course. I also gave zero balls to the ocean and jungle so there's a positive there. I wish I'd had my putter though. I can honestly say I think it might have saved me 4 strokes. My hatred of Odyssey putter inserts continues.
  20. I hear you. I did a box purge a few weeks back and was like oh.... It was a very similar feeling to getting a reward gift card from Roger Dunn that was much higher than I was expecting. Doing the math as to what I had to spend to achieve said rewards card was not a good idea. In the spirit of the thread I'll start. My name is Jon, and I am a club, equipment, and gear ho. The urge to tinker, experiment, and buy golf related items is overwhelming. It's been 9 days since my last purchase, but I was on Etsy last night looking at custom head covers and I did book Torrey North for my 40th birthday this morning.
  21. Sigh. 42/43 85. I feel weird that I can be disappointed in an 85. It was just one of those days where I feel like the score was not reflective of my play. I was great off the tee 10/14 Fairways and the 4 misses were just a little off. My approach game was serviceable. 6/18 GIR with a lot of the rest being in Texas Wedge range. My short game was pretty good, I had a reasonable par putt opportunity on all but 1 hole. I also putted better than 35 putts would suggest. My guess is that if I'd have been 3" (combined) towards the center of the cup this 85 would be in the 77 range. I just wasn't missing my much -- brushed edge with a six inch tap in left. Nothing would drop. It was kind of that way with everything. Good approach shots, good chips, but just not quite good enough. The high point today was definitely my new Driver. I want to temper my expectations, but I think I'm in love with it. The distance drop off I was a little worried about didn't exist. It was every bit as long as my M2, and because of the forgiveness, much longer on average. No banana slices or super spinny pull hooks. Just straight with some baby fades and draws. The head seems super forgiving. There were a couple strikes that I know were a little on the heel or high on the face and it still just poked out straight down the fairway. The shaft is pretty much what I hoped for, it delivers the face to the ball reasonably close to square. The only time it got out of sorts is when my transition got too aggressive and the only thing that happened was just a benign short straight pull. Just down the left side in the rough. If I'd put that kind of swing on my M2 I'd either be hitting from within the trees or re-teeing from pull hooking into oblivion. It's still honeymoon period but it's hard to see myself trading this in for a while. Generally when I get along with a club this well it tends to stay in the bag for a very long time.
  22. Meh. Entering in with a snoozer. Could have been great, but wasn't. Woodley Lakes Golf Course 70.5/117. 10.8 Handicap 85Gross, 75 Net. No birdies. Couldn't get a putt to drop today. Had a couple drives that could have been competitive if I had to way to actually measure them.
  23. Thank you for taking the time to break this down. Very much appreciated. Always work to do.
  24. Well another good session highlighted by my new purchase. Still working on rotating my chest open. It's going to take some doing. I think retraining my timing and release is going to be the toughest part. I'm in the right position with most of my body, but I'm too early with some of it and a little late with other parts. Considering that this is all taking place in literal milliseconds I think this is going to take some time to get right.... probably most of 2023 considering adding the little shallowing hitch took me most of 2022. The one thing that was suggested before that has been immediately beneficial was getting a real hip turn by sliding my trail hip back. It's had immediate results, so in the mean time while I'm working on the next adjustment I'm in a good place to play reasonable golf. The highlight of the day though was the impulse purchase I made last Monday. PXG 0211 w/ Tensei Raw Blue 75. I'm very happy with the choice I made and I think it's going to have very positive results on my game. I only hit about 20 balls with it today, but from the start I found the head to be forgiving, with good feedback, and a decent if not super hot face. The shaft was borderline perfect, stable, easy to load, and very consistent in delivering the near center of face to the ball. (My mediocre driver swing not withstanding.) It's obviously early, and I did find that the Tensei didn't respond well to overly aggressive transitions and breakdowns in tempo, but I didn't have any crazy spinny misses. Never sliced one off to space or pull hooked one off the map. Time will tell but I feel like this is certainly going to help save maybe 1 or two strokes a round for me. (whether or not I give them away in other parts of my game is another matter). Second ever swing with it. Swings 5-10 after forgetting to press play for 3&4.
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