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  1. Glad I'm not the only one! haha That is a good test, I'll have to try that out next time I look for a pair!
  2. Incredible!! Love course with lots of dress and changing colors with the seasons!
  3. Awesome, thanks for sharing! So many of these unique items are hard to find in the vast internet haha. Also they are actually fairly reasonable in my option, especially for a unique option.
  4. They look really sharp! I hope they become available in Canada as I'm always worried about ordering shoes online.
  5. I find that if I start my round with them on I need to keep them on for the entire round or else it throws me off. Haha I know, call me crazy! I use polarized but honestly don't know if it makes a substantial enough difference to justify the cost increase some brands charge. I've had luck with affordable options from Amazon. I did buy a high-end pair of Oakley's only to find out that the sand from bunker shots scratched them up after a year of wear.
  6. Thank you both! I have golfed one of the LPGA courses and it was fantastic. I'll have to check out the World Golf Hall of Fame as well!
  7. Awesome thank you very much! They look like beautiful courses, might have to get up extra early one day and drive to one of those!
  8. Awesome thank you! I hadn't heard of that course before your post so I appreciate you sharing it!
  9. Hey Everyone! I am headed to the Daytona Beach area in April and am wondering if anyone has any course recommendations? Ideally I would like to play within an hour drive of Daytona Beach but would consider driving further if its worth it. Looking to keep it under $150 per round as well. Appreciate any suggestions!
  10. I have actually really enjoyed the coverage on ESPN+, I feel the commentary is more casual which I like. This is the first year I subscribed to it and I enjoy being able to follow a group from the begging to the end of the round. For me it puts into perspective how challenging the course can be and how a player has to battle through bad shots throughout the day, the main feed often doesn't show the bad shots.
  11. I totally agree, I think it will go full circle. Courses will start to become members only because financially it makes sense. Then when prices get too high someone will see the opportunity to open a more affordable course, see profits and others will follow suite. The same trend is occurring in Canada as valuable land is being converted from golf courses to mixed use developments, most of our cities are in support of it because it reduces urban sprawl.
  12. I think it really depends on how much you practice. I would argue that anyone can become a great 60 wedge player if they play around with it enough to be comfortable. I like many others try to limit my 60 use to only when I need to carry a bunker or have no green to work with. I find I need less practice to get it close with a 9 iron than I do with a 60, although I have done both.
  13. I feel the exact same way, I have taken 4 lessons now and have noticed a substantial improvement in ball contact and consistency. I have never been able to break 80 so I am excited to see what I shoot once the courses are open. My plan is to play the first half of this year with my current 14 year old clubs and then evaluate what I need more, lessons or some new equipment. Curious to see where this journey takes me!
  14. Great concept! I hope they have the full release in Canada as well, especially the demo club model. This would be really popular.
  15. One thought I would add to the already great responses on this post is the fact that new clubs MAY cause you to want to practice and play more, therefore the cost benefit analysis might change. I know when I got a new putter I was at the practice green every other day for the first year I had it. For me it created some excitement and motivation to play the game more. Depending on your personality this may or may not happen to you, but something to think about.
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