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  1. I had a m5 3w. and it broke. So I got fitted again... it was freaking expensive for a 3w. As I really liked the Graphics design shaft $350 for that alone...best part of using it is driving the greens on short par4s.
  2. Back in the spring I wanted to test the Latest Irons and upgrade if possible. After going through the fitting, we settled on Ping I230s. I was disappointed as we never went over loft lie and length, Etc. It was, these are better or equal to your current clubs. I done see much difference. $1900 all in. I mentioned it but the Fitter didn't care. I left and did a second fitting weeks later
  3. edel wedges excellent accuracy IMO. added S400 stiff shaft that work. Crazy part is I can't use in my Irons. But they work in the wedges.
  4. I found on par3s. If I break a tee, I know the shot was solid. I love to see the club collect the divot after the tee. As for 3w and driver you can see your misses by looking at the bottom of club with the white scuff marks. Adapt and work on flaw next hole.
  5. I started with wood tees. Then I switched over to plastic. But now I'm back to using white tees only. My reason is simple. I like to get a feel on the shot and understand if it is a toe or heel strike. As for driver, the marks at the bottom provide an insight to how I hit the ball.
  6. Peter is a great option. But the Quality of Greyson is second to none. I love the 4 button option and the design the way the collar fits. Excellent product.
  7. I carry the 3 edel wedges. Very good, 50, 54, 58. Weight on Toe end. Based on my Arcoss stats, this is only second behind my putting.
  8. Upgraded my old M5 3W to a new custom Cobra LTDx with Graphic design Shaft. Man!! Does it go a Mile. It was expensive for a 3W but the results off the Tee, Put my mind at ease.
  9. I perfer a thin top line when it get chunky it can be very off putting.
  10. John 42 VA. I grew up playing with old Hickory clubs with friends in fields. One would hit and everyone else were staged to chase the ball so we could find it in the long grass. Then a friend would take his turn. I also played pitch and putt as a KId growing up in Ireland and golf with my Da when I would travel home to IRL. I was dormant for my first few years living in America as times were Hard. My first set were Pro Kennex from Sport Authority. But Now I live in Va and with my current family and professional life I fine more time to Golf. I Stumbled into Custom fitting and Never looked back I custom fit my entire Bag and tinker with everything. I found MGS some years ago and there my go to for reviews and testing and my possible purchases down the road. I Set goals to improve and currently play of 6.5 from 12 with room for improvement. Thanks John
  11. Welcome to the forums Badgermc76 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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