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  1. The MGS golf ball test is an every two year thing. Next one will not be until 2025.
  2. I thought the old Snell balls were made in the Nassau facility that TM bought. I think TM only has a partial stake in Foremost.
  3. I am replacing my 0311 Forged wedges and the new set is going to have to blend with my new Forged Tec X 5-GW irons. I did a wedge specific fitting a week or two ago and weeded out MG4, SM9 and Glide 4.0. The T24 was the surpise (to the fitter - not me) star of the show. They did not have any S23 demos - so they got on the phone with Mizuno and ordered a pair. Should be here Monday - and I will put the T24 and S23s head to head both on Trackman indoors and in real grass/sand outside. 54D and 58C.
  4. I can't remember the last connection issue I've had. My unit was from the pre-order. Still get missed shots from time to time.
  5. I putted with the new 2025 TP5x last night. It felt crazy soft off the putter face. Seemed to roll well.
  6. I spent some time in the garage the other night checking the gap for all my wedges. The unit showed me that there was not much between my GW and SW - while the other gaps were just where I like them. I took my wedges in to my club fitter to have them checked and adjusted - and sure enough the loft on the SW had changed since I had them checked early this year. I had him set all the gaps to 5 degrees and will re-check them on the Rapsodo tonight.
  7. Been beating the new yellow Tour around in the garage simulator for about a month now. Including about a billion wedge shots. There's no doubt that the new yellow is more durable than the old yellow, and probably even the new white. And compared to the durability (IMO) premium ball benchmark, the new yellow Pro V1 - the Tour is more than holding its own. I'd say the Titleist feels noticeably rougher when rolling it around in my hand. As for performance white v yellow - I can't tell a bit of difference.
  8. Interesting. It's completely understandable why folks on a budget would gravitate towards the 0211s - that's a solid value choice. However, my buddy was pretty adamant that very few golfers would benefit from the 0311XP models over the 0311Ps. He said that people think they are more forgiving than the 0311P - but they are not - and the promote a bad delivery of the club face. Seems a shame that the PXG players in your area do not take advantage of the custom fit opportunities. Anyway - for fun I just configured some iron sets - 5-PW - all with MMT shafts 0311P - $1,319.94 ($1,139.94 for vets and 1st responders) - shipped in 10 days P790 - $1,286.94 - shipped 1/17/24 Zx5 - $1,328.69 - 3 week lead time (on the shaft) Club Champion posted a neat video the other day that had these three models (plus Paradym, T350 and JPX HMP) in a head to head. Worth checking out. 2 of the three above were on my short list the last time I bought clubs.
  9. For the record - PXG has one model out of the 6 they sell with a 7i loft of 27 - 0311 XP. My fitter friend (until recently with PXG) all but refused to put anyone in that particular club - and I've never met anyone with them. One is 28 - 0211. The other 4 are between 30 and 33. Curious how their pricing should change. Up or down? With which companies that offer as wide a variety of custom fit options for forged irons - with no upcharge - are they out of line?
  10. The question is about Ball Lab Reports. Different than The recently published 2023 Ball Test. I was asking how bad a Ball Lab report - which deals with the quality of construction - would have to be before you stopped using a particular ball. The Trifli has not been evaluated in the Ball Lab. And probably will not be.
  11. I got 58+ holes out of it before I lost it in the water on 16 this afternoon. Despite the abuse I subjected it to - it looked great and usable right up to the point when it dribbled into the hazzard .... I beat the crap outta that ball .... ... I think the rain affected my judgment today ....
  12. Malfunction Junction at my home course. Par 3 14, Par 5/4 15 and Par 4/5 16 (greens numbered). The majority of the T shots on 15 and 16 land end up in or near the blue circle. So you end up waiting to T off on 15 when guys are hitting their approach shots in on 16 a bunch. That probably more than anything backs up 14. 10 - 13 never seems to be a problem. There's usually a ranger sitting behind the T on 14 and watching the clock during peak play hrs. We've come to expect to have a seat under the tree after 13 and refill our water bottles, etc.
  13. We took 4 hrs 15 minutes to play an unfamiliar course - and I felt like we were the slow ones out there. Felt like 6 hours to me. We could see the guys in front of us on the green - but we didn't have to wait on any T boxes. The guys behind us did - at the second to last hole. They barely finished in the light. Felt like I had to 'fess up ..... Wife and I will play there in a couple of weeks - and I think I'll be able to move us through pretty quickly ....
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