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  1. Bridgestone Tour B X or Titleist Pro V1x are my go-to's. Both have the consistent spin I need for my game around the greens and stopping power with irons in, plus they go miles off the tee with the driver. Bridgestone are normally at a better price point here in NZ but I just shop the sales usually.
  2. I personally prefer the Radda line, I've got a plain maroon colour one and I've got the white/green/orange "Gundam" one. Nice pique cotton material, not the shiny "dri-fit" type, and the cut and fit on them is perfect on me. I don't mind UA ones, FJ are way too big though, sizing is all over the show (I need to try their athletic fit instead I think).
  3. Mizuno Pro 223 4-PW Mizuno T20 50 Callaway PM Grind 19 54 & 60 I love the buttery feeling from the Mizuno irons and wedge. The PM Grinds are so fun to use around the greens and out of bunkers, when I upgrade them I'll likely stick with Callaway, perhaps some in the Jaws Raw or Full Face but I'd be open to trying a more modern Mizuno wedge too.
  4. Picked up a 4i to fill out the top end of my iron set better, Mizuno Pro 223 w/ Modus 3 Tour 115 X shaft. The 5i is so butter and easy to hit I'll replace my 4HY with this baby.
  5. MP223 PW, T20 50 deg, PM Grind 54 deg, and a PM Grind 60 deg.
  6. Nice! I was fit into a set of Mizuno Pro 223's recently too, I've got the Nippon Modus 115 shafts. I also pulled the trigger on a Ventus TR 6X (Red) driver shaft.
  7. Chipping, putting, and bunker warm up only, then some stretching. Don't want to use up all the good shots on the range
  8. TXG and Mark Crossfield on YouTube for golf nerd stuff. Ron Chopper and Golf Mates for the entertainment! On Instagram I've been enjoying Dave Finks, his clips are so succinct and resonate with me for some reason. Daniel Grieve on IG is great for short game stuff too!
  9. Good to know man, I've hit the "1st gen" ZX7 as my playing partner games them and it's hard to argue with the quality of strikes and buttery feel! The Srixon's are at a much better price point here in NZ too, i.e. ~$1000 NZD cheaper per set.
  10. Looking at upgrading my irons, 15+ year old TM RAC's. Really keen on getting fitted into either Mizuno Pro 225 (or even 223) or the Srixon ZX7
  11. I've currently got a 54 & 60 PM Grind 19 in my bag. They are magic around the greens and from bunkers, tough to get used to full approach shots though. I'm keen on trying out a couple of these bad boys in the black plasma finish, I'm thinking a 54-10S "regular" and a 58-08Z full toe...
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