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  1. Have a Titleist Hybrid 14 and love it. I think I would have trouble with less than a 14 way just because I like to have everything in it's place and know at a glance where everything is. Occasionally a playing partner will pick up a wedge or something greenside and put it back in the wrong spot, and I absolutely have to fix it before the next hole.
  2. Maybe Andretti will pick him up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Good Morning All! Finally felt good enough to get a morning workout in again, felt great after the better part of a month off. 29 degrees and busy today, hoping for golf this week may have been ambitious between weather and getting things running for the new year. We will see. Have a great day!
  4. Adding Yoga once a week has been one of the best things I have done for my workout regimen. Having more flexibility is great for my swing, reduces pain from sitting in a chair at the office, and it does a great job building your stabilizing muscles that get neglected otherwise in my experience. Good Luck!
  5. Happy New Years spies! Weather is gloomy today, getting some furniture shopping in, then watching the winter classic this afternoon. Golf later in the week I hope! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Just saw this, it's been an interesting month. I am still back and forth a little bit, but at this point I think the LeanLock will be in my bag for winter play. I have found it is much easier to control when the greens are more unpredicatble and I am getting better results than my Oddysey. I am hoping it translates to some good strokes gained once the seaspn starts for 2024.
  7. Personaly 2023 was a pretty rough year. Had some long term issues from Covid earlier on in the year, then managed to get it again, on top of a lot of family drama that we are still dealing with. Currently dealing with walking pneumonia after week 3 of a respritory infection. That being said, I am finally seeing good results from the PT for my shoulder injury. Also started the process of building a house, which has been an experience! Professionally, we are setting up for 2024 to be a major growth year, looking at opening multiple new stores, and some major shakeups in out staff as we have people retiring and some new people stepping in who are passsionate about our plans. Golf wise, I started to finally see drops in my handicap, getting down to 19. I am seeing real progress in both driving and putting, which were my downfalls through the last year and I have a goal of getting below 15 for next year. Have loved my time on MGS this year, and was grateful to be a tester!
  8. You're asking a different question than is being answered. It isn't about gapping your irons, it's "Am I getting what I should out of this specific club, given my swing speed?" If you swing your 7 at 80MPH, but are only getting the ball 130 yards instead of the ~152 he is calculating, maybe it's time to look at swing mechanics, contact, or iron fit. Having a metric to help determine if you are getting the most out of your investment is very helpful.
  9. Same here! It was a ton of fun testing and getting to try something really new on the market
  10. Driver: Callaway Mavrik. Safe, for now. Working well the last few rounds. 3 Wood: Getting cut, hard to hit well and doesn't fit a gap in the bag. 5 Wood: Mizuno ST-Z. Safe, solid 215 club, easy to hit from the tee, fairway, or rough. Irons: Titleist T300 5-PW. Safe, very safe, easy to hit, long, and fitted new last summer. Wedges: Mizuno T22 52, 56, Vokey 60. Mizuno's safe, Vokey may be leaving by virtue of being a 60, and I have come to terms with it being a liability lately. Putter: LeanLock Blade/ Oddyssey Strokelabs One. Still back and forth, LeanLock has been working better lately. Looking to add a hybrid to my bag to possibly fill out the top between 5 Iron and 5 wood a little better.
  11. Agreed. Have the team go out and defend softly. There were ways to achieve this without vacating the court.
  12. Got around 100 balls at the range today. Started out really rough as I haven't played near enough over the last month. Worked on shallowing out my swing plane and making center contact with the face. After about 40 balls it really started to click, and I felt I was making much better contact with my irons and woods. Finished out hitting full swing with 9-7-5 irons and 5w and driver. Made a good 25 solid dead straight shots and got my driver out to 230 into a decent headwind. Hopefully get to play this weekend and see if I can translate it onto the course.
  13. Had a great range session, worked on a new swing change that is going well.  So obviously going to fall apart the next time I play.

  14. My course uses winter tees that aren't zoysia, and may actually close off the tournament tees, but I'd have to double-check as I never play from them anyway. The course is cart path or walking only between Nov 15 and April 15, and the championship course closes on weekdays for that time period as well.
  15. Awesome, Glad to see this up! Thank you for the testing opportunity!
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