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  1. Oh for sure. For the record I'm not going to be out there firing at pins like Tiger on Sunday. More that instead of mindlessly aiming for the center of the green every time, taking a look at location and picking a target that's at a large area that might be closer to the pin, especially from tighter in. For instance one green is 79 yards deep and has spots where it narrows and widens along it. Rather than just hit for the middle if the pin is all the way up front, I'll aim for the middle part of that front portion.
  2. I've actually been playing pretty well as of late. Realized that including yesterday's round, my handicap scores all come from my last 14 rounds, including the last 4 straight. Got out first by myself yesterday and had a quick little 2 hour 45 minute round to kick off the day, which is always great. 47/43 = 90 (+18) 5/14 FIR (36%) 8/18 GIR (44%) [6 of last 8] 41 putts (1 4-putt, 4 3-putts, 12 2-putts, 1 1-putt) "Highlight": My previous two rounds I shot 91 both times with a 10 on #5 both times. The hole is just a nightmare par 5 with a tricky tee shot and then narrow fairway with danger on both sides. Goal this time was to not card a 10 and made it through with a tidy 6! Room to improve: Something I realized about midway through the round is that I may need to get SLIGHTLY more aggressive going after pins. Especially on these courses where the greens are HUGE compared to other courses I've been playing. Previously I could play for the middle of each green and be left with a decent putt. Here there are some greens where if the flag is tucked deep one side, and I play for my miss on the other but hit it well, I could be left with a 50 yard putt. On the back 9 I started trying to make adjustments to still play to the bigger areas of the green, but trust more my ability to get somewhat close and saw that paying off.
  3. I'm actually looking at selling my BirdieBall puttup and I'm really bummed about it lol. Got it for Christmas and it's an incredible putting mat but with my wife and I living in a 2 bedroom townhouse, just don't really have the space to use it consistently, which is unfortunate. Whenever we get to a bigger spot with some more space, I'll definitely invest in one again.
  4. I’m sure there are probably other threads on this but I couldn’t find them. What are the effects of adding weight to putter grip and head? I have a weight kit for my KS1 where I can add 50g weight to the grip and can change the standard 10g weights (two in the head) to 15 or 20g. What would this effect for my putting?
  5. The thought crossed my mind and if I had any confidence in my ability to not take a chunk out of the green in the process, I definitely would have given it a go. Instead I just settled for putting up and around the bend as much as possible.
  6. 46/45 = 91 (+19) 6/14 FIR (43%) 8/18 GIR (44%) 42 putts (1 4-putt, 6 3-putts, 9 2-putts, 2 1-putts) Highlight: Still using 3-wood off the tee the majority of the time as I work to tame the driver on the range and work it in occasionally. On a par 5 and stripe a 3-wood off the tee and left with ~240 to the center so I decide to have a go with 3-wood from the fairway. Don't see it at all, but felt like I hit it well so I decide to drive up and look. I crest the hill and see my ball sitting just on the edge of the green in 2 with absolutely no look at the hole for eagle! Lol.
  7. I picked up this one on amazon for $15. Good reviews and has been good for me.
  8. That was the big obstacle for me. When I first started playing I would use the "track shots" feature to find about how long I was hitting each club but once I got a MLM I didn't really have the need for that. I tried strokes gained a few times and would either forget to track shots or, if you're playing with a group, it's a bit cumbersome to remember to track each shot, especially around the green. However, now that I'm playing more in general, and especially more by myself, it definitely might be more doable when I'm alone and not holding others up walking back to the spot of my original putt to mark where I took my putt from.
  9. How do you think they'd feel about those graphite shafts you're using??
  10. Got out on this warm afternoon for a round with a buddy. Guy I play with the most who started playing around the same time and most similar game. First time I think we've both shot in the 80's during the same round with him shooting a best of 84 and me one off my best round with an 86 43/43 = 86 (+16) 1/14 FIR (7%) 7/18 GIR (39%) 36 putts (3 3-putts, 12 2-putts, 3 1-putts) Highlight: On the last hole I was left of the fairway just up against the outside edge of some trees and decided rather than punching out to try to open up my club face and fade (slice) a PW up and over and ended up just off the front. Highlight was probably my buddy's 3 hole birdie streak which all included birdie putts over 10 feet.
  11. Got out for a last minute twilight round. Started off pretty rough but got it together on the back nine. Really started striking the ball well. Played the first 5 in +11 and the remaining 13 in +8. 50/41 = 91 (+19) 6/14 FIR (43%) 6/18 GIR (33%) 36 putts (4 3-putts, 10 2-putts, 4 1-putts) Highlight: Pretty sure it's my first round with 2 birdies. First was following a rough drive I hit a 145 9-iron from the end of the driving range over a line of trees to about 6 feet. Second was a "no pictures on scorecards" on the shortest par 4 on the course drop kicked my drive barely into the fairway, hit a mediocre knock down PW to the center of the green then sunk a 50 foot winding putt that probably would've gone 15 feet by if it hadn't hit the pin and dropped. Also came about a foot from dunking a hole in one.
  12. If the TSi doesn't work out let me know. Might pair well with my Driver and 3-wood
  13. Got out for a couple rounds on two very different courses: Round 1: Pretty easy, straight forward course. Was humming along through 5 until back to back triples on two of the easiest holes sunk the round. 47/44 = 91 (+21) 5/14 FIR (36%) 2/18 GIR (11%) 32 putts (1 3-putt, 12 2-putts, 5 1-putts) Highlight: Everyone could say this after most rounds but was just a few shots away from scoring really well. Triple after a drive 60 yards out, triple on a drive that barely creeped OB, double on a bladed gap wedge (that I dropped and hit another to 10 feet) Round 2: Completely different animal of a course at the club I just joined and going to take some getting used to. Longer, Much more unique holes. The greens are huge and diabolical. Going to need to adjust play/aiming due to the size of the greens as hitting the green here would probably still be a decent length chip at most other courses. 49/49 = 98 (+27) 7/14 (50%) 6/18 (33%) 43 putts (1 4-putt, 5 3-putts, 12 2-putts) Highlight: There's a really short par 4 where you can cut a corner and drive the green pretty easily. Put one dead center of the green. Then I 3-putted for par, but having an eagle putt might have been a first for me.
  14. One thing I'd say is rather than awkwardly try to guess and feel how they're going to play (in order, ready golf, etc) it's easier to just ask those things up front for the round. I've played as a single paired up with folks and lots of times play as a pair paired up with a random pair and have found it a lot more at ease to just introduce myself, tell them I typically shoot in the 90's, and tell them I'm up for however they want the round to be and ask if they like to stick closer to the "norms" or more casual. Has made the first few holes much more comfortable to know.
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