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  1. My wife and I are looking to head down to Florida with a couple of friends the week of March 27th-April 3rd. The goal is to get somewhere warm and just relax and play some golf. Would love to be near the beach or at a place inland that has access to a pool (either private or at a spacious shared spot). Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here if anyone had anything available they were looking to rent to some responsible adults for the week. Appreciate any leads.
  2. FWIW for you I got fit for a set of T300s on Dec 31st and at that point the fitter said the to prepare for longer lead times but they'd been coming down and I got them in exactly a month from my fitting.
  3. 90% of the time I'm hitting off a mat into a net in my driveway so it doesn't really matter much. I do have an old set of Wilson blades that I'll hit on occasion because I feel like it helps my ball striking to hit the less forgiving clubs for a session.
  4. I would definitely suggest getting fit but would echo finding the best fitter you can find locally. Ask some folks you know who have been fitted about their experience, go comb through google reviews. The store I went to had great reviews in general and for fitting but scrolling through I kept seeing one guy's name pop up over and over again so I made sure to book with him and had a fantastic experience.
  5. Man, this is really useful, thank you! I'm definitely leaning towards the CBX. I've seen a couple spots online where I could customize the specs on a CBX2. Do you think I would be good matching the same shaft, length, lie angle with that as the rest of the bag or it would need something different? I know nothing when it comes to the specifics on shafts with wedges especially.
  6. I picked this wedge up on FB as a stand in for my new set while I find the right club to fill out the bag. It's an older Vokey so doesn't have grind listed and as a newbie to the game (and especially equipment) I have no clue how to figure out what grind it is. Anybody care to help? Let me know if pictures from a different angle would be more advantageous.
  7. I think most of the apps have some sort of watch accessibility. The only thing that could be an issue is if you're using an older generation apple watch. I have a gen 2 and 18 birdies is really rough getting anything up and going on there for me.
  8. Really appreciate the feedback. I feel like I've seen a ton about the CBX2 and how easy it is to hit with confidence. As a newer golfer, anything inside of 100 yards is absolute no mans land for me having not had a ton of practice on feel with different clubs. Having something that would allow full swing from around that distance (carry my 53* wedge around 100 at the moment) and versatility to work with touch around the green would be incredible. And I'll reach out to the guy who did my iron fitting about best fit for wedge. Irons were +1" and 3* upright but I've read some stuff about wedges n
  9. Just looking for a 58* to finish out the bag and deciding between SM7 58.12 w/ a D grind and CBX2 58.10. I'm looking for club that combines versatility and ease to hit (know those don't always go hand in hand) as I'm looking for a club mostly to learn to work with around the green. I've seen folks talk about the CBX2 being easy to hit and got to the 58.12 D through the wedge selector but figured it was worth asking if anyone has any experience. Side note: If anyone has used the jet black vokey wedges, does the finish wear off pretty quickly or hang on. Love the look but don't want it showing c
  10. Just started played in October and I ended the year at about a 29 unofficial (18birdies) handicap with about a dozen rounds. I sold a bunch of stuff on FB to finance getting fitted for a whole new bag and here are goals for 2021: Break 100 Break 90 Break 80 Cut handicap in half (<15) [currently 22.6] Make an eagle Average driving distance by end of year > 250 Play 5 new courses [1/5 so far] Round with no 3 putts Round with no double bogeys Play once a week(or 52 rounds) [4/52] Average <$20/round [$17/round so far]
  11. I'm pretty new to golf in general, especially specifics for equipment. Recently got fitted for new clubs through the whole bag and getting used to hitting TSi2 driver and TSi3 3-wood. Working slowly on reigning in a wicked slice off the tee so have been mostly playing 3-wood off the tee while I work on the driver during practice sessions to at least get closer to the fairway. Last week I played 27 holes using 3W off the tee the whole time and hit highest % of fairways I've hit and with a very even dispersion of misses left and right (which is highly unusual for me as I'm normally always right)
  12. I'll be honest, I had no idea this was a rule until just now so I appreciate that info! I prefer to putt with a ball with 3 lines on it to help with alignment but get a little distracted when playing that ball through the rest of the course and assumed since you can mark and replace on the green, using a different ball was fine. Probably saved me an embarrassing interaction in the future. Appreciate it!
  13. As I've just started playing the last few months, I like playing with a brighter color ball (normally yellow) around most of the course but prefer the look of a traditional white ball while putting. Also have considered a sleeve of nicer balls for putting for better feel without the risk of losing them. Wondering if anybody else out there is weird like me or if I'm all alone on this one?
  14. Good morning all! I'm looking for a cheaper, but quality push/pull cart that someone is looking to get rid of. Looking at taking advantage of a couple programs at local courses that allow walking for much cheaper so if anyone is looking to get ride of push/pull cart, let me know. Thanks so much! (I'm also newer here so if this type of post isn't allowed here, please just delete!)
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