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  1. Here are some ideas on how to record and what you what you should be looking for regarding ball roll. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK1u6TuFDPk/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/CRPGB06lqe_/?hl=en
  2. Maybe do a hard reset; I found that doing that helped the battery life on my h4 or maybe it was just becuase I was using it more.
  3. It is a good morning in my household. My daughter took her nurse licensing exam on Friday and was able to look up her results this morning and she PASSED!!!!
  4. As usual putters. Went to the golf store today to see if they had anything new in their used club section. Didn't see anything that I could live without, but tried a few shorter putters and liked the feel so I came home and cut down a putter to see how it works.
  5. Makes me want to go there again. Going to climb Diamond Head?
  6. Seems to be doing pretty well so far. Stellar amateur career but for me the big question is can she close it out; I recall she seems to struggle in final rounds. Augusta Women's am comes to mind - 5 shot lead but had to win in playoff. Amateur success doesn't always translate to professional success but she seems to be a true talent that will do well.
  7. Great round and congrats on breaking 80!
  8. IMO, getting the distance to the flag is basic golf fundamental and the detailed yardage books make it easy. During the PGA he simply played some of the best golf he has ever played. I think caddies are more there for mental support than simply getting a yardage. Rangefinders only give a portion of the information needed to determine shots. Block played week simply because he was able to execute golf shots at a high level.
  9. The MGS ball test is probably the closest you will come. Based on your scenario my thought would be aerodynamics as that is the feature the helps maintain the spin and trajectory of the ball as it moves through the air/wind.
  10. Have you hit them and did you see any difference or improvement i personally would always recommend graphite as a first choice option.
  11. Having hit a lot of clubs as part of most wanted testing, I would say the quality of DTC is equivalent to major OEM. Consideration for purchase has a lot of factors to consider. If purchase cost is a consideration, then go DTC. If fitting is a consideration it is easier to do major OEM, but DTC does provide options. If resale value is a consideration, then go major OEM. some DTC brands leverage generic models and then tweak to what they want so you could say many come from the same “factory”. PXG, for example, does their own thing. the other consideration is shaft options and what shafts are offered if you want a full build, some DTC sell head only so you can pick your own shaft and do better fitting.
  12. I think it is a combination of both and ties to how you launch the ball. Basically you have to find the balance point which is different for each golfer.
  13. This is why these discussions are so interesting. It never crossed my mind that someone would think they needed to fit the ball beside the flag. I always attempt to hit the flag dead center and have the ball drop right in front of the stick. This is why mental approach is a huge part of the game.
  14. I’m confused. They are testing both balls in the ball test. Or are you faulting TM for being a bad OEM and failing to improve a ball that seems to be one of the best?
  15. What you are discussing is basically the lessons vs fitting topic that comes up often. What you have done is adjusted clubs to compensate for what you are doing in your swing and in your opinion have gotten acceptable results. The counter to that is could lessons have fixed your swing to fix ball flight AND provided additional benefits like more distance. You talked to golf pros and they teach lessons so of course that is going to be the path they choose for improvement. A fitter may have adjusted your clubs and still recommended lessons. Either way, you are happy and it is providing you the motivation to practice.
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