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  1. Horrible round yesterday, shot 49/48:97, but I did have a birdie on th3 second easiest hole. Just could not get in the groove, especially on the bumpy punched greens. Two mor3 weeks befor3 they are back to normal. Variegating again this week.
  2. Got home yesterday from a round at my club…..only to find that the par 5 #14 hole did not register anything. So I set about adding the shots. SS missed an entire hole in the middle of my round!
  3. So what say we change Robs handle from Golfspy_GG2 to Golfspy_ACE
  4. Tuesday I shot a 45/48:93 so so day, got tired on back nine. Today was different however, same course, different result. I shot a 46/41:87 with 4 GIRs in a row and Four Pars in a row! (#9-#12).
  5. You probably will get very little for them, so try something like Play it Again Sports. They will sell on consignment or cash outright. Then if you take a credit you will get more.
  6. Is your fiance's maiden name Cobra, Ping or Titleist?....LOL
  7. I thought that was your garage….
  8. Indoor putting today. Have a 6 ft auto ball return and a 3 ft Putt Out set up in my family room……must say I have gotten pretty good at the Putt Out.
  9. A few more pics of my package…. Can’t wait to try them out on Tuesday.
  10. Nope, have not tried them. If you are looking for valued added golf balls, try th3 best ball not named Titleist…….Maxfli Tour CG. You can get them for $30/dozen fron Dicks or Golf Galaxy.
  11. There may or may not have been a 5W and 7W 0211 with Evenflo Riptide shafts in the previous pictures.
  12. $240 Gift Card to my club for just $200. Can be used in restaurant or pro shop.
  13. Played with my Grandson-in-law and his Dad today at Silverado in Zephyrhills, FL……We played the White tees at 5,827 yards. I shot 39/40:79 with 2 birdies, #1 336 yd Par 4 & # 16 381 yd Par 4. Great day even with heat index over 100*.
  14. Thanks, I hit the T-series irons at the PGA Superstore this week and selected the T300 5-GW with Fubuki Senior Shafts.
  15. Well, here it is a year later. Recently I changed out the Zipcores for Hogan Tk-15 because of the shaft weight. Getting older and trying to play golf don’t mix very well. I am think8ng about changing the shafts fo4 zips to a lighter shaft.
  16. No cure, just a royal PITA …….the sound I get is like a field of crickets constantly making noise. I play music to balance it out.
  17. Looks like I’m getting the T300’s for winning the US Open pool. Gonna get the Fubuki Senior shaft.
  18. After looking at the Titleist T400’s I don’t understand why they were not included in the Most Wanted SGI irons.
  19. Here’s my Sun blocker…..
  20. My home club, Plantation Palms GC, punched the greens last week, so today the back 9 was closed for top dressing. We played the front twice……shot 45/41: 86. Hit 5/7 FIRs the first round then 7/9 the second time. PXG 0211 driver was behaving today. Finished both 9’s with 26 putts.
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