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  1. Congratulations to RevKev! I won't lie, there have been a few others who went neck and neck with Rev in terms of fitting the mold of Member of the Month, but in the end Rev's been doing just that for a long time and it's about time he gets his recognition. To the other members that were really close to being selected, start a few more topics and get the discussions going and your name will be on top in October! Each month we'll pick a member to be our member of the month and they'll get to use a special avatar to show off their accomplishment. The MGS Member of the Month isn't abou
  2. Would love to see something to compete directly with the Tour AD-DI with it's mid/high launch low spin and different choices in weight, ranging from 60-80 for woods and 80-105 for hybrids.
  3. It's being worked on. I've had a lot of unexpected real world stuff recently, but it's being worked on and I'll be around more often soon.
  4. Just placed an order for one. Would really help my son if it does everything it says. Plus $20 is cheap for a training aid.
  5. Also, Mark, please share what you and Ace of Clubs decide on for your prize
  6. Congratulations to Markb! Mark's been extremely active on the forums, participating in the Scor GW/PW member review on his own dime and participating in countless other topics. Each month we'll pick a member to be our member of the month and they'll get to use a special avatar to show off their accomplishment. The MGS Member of the Month isn't about who has the most posts. In the past we had a member post a simple "Why I don't like Bubba" thread that exploded. Helping answer questions, creating new discussions and participating in others, being open to other's viewpoints, making new me
  7. $20 from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Putting-Aid-Golf-Alignment-Compatible/dp/B00LR0AKH0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409766534&sr=8-1&keywords=tiba+putt
  8. May pick one up for my son who's an awful awful putter. Poor kid wanted a par so badly the other day only to miss a 4 footer. I can see all the time his face angle is open or closed, but I'll get scolded if I tell him on the course. $25 ain't bad at all! Great writeup Dan!
  9. This is exactly why these tests run for so long Great feedback Mark!
  10. Enjoy them! Hard to go wrong with most any product out there, especially if you get a good deal.
  11. In seventh grade I moved to a new town and made a friend who turned out to be a rotten apple. I didn't really know it at the time, but once at my house he randomly offered to give me money. I thought it was strange and refused. Turned out he had stolen my brother's gameboy, which we luckily got back. Why does this feel like Ping is doing something similar?
  12. I've hit the R11 irons. I'd recommend the Rocketbladez honestly, but make sure if you get them you like the weight. The stock shaft is fairly light. A buddy bought his set for roughly $300 used. The Speedbladez are still considered a newer release and if you're looking for a custom set, that's definitely a good choice. The main differences between the Speedbladez and Rocketbladez is the sound they produce as far as I can tell.
  13. In fairness the Japanese version wasn't released in the states. Kinda like TM did with the Gloire. As for the blades, how much technology really goes into a blade? Does that particular market segment want some innovative technology or are they content with things as is? One difference I see is the weight on the Apex appears a bit higher. That might affect the sweet spot depending on how the rest of the mass is spread.
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