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  1. Off to Ireland tomorrow for 10 day business trip - bringing my golf clubs! Yahoo!

  2. Strange that you are a 5 and you would think that a line on a ball is a violation of the rule. IMHO, No there is not an issue that you are not seeing and I'm scratching my head on this one.
  3. I give up - I'm driving down to Iowa where the golf courses don't have snow this weekend!

  4. If I drank 5 bottles of water in a round, I'd have to stop by 5 trees.
  5. I think he's perfectly qualified, but doesn't click with me. i enjoy watching Mark Crossfield the most.
  6. Bought a QOD electric last month, but nothing but snow here since then. I picked the QOD after talking to guys that hated fiddling with the remotes. This one you use your hands like a push cart to steer it, but it's electric. Don't know yet if I'll regret that or not, but we'll see!
  7. I got to review a putter a few years ago, but hadn't the time to really be able to devote to doing a quality review since then (big promotion at work - lucky me). Now that I've settled into the executive ranks and don't work ridiculous hours anymore, maybe I'll start throwing my hat into the ring again and stop being such a lurker.
  8. That may get me to buy it finally. I'll keep my eyes out. Thanks for the info!
  9. Attorneys soon to be involved again, I'm sure. I picked up two 24 packs of the 4 piece balls and they got delivered this week. If I hate them, I'll give them away to golf buddies as novelties. Unfortunately, we got a foot of snow this weekend, so it's going to be awhile...
  10. When is the snow going to end?!!!!

    1. Golfzilla2069


      Apparently not today! MNSucks!

  11. That is such a cool idea - thanks for sharing! I'm going to try that on some of my old clubs for practice first.
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