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  1. 5 rounds in the books since wednesday... Striking the ball well, though after the long Minnesota winter I'm finding my putting is sad. Shot what was a mostly solidly struck 87 today at ASU Karsten course, with 37 putts... yeah, that's right. 37. The number of birdies that I turned into bogies was disgusting. As far as I'm concerned, playing the same ball through 18 holes is exciting enough.
  2. I'm here because I need to be reminded that it's not THAT unnatural to be this much of a golf nerd.
  3. You're trying to fill the same gap that I am, sort of. I actually picked up a Covert Tour hybrid that's adjusts between 17* and 21*. I have it at 19, but I'm almost considering setting it to 21* to replace a 4 iron to gain some distance and then fill the gap above it with a 5 wood.
  4. Somebody please confiscate my eBay account... I just bought two sets of Australian Blades.

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    2. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Wannantrade one?


      F&G's My Friend,


    3. hckymeyer


      Gotta love the MN winter Ho season!!

    4. Paul S

      Paul S

      Actually, sure Richard. The first set came in today and I hit them for a couple hours and decided that they may be one the best sets of blades I've ever played. They were stunningly excellent. I won't need two sets though, so yeah, shoot me a message if there's anything you'd trade for them.

  5. R.I.P. Minnesota Golf Season - It's been a fun couple of months.

    1. hckymeyer


      It's ain't over yet!! Played on Friday and I'm thinking I'll get out tomorrow as well.

    2. Hula Rock

      Hula Rock

      Ya'll are always welcome to my Casa in Texas. Pretty nice hear


  6. Did I just figure out my personal secret for putting consistently? Yup!

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    2. Aotearoa_Brad


      he's writing the book first Theoo!

    3. Paul S

      Paul S

      Of course. I used to constantly try to keep my right arm as straight as possible, thinking that it would eliminate the variable of my elbow. Now I'm a little closer to the ball and I keep my elbows both bent. Contact is much more consistent and after literally millions of carpet putts, almost every putt is dead straight.

    4. Paul S

      Paul S

      Like I said though, it may just be a personal thing. Who knows who it may work for.


      Hopefully I can elevate my putting by Saturday when I play with ol' Zinger.

  7. After 4 really rough holes, I was only +3 through the final 14. THAT is promising.
  8. I made a small, but apparently crucial swing change in my living room last night in my backswing rotation and it translated to my best round of the year this evening. I took a few holes to adjust to it, but shot 43-38 for an 81 with the last three holes past sunset. What's even more is that I rattled off 7 straight pars to end the night. I've never had that kind of a roll going. I am finally back to smoking the driver pretty well, so I'm finding myself hitting waaay more greens in regulation. Hopefully I can keep this rolling!
  9. I just broke my personal record by playing 48 holes today. Whoa.

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    2. hckymeyer


      Nice work! I did 45 this year, but last year I had a couple of 54's

    3. hckymeyer


      I should add that doubly impressive this late in the season. Mine were in June when we can play til 9:30


    4. Paul S

      Paul S

      yeah we started at 8:38 a.m. and the cart girl started her shift after we teed off and left before us...

  10. Whoever does the pin placements at hckymeyer's home course is a diabolical genius who must have had a pretty serious fight with his or her spouse last night...

    1. Mr_Theoo
    2. Paul S

      Paul S

      they were pretty wild. fun... but wild

  11. Did anyone else just see them show/talk about a picture on twitter from ANGRYGOLFHULK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  12. Everybody check out the Fantasy Football thread in Everything Else. We want to get things nailed down soon for the upcoming season. There will most likely be a buy in, judging from current expressed interest.

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