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  1. I was really pulling for Rickie before the season, and watching him do so well in the majors this year has been a lot of fun to watch. I was hoping he'd win this one, but it's clearly only a matter of time now. That was a great back nine by Rory though. Good to see him return to dominance too.
  2. Thank you all so much! I've really enjoyed this group of people here, especially those of us here in Minnesota, and I was honored to even have a some MGS representation at my wedding! The support here is phenomenal, and I'm extremely grateful!
  3. Well, even though I love the Pro Gear CG 100 putter, I sometimes wish that I had a blade putter for a bit more stability. I tried a Metal X Mid that was cut to 35" and counterbalanced, but it was face-balanced and probably a hair too heavy to really work for me. So… I traded up. I kept the CG 100, but I noticed the most awesome putter ever at 2ndSwing and it might just be the perfect blend of quality, roll, weight, balance, and looks. Without further ado - the mint condition Yes! Abbie Tour Forged. It's similar to a Callie, except for the slant neck. It's forged, and CNC Milled, and the head feels like it's around the 355gram range. It has unmatched feel and roll, and I haven't been this excited about a new club in a long time. It also wears the BestGrips puttershoe nicely, and a BestGrips putter grip is on it's way now from Zach. Can't wait!!!
  4. Paul S

    SLDR irons

    I hate to admit it to myself, but I really like the Tour Preferred, and I really LOVE these.
  5. Yeay if they bring it to production I'll have a hard time resisting, even though I already have a few.
  6. Looking forward to more great LPGA golf this week!
  7. That is one of the best lines I've read lately. I really like that attitude off the tee.
  8. The LPGA is about as fun to watch as the PGA is to me. They're just so good.
  9. If I hit it dead straight, it's probably not going to go where I was hoping. I love trying to move the ball, and the satisfaction of getting it right is awesome. The word "trying" would be the operative word though. In reality, I will TRY to shape shots, but if I'm not able to control it, and it's obvious that that's the kind of round it will be, I'll try to default to a draw. In the end, I get a huge kick out of executing when I'm trying to shape the ball, but sometimes I run into trouble. In trouble, my biggest mistake is not having a good feel for a fade. It's very easy to over cook that shot and end up right. One of the biggest things I've learned though, is that it's extremely important to shift the ball position in addition to changing the swing to get quality contact. I really just like the creativity that shaping shots brings to the game.
  10. Fun place, I've been through there a few times for work. I've never golfed there though.
  11. All things aviation for me. I'm just dumb enough to have the one hobby more expensive than golf.
  12. It's really good to see her playing so well again!
  13. All I know is that I tried to implement the Lee Comeaux swing and it did so much damage to my game that I almost wasn't sure I could revert back to normal. Thankfully I was able to and I'm back to a really solid and repeatable swing. I'm sure that his method works, but it clearly cannot be self taught. To that end, I think that a great golf swing can be self taught through understanding a small bit of the physics behind the swing and a healthy feel for what you're doing in your own swing. We're all going to swing differently, and to a certain extent we all need to learn how to make it work on our own.
  14. How has Tommy Boy not been mentioned yet?!?!
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