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  1. I agree with this. But to determine whether any of the sub-$500 LM's would be any use we need to know how accurate/inaccurate they are. Would bet they aren't 10-15 yds off on a 100 yd shot. But if they were, then they definitely aren't useful. If they were 2.5yds off? Plenty good enough for lots of purposes. 5 yds off? Maybe not for dialing in wedges, but for understanding the distances of your other clubs. Looking at it from the other direction, what is the good reason for NOT sharing the data on how accurate they are and what the differences in their accuracy is? C'mon MyGolfSpy, give up the goods!
  2. So....... If you initiate your Arccos Caddie app account through the PING stream and don't sign up for the annual subscription, your use of the app will end. To be clear all functionality of the app ends, not just the caddie (club recommendation) features. if you open an Arccos account and select the "bought sensors" stream (rather than PING or Cobra) you will have the normal (free) Arccos Caddie app to use with your sensors. No credit card is required.
  3. Dec 31 or while supplies last
  4. For those of you have set up your sensors on the app, did you have to provide a credit card number? If so, does it show up in your online account?
  5. My 2 cents.... I bought a used set of the original Arccos sensors. They did a good job of picking up shots (they were not light activated). But having my phone in my pocket was not for me. Tried putting the app on a smaller phone but it was too old for their app. So I stopped using them. The other reason I stopped using them was I got a set of Skygolf game tracker sensors. They had a thing you put on your belt to register each club before you used it, which seemed much better for me than the phone in the pocket. For the life of me I could not get it to work. They sent a replacement and it wouldn't work either. So I bought a ShotScope v2. I really like it. The watch is not attractive but I don't find it a problem or obtrusive. I like having the front/middle/back yardages (as well as hazards) on my wrist. With that and my Bushnell rangefinder I get everything I need. I have trouble remembering to mark the pin placements but it is very easy to do. Just need to build the habit. I find editing the round afterwards easy. I've had 2 support issues and both were resolved very well. One was a mapping issue on my course. The other was a faulty seal on my watch (fogged up after a round in the rain). They acknowledged the issue and sent me a new watch promptly. It seems most of the differences of opinion boil down primarily to whether you prefer the phone in your pocket or watch on your wrist. When the Arccos offer for free sensors came up I jumped on it. I haven't used the sensors yet but am wondering why I did that since I still don't want a phone in my pocket! Just got caught up in the "Free" I guess.
  6. As long as the phone isn't too old for the latest Arccos app. I ran into that issue with an older Android phone that I wanted to use this way.
  7. You can get the Arccos Caddie Link which clips to your belt to register the shots instead of using your phone. They are Out of Stock now but are listed as selling for $79. https://www.arccosgolf.com/collections/arccos-products/products/5c34ea380a7ca01300dfcf61
  8. I have Shotscope but have ordered these to try. I had the original Arccos product but stopped using it because you had to carry your phone in your pocket to work with the sensors and that ended up being a no-go for me. With the Shotscope you have a GPS watch that also detects the shots. Their recommendation to take a practice swing was a non-issue for me as I always take one. HOWEVER, after ordering these I saw a tweet indicating that if you buy the Arccos sensors you get the App for FREE. PING/Arccos is giving away the sensors but after 90 days you have to subscribe to the Arccos app for $100/yr. Are the Arccos sensors useless without the Arccos Caddie app or is there a version of the Arccos app that doesn't use the Caddie info?
  9. Good video review of the SC300 vs Trackman:
  10. How do you date them? Flatter them, find out what you have in common, and eventually ask them out for coffee or drinks?
  11. Just popped open my last sleeve yesterday.
  12. Jim418

    Nike RZN Black

    Hey Costco, I've got an idea where you can get a great ball design......
  13. But the torque force will be very small because the distance from the middle of a center-shafted putter is very small, right? I'm really curious of the physics behind TXG Ian's comments. In a simplistic way, heel-shafted face balanced putters are mimicking center-shafted because the weighting is designed to be balanced around the center of the face. If you turn the grip of either putter 2* open, I THINK the toe of each putter will move the same amount because both are rotating around the center of the putter. Having said that, I know that physics isn't simple and there well may be other factors that make a heel-shafted face balanced putter behave differently. And I'm interested in understanding why it would behave differently than a center-shafted face balanced putter.
  14. As MyGolfSpy has "bumped" their review of mallet putters, thought it would be a good time to bump this ad!
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