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  1. I just added a white stripe with a single red line to my TM Spider S (black). I have a matching single red line on my ball. Initially I was distracted by the stripe on the putter but once I got into the routine of lining up the two red lines, then moved to really focusing on the ball, things went much better. If it keeps working well I'll make the stripe+line permanent with paint.
  2. Jim418

    Claw Grip

    Nice. I switched to the claw out of necessity. On the practice green of Royal Dornach (bucket list course), my right hand was flinching at impact. Have had my best putting of my life since I changed. Reduced my pulls to the left. I found the Superstroke Pistol GT putter grip great for using the claw. They also have a "Claw" putter grip. https://superstrokeusa.com/product-category/putter-grip/
  3. So this is what I did. Really like the look of it. I have the same single red line on my ball. Only played 27 holes with it but they were my best rounds this year. Initially the line on the putter was distracting. Found I was looking at the putter and the ball which didn't work well once I took my backswing. But once I got into a routine of lining up the putter head with the ball, then focusing only on the ball when it was time to swing, it worked really well. If it continues, I'll remove the sticker and paint the line on.
  4. Not all of us. I started using a TM Spider Tour S last fall. I have never liked the look of them but whenever I tried a friends, boy did it roll well. So I invested $56 in a Ghost version off ebay to give one a try, sanded it down and painted it black. (it was white and badly chipped up) Still don't like the look of it but it doesn't bother me a bit because it works GREAT for me.
  5. I just drilled a hole in the top of the grip beside the metal plug (far enough away to not damage the plug/thread) and screwed in the tag. Works great. One thing to be aware of if you are considering cutting off the screw and gluing the tag to your putter: The putter tag is unique. You can't substitute a different tag as your putter tag if you change putters.
  6. Jim418

    Pyramid Putter

    To me it looks like an attempt at semi-circular grooves of the Yes! putter but without violating any of their patents.
  7. I'm going to try putting an alignment "stripe" on my black TM Spider S. Going to start with a 1" white stripe with a red line to match up with my ball. If I like it I will paint it on permanently. But in the course of looking for options I ran across this offering on ebay for a TT vinyl sticker. He has options for a white stripe (for coloured putters) or clear (for white putters or 2-ball). Seems like a cheap way to convert your existing mallet to TT (I'm assuming the superior performance of the Odyssey TT was mostly about the TT stripe vs that specific putter design). https://www.ebay.com/itm/233497245528?ul_noapp=true
  8. I did a PXG fitting a number of months ago, and all they can compare their clubs to are the ones you bring with you (typically the clubs you're using). After all the point of a fitting is how the clubs perform for YOU, not how they performed for a reviewer no matter how thorough they are. MyGolfSpy does extensive testing and then says "go get fit", right? PXG got data from hitting my current 7-rion and measured the specs of my existing clubs. Then tried various combos to find something better.
  9. My home course finally opened up today, Cataraqui in Kingston Ontario (first day courses could be open on Ontario). Got the sixth tee time. Aced the second hole. 187 yards. Third hole in one. Second time I've aced that hole in 3 years
  10. Been looking at hitting surfaces and my budget. I've had elbow issues in the past so I need to be careful of mats that are too hard or "sticky". Thinking about giving this a go: https://www.synlawngolf.ca/shop/synbermuda-211/ Costs CDN$9/ sq ft I'd get a 2' x 3' piece for the hitting area. Also looked at their Tee Strike product which looks a lot like Country Club Elite but I've read some reviews where players found the Country Club product a bit sticky which would not be good for my elbows. https://www.synlawngolf.ca/shop/synlawn-tee-strike/ Both of those products are rated as their most durable. Comments?
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I can't say that I'd be able to feel a hook or slice, which is basically my concern. I'm working on getting my hands more forward at impact, so I'm hoping I can groove that by swinging at 60% and video. All the components are on order so we'll see how it goes. Partly doing this as the next best alternative because my club will not be opening its range initially and it may be closed for a while apparently. That would really suck.
  12. Here's my concern with using a net: I use it to hit balls and groove a bad swing. I feel like it will be difficult to use it productively when I don't have any idea where the ball would have gone to help diagnose my problems. Comments?
  13. Rick Sheils review of the Callaway/Costco set:
  14. FYI, if you got Arccos sensors through PING your free trial ended yesterday and they likely billed you for the $99 annual subscription yesterday. Just noticed it on my card. I contacted them at starter@arccosgolf.com and they promptly reversed it.
  15. Jim418

    New Irons...

    PXG 0211 irons are now $125/club with their 3 standard shafts. Down to a price comparable to other top level irons. Worth checking out if there is a PXG fitter in your area.
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