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  1. I agree with your comments about the Vice Ball and Snell. It is my understanding that the original Kirkland 4-piece ball was made by Nassau Golf Co which is the same plant that makes the Snell ball. So one might expect quality control to be similar between the Kirkland original and Snell balls.
  2. Jim from Kingston, Ontario Canada. Hdcp = 4 Have never used a putting training device. Just tees a different distances (12 at 3' around the hole, 5 at 5') Additional info: Am on the DL with an elbow injury and looking to work on my short game while the elbow heals. I could desperately use something to make my putting practice entertaining as well as productive.
  3. I like the flag in for long putts but otherwise out. I have had one putt with the flag in that was rejected that I'm sure would have gone in without the flag. I don't like picking the ball out with the flag in. I'm also finding that we have to constantly ask everyone on every putt on every green: In or Out. Don't like that at all. Once we take it out, it stays out, but until then it is a PITA. It feels like it is slowing things down. And when we get to a Club Championship I can foresee the pin going back in after it has been taken out. Not going to like that.
  4. As the launch monitors predict ball flight rather than measure it, I don't think they take into account the ball aerodynamics. If one ball had a dimple pattern that made it stay in the air longer (all else being equal) I'm not sure the launch monitor would include that difference.
  5. Was all the ball data based on launch monitor data which is a predicted result based on launch conditions? Or did MGS actually measure shot distance and dispersion? (I viewed the "how we tested" video and I don't think it mentioned it). Thanks.
  6. Sorry of the delay in responding. Have updated my notification settings. Yes it is still for sale. The Tour version of this putter is #2 in the Most Wanted Mallet list! https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-mallet-putter/ ...Jim
  7. Jim418

    Line On Your Golf Ball?

    I googled eyeline putting line and found many devices. Could you elaborate on which one you're referring to? Thanks. EDIT: Found it! https://eyelinegolf.com/products/impact-ball-liner?variant=222719008 FYI - This 3-pack is $15 + $8 shipping BUT if you use the discount code QUICK10 you'll get $10 off for a shipped cost of $13!
  8. Jim418

    Line On Your Golf Ball?

    I had a bit different take-away than the author from a couple of tests and overall (I think these conclusions are just as justified as the author's conclusions): 1. It is much more difficult to judge the correct distance on a breaking/uphill/downhill putt than a flat straight putt. 2. Obsessing over line (which using the Putt Perfect device would tend to do) hurts performance on distance control. Using a line on a ball is a relatively small "device" to help with line relative to the Putt Perfect so it may be much less distracting than the Putt Perfect. There may (or may not) be a point at which an line assist is helpful but too much line assist is detrimental.
  9. Jim418

    Line On Your Golf Ball?

    Me too! I use the line roughly off the tee so it spins "straight".
  10. Is that an iOS app? Couldn't find anything like that on Android. When I looked for a Flow app on Android I got something about menstrual cycles!
  11. Not sure if this is "OK" to post here but I'm selling an MLA Pro Series XDream in the classifieds. Love the MLA tech but face balanced just isn't for me.
  12. Played this putter for most of 2018 but decided that face-balanced wasn't best for my strong arc stroke. I knew this going in but liked the MLA tech. Full product details on the MLA website are here @ $209: https://www.mla.golf/collections/pro-series/products/pro-xdream This putter is 33" and has 2 mods: Initially I had trouble centering the ball on the face (I've always had a line or something) so I drilled a small dot at the center of the putter which you can see in the picture. Worked awesome and looks pretty great in my humble opinion! MLA does this dot on their highest end Tour Blade F&T putters. Installed a Winn Jumbo Lite Dri Tac grip. I prefer a larger grip and this one looks great with the lime green accents that match the putter head. Putter is in great shape with no discernible dings. Grip has a bit of bag wear but no where near close to needing replacement. Headcover definitely has some wear on the underside but does the job (magnetic closure). Price is less than half of retail at $99 via PayPal. I'll provide shipping in CONUS (from NY). Or if you are in Canada I can ship there too!
  13. I'm in Sarasota for the winter and use GolfNow a lot for rounds down here. There are some courses in the area where Hot Deals are still $70+, so it seems useful to me for those months. But you're right that if there aren't a lot of GolfNow courses in your area, this part of the deal is low-value.
  14. GolfNow and Rory McIlroy have teamed to bring golf fans a one-of-a-kind, subscription program called GolfPass. Seems to be a new program which replaces GolfNow VIP, Revolution Golf+ and Golf Odyssey. $10 monthly, $100 Annually or $200 Annually for GOLFPASS+. Full terms and conditions are HERE. GOLFPASS Monthly benefits are: One free round of golf every month (DETAILS BELOW) Exclusive shows and videos GOLF Channel fan favorites, including Feherty 400+ hours of instruction Custom coaching plans from top instructors Member-exclusive pricing Free domestic shipping on all Revolution GOLF orders $100 travel credit at popular golf resorts Exclusive member support Annual GOLFPASS members also get: One dozen TaylorMade Project (a) golf balls. If you have a friendly golf shop they might let you trade-up. GOLFPASS+ members also get: Waived convenience fees on GOLFNOW tee times Cancellation protection on GOLFNOW tee times Earn free golf faster on GOLFNOW Here are the details of the "Free Round": one (1) Hot Deal* tee time of any value** (for one (1) golfer only), playable Monday through Thursday after 12:00 p.m. only. PLAY Promo Codes will be sent via email to the email address associated with Your account and will expire three hundred and sixty-five (365) days after the date in which it is issued and cannot be extended. However, in the event You cancel Your GOLFPASS membership, all unused PLAY Promo Codes will become null and void ninety (90) days from the date of cancellation. EXCLUDED COURSES (The excluded courses are NOT all great courses. One is an executive course near me that normally goes for $25). If you are a regular user of WEEKDAY AFTERNOON Hot Deals it seems like this would be a no-brainer. Might give it a trial run for a couple of months. What do others think of GOLFPASS?
  15. Jim Ontario, Canada 3 Callaway Apex CF16/Rifle Project X 6.0 shafts Would love to test the PING i500 irons!
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