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  1. Just got confirmation through my Pro that this is the case. My club would have been manufactured in 2015/2016 so it qualified for 30% credit. As of August apparently it is full replacement or nothing. Currently a club manufactured in 2017 would be fully replaced, earlier than that nothing.
  2. Yes. I have one on an electric push cart which is at the club in the cart shed. I use that most of the time. And i keep my carry bag in the bag storage at the club for the spring and fall when I like to carry.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Just to make sure we're on the same page, the "G" line was followed by G400 and G410. G line was released in Feb 2016 When they replaced my G30 in Feb 2019 it had been followed by the G line and G400. G30 line was released in Aug 2014. So my G 3-wood was the same in "releases" and newer in years than my G30 driver when it cracked. Maybe I got lucky on the driver or maybe they changed their policy. My Pro is looking into it but I was curious if anyone knew about a policy change.
  4. In Feb 2019 I cracked my G30 driver and PING quickly replaced it with a brand new G400. Yay PING. In March 2020 I cracked my G 3-wood. Got fitted in June and got the replacement at the end of July, but only 30% credit ("Tier 3"). Based on my past experience as well as the experience of countless others I was expecting it to be fully replaced. Both clubs were 2 generations old. Anyone know the details of PING's new warranty policies?
  5. When I got fitted by PING on June 12 they told me 3-4 weeks. They were not up front about the delivery times. Sounds like they are doing it now, but they were not earlier on.
  6. I ordered a 3 wood and hybrid immediately after a fitting on June 12. 3-4 week delivery. I got the 3-wood after about 6 weeks. Had the wrong grip and the wrong head. Just got the replacement club a week ago. I did not receive the hybrid and cancelled it a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the Tour 85 shaft wasn't available and when it became available, then the head wasn't available. When they said the expected production date was Oct 1 I cancelled since our season will be done by the time I'd get it.
  7. Variation on this is that the pot is made by paying a buck or two into the pot for 3-putts Play it Again Sam Instead of handicap strokes, each player gets that number of mulligans. Low gross wins. Part of the fun is trying to get your buddies to use their mulligans early and watching guys save them too long. Pick up Sticks Net Skins. Whenever someone wins a hole you get to take a club out of their bag.
  8. Sounds like you got lots of great info. If the golf club has a separate set of financial statements, ask for those. Watch for a lot of debt and whether they are running at a profit or loss. Although if the condo association is responsible to keep the club viable that may not be an issue. But be careful here if it looks like there is consistent support required. If the golf club is a separate legal entity there can be a limit to the condo association's interest in a constant flow of funds to the golf course. Happened to my parent's condo+course development in Florida. One note on the
  9. Apparently there was a problem getting the PING Tour 85 shaft. Now the shaft is available but they ran out of 17* hybrid heads. Expected production date is Oct 1 which means I likely wouldn't see it until the end of October. So I've cancelled the order as I won't see it until the golf season is done. Sucks as I was excited about getting fitted and getting the club in the bag. Will likely watch ebay for a used version or get it in the spring when the price has dropped or see if the 425 is measurably better. Not cool PING. Not cool.
  10. Ya I noted an ebay seller who is doing that. I'm really ordering a few for my own use and will have an extra 49 stickers of the 3 lines which I would be happy to send to others as a community service (maybe for a couple of $ to cover cost and postage). So if anyone would like a particular line or the set just let me know by message.
  11. I did with the G30. Call PING. They'll tell you to take it to a Golf Galaxy (or similar) for inspection and then they'll replace it.
  12. I try to tee it the height that puts the ball in the middle of the club face (vertically) the most often. Basically fitting tee height to your particular swing. I found I was hitting it a bit low on the club face, so I got longer tees. Cheapest equipment change ever that actually worked!
  13. Or just drill a hole in the top of the grip beside the metal plug (far enough away to not damage the plug/thread) and screw in the tag. Works great.
  14. So.....I got an email offer from a sticker company for 3"x3" vinyl stickers for cheap. You can get 3 1" stripes per sticker. I've designed the lines I think I'd like for my black spider putter. The idea is to cut each sticker into 3 1" wide stickers. One with a single red line, one with a single black line, one with wide red+ 2 narrow black. I'll have a lot more than I need so I may be able to send some out for cheap if anyone is interested (couple of bucks for envelope and stamps). I'll put up another post when they arrive in a couple of weeks. Wish this came up a few days ago be
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