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  1. Jim418

    New Irons...

    PXG 0211 irons are now $125/club with their 3 standard shafts. Down to a price comparable to other top level irons. Worth checking out if there is a PXG fitter in your area.
  2. We have a really great Men's Night. We use online (paid) software that takes care of everything (even handicapping), you just enter the scores. About 180 players on 12 teams. 15 players per team selected through a draft. Each week there are 6 head to head team matches. Everybody plays whenever they want on league day, with whoever they want, and from whatever tees they way. The team's score is made up of its best 2 gross + 5 net scores. If more guys on your team come out you have more scores to select from. All the scores are entered as players finish and the LIVE scoring is on the club TV's (as well as the league website. Who is counting in the team score and which teams are winning are constantly changing. Each team's score shows the guys that counted and then the rest of the guys under the heading "Useless Bastards". Winning team gets 20 points and every team earns a point for each guy who showed up towards season long standings At the end of the regular season we have playoffs that are like FedEx playoffs for 3-4 weeks We also do flighted skins The club's Men's League grew from about 40 guys coming out to 150/week.
  3. Hit the green matte Maxfli Tour again well today. Had a couple of pretty memorable shots: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/21462-what-was-your-shot-of-the-day/page/43/?tab=comments#comment-603365
  4. 200 yd second shot on a par 5 came up 1" short from an albatross (would have been my second). Yes I made the putt for eagle. #8 on River Wilderness, Parrish FLA. Had a cool shot on #18 too. After a bad drive, hit a 180 yd punch shot under a tree, over a creek, uphill on to the green. Then sunk the putt for birdie.
  5. I had a PING G30 I bought off ebay. The face cracked, PING told me to take it to Golf Galaxy. I did so and they called me in an hour to tell me PING would replace it, but they didn't have the G30 any more so would I accept the 400? I said "yes please!". Still enjoying it today.
  6. Played my first round with the Maxfli Tour ball in matte green. Very weird to be looking for a green ball rather than white. Was pleased with the results. I did not find the colour distracting (I thought I might). Enjoyed playing with a less spinny ball (had been playing the Kirkland 3-piece which is way to spinny for me). It stopped quickly on greens with no sucking back. I had tried it out on a practice green the day before and did not like it at all. The matte surface seemed to interact with the face of my TM Spider putter oddly. But the next day when i put it in play it was fine. Liked it a lot better than the Kirkland 3-piece.
  7. I've stopped using these balls. Way too much spin for me, which is consistent with MGS ball testing. It was the HIGHEST spinning ball tested. Not good in the wind and a lot of cases of the ball backing up on the greens. Still have a few sleeves left but not going to use them (which is a pretty big move considering how "value conscious" I am).
  8. In their wet wedge test they indicated "cheaper (2-piece) balls and matte finish balls are affected more significantly by moisture." That was the only use of he word "matte" in their golf ball buying guide.
  9. I'm sure that these are the 2019 version. Saw them at the Sarasota Sam's Club. They didn't have a ton of them, but if this is a good ball for you $25/doz is a great price. They are not available online.
  10. The matte green and white balls are still on sale at Dick's today, but not Golf Galaxy. Online only (I got them to price match their website instore) Going to give the matte green a try.
  11. He's done a number of other club comparisons like all the top models within a brand for a number of years (spoiler alert: They didn't gain 10yds every year) and comparing the TM SIM to a new TM RBZ for $139 (11yds difference if I recall).
  12. Yes, I think you may be on to something (that it is marketing BS). There would be some validity to 3 matching lines on the ball and putter, but even there it seems to only refer to vertical alignment of lines rather than horizontal alignment (different because of how your eyes are aligned relative to the lines)
  13. So... I was curious to know what Vernier Acuity and Hyper Acuity that Triple Track is based on were. Per Websters:Medical Definition of vernier acuity - the aspect of visual acuity that involves the ability to detect the alignment or lack of alignment of the two parts of a broken line (as in reading a vernier scale) So as I understand it, it is lining up 2 or more lines. Your acuity system has a strong ability to do this and it is even better when there are multiple lines. Cool. So how do Triple Track take advantage of that beyond a standard single line on a ball? I mean, this Vernier acuity thing has to do with lining up 2 lines very accurtely, but that can't possibly apply to lining up a line on the ball with an imaginary line to the hole. And we aren't trying to line up 3 lines on the ball with 3 lines to the hole (which is where hyperaccuity would kick in). The actual patent claims that a study of 52 people, were able to accurately aim a ball (separate from putting it) was better with their 3 lines, compared to aiming it with the words on the ball. This very limited test did not compare aiming a 3 line ball to a 1 line ball. It compared it to aiming with the words on the ball. There was no proof that 3 lines were better than 1 line. The patent also claims that the lines on the ball assist the user who has a line on their putter when lining up those 2 lines. But there is no indication that the extra 2 lines are helpful. So... I really don't see anything indicating that 3 lines is better than 1 line. There was no testing of that in the patent. Vernier acuity would not apply to the additional 2 lines even if it did apply to using the 1 line to match up to your imaginary target line. Now the new triple track putters would arguably work with the triple track balls to ensure the putter was aligned with the ball. And the 3 lines may be better than one line on the ball and putter, but no testing to attest to it. Comments?
  14. Has anyone got to the point where Arccos has charged them (or notified them of) the annual app fee? I'm getting around the 90 day mark although I never actually used the sensor. Can't find anywhere on the app or the online dashboard indicating the "status" of the app subscription. EDIT: Never mind. I forgot that they extended the trial to April 15.
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