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  1. As long as the phone isn't too old for the latest Arccos app. I ran into that issue with an older Android phone that I wanted to use this way.
  2. You can get the Arccos Caddie Link which clips to your belt to register the shots instead of using your phone. They are Out of Stock now but are listed as selling for $79. https://www.arccosgolf.com/collections/arccos-products/products/5c34ea380a7ca01300dfcf61
  3. I have Shotscope but have ordered these to try. I had the original Arccos product but stopped using it because you had to carry your phone in your pocket to work with the sensors and that ended up being a no-go for me. With the Shotscope you have a GPS watch that also detects the shots. Their recommendation to take a practice swing was a non-issue for me as I always take one. HOWEVER, after ordering these I saw a tweet indicating that if you buy the Arccos sensors you get the App for FREE. PING/Arccos is giving away the sensors but after 90 days you have to subscribe to the Arccos app for $100/yr. Are the Arccos sensors useless without the Arccos Caddie app or is there a version of the Arccos app that doesn't use the Caddie info?
  4. Good video review of the SC300 vs Trackman:
  5. How do you date them? Flatter them, find out what you have in common, and eventually ask them out for coffee or drinks?
  6. Just popped open my last sleeve yesterday.
  7. Jim418

    Nike RZN Black

    Hey Costco, I've got an idea where you can get a great ball design......
  8. But the torque force will be very small because the distance from the middle of a center-shafted putter is very small, right? I'm really curious of the physics behind TXG Ian's comments. In a simplistic way, heel-shafted face balanced putters are mimicking center-shafted because the weighting is designed to be balanced around the center of the face. If you turn the grip of either putter 2* open, I THINK the toe of each putter will move the same amount because both are rotating around the center of the putter. Having said that, I know that physics isn't simple and there well may be other factors that make a heel-shafted face balanced putter behave differently. And I'm interested in understanding why it would behave differently than a center-shafted face balanced putter.
  9. As MyGolfSpy has "bumped" their review of mallet putters, thought it would be a good time to bump this ad!
  10. Jim418


  11. I agree with your comments about the Vice Ball and Snell. It is my understanding that the original Kirkland 4-piece ball was made by Nassau Golf Co which is the same plant that makes the Snell ball. So one might expect quality control to be similar between the Kirkland original and Snell balls.
  12. Jim from Kingston, Ontario Canada. Hdcp = 4 Have never used a putting training device. Just tees a different distances (12 at 3' around the hole, 5 at 5') Additional info: Am on the DL with an elbow injury and looking to work on my short game while the elbow heals. I could desperately use something to make my putting practice entertaining as well as productive.
  13. I like the flag in for long putts but otherwise out. I have had one putt with the flag in that was rejected that I'm sure would have gone in without the flag. I don't like picking the ball out with the flag in. I'm also finding that we have to constantly ask everyone on every putt on every green: In or Out. Don't like that at all. Once we take it out, it stays out, but until then it is a PITA. It feels like it is slowing things down. And when we get to a Club Championship I can foresee the pin going back in after it has been taken out. Not going to like that.
  14. As the launch monitors predict ball flight rather than measure it, I don't think they take into account the ball aerodynamics. If one ball had a dimple pattern that made it stay in the air longer (all else being equal) I'm not sure the launch monitor would include that difference.
  15. Was all the ball data based on launch monitor data which is a predicted result based on launch conditions? Or did MGS actually measure shot distance and dispersion? (I viewed the "how we tested" video and I don't think it mentioned it). Thanks.
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