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  1. I actually went back and read some of the posts from 2010, I joined somewhere around 2011-2012 I think. So it was cool to read posts from a few folks that aren’t around anymore
  2. Well, it seems like this topic comes up at the beginning of every year. Then fizzles our, and gets ressurected the next year. Nice.
  3. I don’t remember seeing anything like this, maybe a few years ago we did something like this. So how do you mark your golf ball. Anyone mark them like this. I don’t have a photo of mine. I am currently trying to come up with a good. I really want to make my own, but I don’t want to spend 100 bucks on Tin cup to have one made. Anyway. How do y’all mark ‘em
  4. I hope there aren’t any teenagers here, they may not be able to read this.
  5. More cardboard for burning in the fire pit.
  6. I sort of like having the pin in. It really gives me some better depth perception of where the hole is. Now my aiming point is the flagstick instead of the hole. Works really well on longer putts, and for shorter putts I tend to “baby” them, having the pin in on the shorter putts gives me a bit more confidence to strike the ball with a it more authority, and I am making a lot more shorter putts. I let may not work for some folks, and that’s okay, a little communication to the members of the group and having the flag in/out is no problem at all.
  7. I’ve got a sun mountain C-130 cart bag that I am not using anymore. Love the bag, but I am walking more so I M tired of switching back and forth in the bags. So I am going to sell my Cart bag. Asking $130 that includes shipping costs.
  8. Some guy on Facebook posted a comment on the win. It said “his brother Peter is very proud of him”. I can’t stop laughing.
  9. Man, he jumped on the bogie train and never got off. He really struggled today.
  10. Congratulations to CT Pan on a wonderful win at one of my favorite courses. He is such a likeable person, and he played great today. Good for him. The tour needs people like this winning. Such a good person with a great heart. His interview at the end was really good. Great Win CT. Awesome
  11. Depends on the length of the par 3’s on which clubs I would take
  12. This is my favorite photo that I took, and then filtered it on my phone
  13. I absolutely love this Tourney at Harbourtown. this golf course is a really beautiful and quiet piece of land. A couple of photos of when I played 17, 18, 14
  14. Kor.A.Door

    Snell MTB-X

    I have now played a couple of 9 hole rounds with the black, and what I am finding is that both balls are performing really well, now it just comes down to personal preference. Which ball performs better with certain clubs. I really like the black with my irons, and chipping/pitching, but like the X better with driver and putter. So I just need to decide which part of the game is more important. Also, the X compared to the Red from last year is miles and above from my point of view. Very good improvements made. Mid you aren’t sure which one you want, Snell does sell a combo pack of 6 balls each of the X and the Black. I would recommend to try both and see which one will work best for your game.
  15. I have Lamkin UTX grips. They are a bit stiffer than some of the other. If I have trouble I use either grip solvent or mineral spirits. (Currently I use oderless mineral spirits) and just rub a little bit on the painters tape or shaft. Hen I will take my finger and rub it into the opening of the grip, not a lot, just enough for the grip to start onto the shaft. There really isn’t a formula for what works for everyone every time, you just have to kind of work with what you have. If you are having trouble getting the grip started onto the shaft, add some type of lubricant that evaporates, just a little bit you won’t need to saturate the whole thing.
  16. I’ve always just step drilled until it was pretty clean, then finished with a brush and sand paper
  17. I also use it for chip dip. Doritos, or plain tortilla chips mostly.
  18. Good news for me. I didn’t finish last.
  19. And as we have seen over the years in the playoffs, a “hot” goalie usually means you win a lot of playoff games.
  20. Been a Red Wings fan for a very long time now. Although heyvare not in the playoffs, I have been watching some of the games, I don’t like the Bruins or Penguins, so i will cheer against them in any round. I am really intrigued by the CBJ and the Islanders, both teams played well the first 2 games. Now CBJ gets to go home and that could be the end of the Bolts for the year. Islanders have to go to Pitt. The Isle’s are playing really well as a team right now, their goalie is “on” which is a recipe for winning in the playoffs. I haven’t watched much of the other series, since they don’t start until what seems like 1 in the morning on the west coast. There’s nothing like playoff hockey, anything can happen and likely will. Good luck to the teams who are in the playoffs.
  21. Normally people say that the masters doesn’t have the best “field” of players, but this year, boy oh boy this field of players is amazing. The leaderboard after 2 days is the in at least the top 2 of all time with this tournament. It seems like all of the big names are right in the mix, with the exception of a few. This weekend of golf could be one of the best in a very long time.
  22. Yes, that would be awesome, but having tried most of the top brand golf balls I find that there are subtle differences between each, and the choice comes down to personal preference. So I sort of expect the testing to show the same. It could be really interesting if the Pro V, TP5, and Chrome softs were middle of the pack in this test. The staff here would need new names if that were the case. This is going to be very interesting in many ways.
  23. I am curious to see what the differences are between the major OEM’s “tour type” higher dollar cost ball. My guess is there will be some differences, but overall the differences will be minor, but who knows, there may be some significant surprises in store for some folks who are brand loyal.
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