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  1. I didn’t have my Srixons at Ping HQ when I did the fitting, but I do think these spin more, but in a good way for me. Shafts came down to DG X100 and KBS Tour 125 (I think) and I went X100 based on feel, all other things were pretty equal. I don’t plan on going with a lower spinning ball, no need to because we got the spin exactly where the fitter wanted.
  2. Took these to the range today… I’m saying it right now, these don’t “feel” any worse than my Srixon Z combo set. I hit the i525 and those felt harsh. These have a totally different feel. So good. If you haven’t hit these yet and are looking for new irons, you GOTTA try these. Again, just as I saw the other day, forgiveness/dispersion were really good, noticeable difference from the Z combos. I’m very impressed with these so far and I don’t remember a set being as forgiving for me as these have shown. The weight in the toe and the hosel seem to be doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.
  3. JFish took away my only chance at moving-up the rankings, longest drive of the week, so I’m going to find a rock hard course with some downhill holes so I can win a couple more times!!! As a 4.4 hcp I have zero shot at moving-up by scoring!!! This is a ton of fun, though!!!! Maybe “LIV-it-up a little” and get some teams going next year! Ha!!!!
  4. I went to the range this morning to try and do some drills… Well, I got frustrated and went back to the tried-and-true drill I got two years ago. I put a ball down, then I put my two feet in line directly behind the ball, on the target line, then from my rear foot, I measure one foot back toward me and place a ball there. On the downswing, the club head has to pass over that inside rear ball on its way to impacting the ball In addressing. This gets my club on the correct plane on the downswing, and keeps me coming from the inside, fighting my tendency to get steep. Also, since I early-extend and stand-up so often, it helps me make a more rotational swing. It’s a drill I got from Tyler McGhie and after doing it awhile I really start to have much better contact, and body movement.
  5. PMookie

    Maxfli Tour

    Mmm. Interesting point in there about the new Pro V1’s distance vs left dash. Hmmmmm. I hated left dash, played V1X for a few years, moved to Z Star last year. I’m going to need to try the new V1…
  6. With the addition of the Stewart Q Follow in my life, and a rate of just $10 walking 9, I definitely see myself playing 9 more often next year. I found it quite enjoyable during testing and $10 is hard to beat!
  7. Driver is going to be changed, and likely 3w and hybrid as well. I’m dead-set on the gapping equation we worked toward at Ping, so it’s likely I switch to clubs that get me the specific distances we calculated. If the Cobra King Tec hybrids I have now fit the distances needed, they won’t go, so I just have to get on a Trackman with them to see. I’ll also get my Edel wedges on a Trackman to see if I need to make loft tweaks to get them gapped correctly, and the Edel putter is staying, so no change with those four clubs. New Ping driver will be mine, though!!!
  8. Definitely seemed to be more forgiving, and there wasn’t a big “feel” difference coming from the Z. It’s hard to describe the feeling because they weren’t like previous Pings I played, almost had a “heavier” feel off the face. I had a number of shots that still hit the green that wouldn’t have with the Z combo, and distance forgiveness seemed to be better as well. It was only one round, but forgiveness was quite noticeable.
  9. I was VERY impressed with these yesterday during their first go-round, granted, every first round with irons seems great! The feeling of these was better than other Ping irons I tried in the last few years, and the forgiveness was noticeable especially regarding to distance “loss” due to off-center contact. I’m looking forward to being able to get these on a course again!
  10. Hope you all have a blessed day!
  11. Shot 76, course handicap is 5, and I got strokes on 5-7, 10 and 18. Net 71
  12. Date 11/24/2022 Course Name Frenchman’s Bend CC Gross Score 76 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 4 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 314 Great day today!!!! New irons, beautiful weather, new putting stroke and putter were great, and I figured out my driver swing on the back 9. Can’t complain. It should’ve been a 73… Choked the last three holes.
  13. I took the Edel to where I was fitted for it and we adjusted a few things. I had already talked to Edel in-case a complete set-up was necessary, but it wasn’t. Driver will be fitted again, and ordered sometime in March when a Ping van comes here locally. Thanks for the kind comments. It was a great experience!
  14. You saw my last round, so I won’t help much, but who knows! I bought TEN mulligans so I SHOULD be good!
  15. I’m good with it!!!! ”Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch!”
  16. Alright, weather shows NO RAIN and 66* Wednesday so I am IN if anyone still needs a “pardna”! Let me know!
  17. Here is my set of Mizzy HMP 5-GW. They are +1”, 1* upright, and have DG X100 shafts, midsize Lamkin grips. I received them last Thursday, and have only played 2 rounds with them. Pics are of the actual sticks. PayPal, Lower 48 only, no returns, no trades. $749.99 SHIPPED!
  18. My only chance to get-in a round would be Friday the 25th, and the VERY early forecast shows rain that day and the day prior. Ugh… Oh well. Looks like I’ll be playing some SIM golf over the holiday weekend!!!
  19. Snell MTB was my first review on here, I believe.
  20. Interesting that Snell is releasing the new Get Sum at this time of year, their two-piece ionomer ball, and the description of the changes sound intriguing. Let us know if anyone gets these and how they perform. I’m curious… https://www.snellgolf.com/collections/golf-balls/products/get-sum
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