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  1. If it's not an advantage then why do it?
  2. If I could putt my handicap would be 2 or 3 lower.
  3. My old leupold is starting to show its age and not really finding the pins like it used to, It's been a 5+ years of use will do that I guess.
  4. To all the people that say "anchoring, and armlock doesn't matter or doesn't make putting easier" ... if it doesn't matter then why do it and then why care if it's banned?
  5. Matt Vancouver, WA I walk 99% of the time. I only use a cart if forced to or the course is not walkable. I had a SunMountain cart but it was old and broke last winter.
  6. Matt Aamold, WA Ipad Pro Both range and a net.
  7. First Name: Matt City, State: Vancouver, WA Current Driver in Play: Titleist TS3 Handicap: 6.8 Swing Speed: 105 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  8. Matt. Vancouver, WA I putt on my carpet, on a nice day I'll stop by a course. I had a Skilz mat but it was much faster than it should have been for my area, it was like putting on a billiard table. 10 stimp
  9. Hdcp: 7.4 . Vancouver, WA Titleist T100s, 8i = 153 I've been reading a lot of buzz about the Sub70 irons. Performance is paramount but many manufactures just adjust lofts, I know my current 8i is really my old MP-32 7i loft but others just think they are hitting the new clubs farther because of technology. I Just wish I could get my hands on their irons to test out and see what head and shaft work for my swing.
  10. Matt, Washington State 11 Mizuno MP-32 150
  11. Matt, Washington 6.9 Titleist Vokey The clean nip that has that almost thuddy feel that sit's within 2 foot of landing.
  12. d.lama

    Snell MTB-X

    I found that the MTB-X fell out of the sky off all my clubs. The Black does better for me.
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