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  1. Matt Aamold, WA Ipad Pro Both range and a net.
  2. First Name: Matt City, State: Vancouver, WA Current Driver in Play: Titleist TS3 Handicap: 6.8 Swing Speed: 105 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  3. Matt. Vancouver, WA I putt on my carpet, on a nice day I'll stop by a course. I had a Skilz mat but it was much faster than it should have been for my area, it was like putting on a billiard table. 10 stimp
  4. Hdcp: 7.4 . Vancouver, WA Titleist T100s, 8i = 153 I've been reading a lot of buzz about the Sub70 irons. Performance is paramount but many manufactures just adjust lofts, I know my current 8i is really my old MP-32 7i loft but others just think they are hitting the new clubs farther because of technology. I Just wish I could get my hands on their irons to test out and see what head and shaft work for my swing.
  5. Matt, Washington State 11 Mizuno MP-32 150
  6. Matt, Washington 6.9 Titleist Vokey The clean nip that has that almost thuddy feel that sit's within 2 foot of landing.
  7. Matt Vancouver I use a GPS device Leupold GX-1i2
  8. d.lama

    Snell MTB-X

    I found that the MTB-X fell out of the sky off all my clubs. The Black does better for me.
  9. Matt / Vancouver WA 6.9 / 102 Adams Idea Pro Black 19 degree 20 degree, 3 iron replacement
  10. Matt Aamold. Vancouver, WA 6.9 handicap 98mph swing speed. ProV1x Was out drove by someone in a tournament on the long drive hole. Dude was 15 yards ahead of me, he had a Snell... I didn't
  11. 1. Matt, Vancouver Washington 2. 7.0 3. Titleist SM6 4. 50, 54, 60
  12. Matt Aamold (Vancouver, WA) Greg Norman Weatherknit rain jacket. Nike/Forester rain pants. (this list could go on and on). I live in the great PNW. Right now it's raining/sleeting, I never go out in the winter because nothing I've ever worn has been able to protect me from the elements. I keep seeing reviews on VLOGs but never buy because nothing works, maybe if something actually worked I'd have more fun.
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