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  1. I just read the article this morning on the release and had a discussion about whether the 100 or the 200 would be a better choice, then this pops up. Loved the feel of the AP2 and I played old '86 blades for nearly 2 decades before getting a set of Mizunos and then my current set of TMs. Loved the write up and now really looking forward to reading the testing results. Great work getting this one folks. Good luck to all the applicants, can't wait to see what you have to say!
  2. Shawn welcome back to the game. I can relate as kids and deployments during a military career definitely kept me away from the course for a long stretch. Coming back into golf after being used to Titleist Professional 90s or 100s as the standard for golf balls and watching the Pro's face as he tried to explain to me that golf balls had changed and compression wasn't a reference point anymore must have been very humorous to those around me. So, all of that said, you can see my WITB listing shows some similarities. My G400 driver, which might become a ZX7 soon even though I love my Ping. On the 3w and hybrid I cannot say anything good enough about my M3 and M4 and shaft combos. Both are great, workable clubs. I have a couple of buddies who have been Vokey stalwarts for years, but the recently switched to TM and Mizuno wedges. I went to the T20s from Cleveland RTX3s a couple of years back and I love 'em. Welcome back to the game.
  3. goaliewales14, I moved from Clevelands a couple of years ago now to Mizuno T-20s and I haven't looked back. BUT, I really like the numbers on the Ping forged. Especially the side spin #. What strikes me funny is that you have 3-5x more side spin on the other wedges (from the Ping forged), but the dispersion is not all that much wider; granted travel distance on a 50 year shot doesn't leave much time to go off-line; would like to see the sidespin and off-line numbers for the 80 yard shots. All that said, I agree, I love my T-20s and it would be interesting to see those compared with your ES21s as well. Thanks for the data. Cheers
  4. Some interesting commentary here. We have had some good discussion on such situations at courses up here. I blew a match this weekend by playing overly aggressive instead of playing it safe, after cutting two shots earlier with the same club. In my opinion, what I FAILED to consider was not that I was being aggressive vs. conservative/safe, but that I had already cut two shots with that club and that it was safer to be left even of I did "pull" the shot or hit it straight vice serious trouble if (inevitably) I did cut it again. So, failing to set up left of the target I opened myself up to that right side, again, and all of the trouble there. All of that said to lead to this; I haven't seen (maybe I missed it) anyone recommend teeing up on the right side of the tee box and setting up to play your normal shot. A very consistent, solid single digit player I knew often told me to always set up on the side where the trouble is (water on the right, set-up on the right, trees on the left, set-up on the left). The tee box isn't in the pic so it is hard to evaluate how much room you might have. I did notice it has been discussed that a 50-yard wide target is actually pretty large; that considered, setting up on the right does two things for you, it improves your likeliness of not being in that trouble right, and it gives you a line (more room) that sets upto avoid the tree on the right, even if you do pull (a bit) vs. your normal cut. The other recommendation/advice I don't see is something that I try to remember, in all cases, 'when there are hazards that are meant to draw your attention, pay attention not to the hazards, but to the place you want your shot to end up; see the target not the problems around it.' All too often when we focus on the problem. Doing so, we set ourselves up to end up IN the problem area because A) that is where we focus, and B) the doubt we will mess up creeps in and makes us change something, which causes us to mess up, instead of executing smoothly and correctly. This game is 90% mental. I don't see your hybrid shot shape and consistency discussed. What about, as asked, the difference in your driving and approach percentages? Those should be considered. With your shot shape and distance I think I would be most concerned with getting into the trees at ~220 on the right, but again, I would think your best percentage approach would be to tee up on the right and set up/line up just right of that tree short left (again, I cannot see the tee box so I am not sure how much room you have to work with or if you have a already started on the right side). Option A) Tee it up on the left side, line up right of the tree you are concerned with to the left, focus on the area you want to land it, hit the 100-110 approach shot to 5 feet and make the birdie. Interesting discussion; let us know what worked and what didn't? Cheers
  5. I can't wait to see the MGS review or test opportunities for this new Voice Caddie rangefinder WITH GPS. The green contour is really intriguing.
  6. Scott/Poulsbo WA 11.5 Sketchers Go Golf Pro Comfort and stability, I walk 90% of the time so I need to be able to walk 36 holes on a weekend and not feel like I want to cut my feet off after 18 and I need to feel connected to the ground when I swing. That can be a challenge with some shoes. As a runner I know shoes matter, that sentiment is validated in golf.
  7. Name/City State: Scott, Poulsbo, WA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 20-30 minutes prior to a round. How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1 or 2. What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? I bought a Birdie Ball surface for Christmas and worked 4-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes, but that tapered off when the courses opened back up. Practicing on a putting mat just got mundane so I believe something interactive like this would improve my motivation to continue more at home practice. The concept of inserting a challenge into practice, even against myself, sounds like it would keep things fresh. Having played around with Sky Track and read the reviews of others, putting is lacking for most of those systems. The videos of ExPutt seem to show it working a lot better than those other systems. If testing pans out maybe a collaboration between those companies would result in a huge improvement for indoor simulator rounds. Good luck to everyone; if nothing else I will be looking forward to reading the reviews from the four selected testers in consideration of buying a setup.
  8. Interesting and good to hear. I purchased an SC300 and if I use it inside I seem to have a pretty good result with catching speed with the sticks, outside seems to be more sporadic. I wish I could figure out how to improve the reliability of readings.
  9. Has that change effected your equipment? While not an official tester I have been running the protocol and have been having some issues with my swing, I have been able to get into a groove, but still not sure whether it is "me" or whether the change has affected both me and my equipment "fit". I get a launch monitor this week so I will actually be able to monitor the change, though I wish I had a baseline from when I started. I will say that when I can get into a 'groove' I seem to have some of the distance I had up into my early 40s back. Look forward to hearing if you/anyone think equipment is effected by changes.
  10. Your back and forth on the weights and conversation on this thread caught my interest. Iv'e been playing the G400 for a while and love it, played the 410 for a month while waiting on a replacement for my 400 (it cracked last summer) and I have been debating on 'upgrading' to the 410, but like you, the consistency I have with my G400 has me not wanting to take any chances. Anyway, it sounds like we have a very similar set-up, so no I may consider adding a heavier grip or some lead tape to the heads of my sticks as well to cover any weight difference; maybe I should get a scale first, but it sounds like you have provided some sound data for me to work with. I wondered about that form the beginning; Thanks for posting this and for the associated conversation. So many moving parts...
  11. @Nunfa0 I can tell you that a smooth flexible swing will benefit you all day long over being tight and trying to "muscle it." I thought about the regimen before as well and decided to try to see how it felt ton two different days with and without the pre-work. The first thing that I noticed was how "bad" my flexibility is (everything went down hill after back surgery and I have never gotten back to where I was before that; follow up with shoulder surgery a couple of years ago and man have things really changed). Personally, I found that swinging after the warm up is much like a run after the first mile or so or a swim after going through a few steady laps; MUCH more smoother and flowing. ChasingScratch talks about the biomechanics and technical, kinesthetic aspects of this from his education and professional background and everything he says is sounds based on my experiences and education. Take it for what it is worth, but if you have flexibility issues, like I do, you might consider a) making sure you are warmed up a bit before you do the routine, b) doing the routine before the swings. Even if you don't experience these issues regularly now, working out after a warm up will help stave these issues off later in life. Best of luck to you.
  12. We are fortunate to have a home course with 36 holes so we have been splitting the league up for several years; each team starts on one course one week and the other the following week and our AMAZING league managers (and the course folks) have done a very good job at rotating everyone and the opponents so the play is balanced between courses throughout the season. We played twosomes the first two weeks after opening this year for handicap establishment and it was shaping up to be interesting having to play that way by either splitting up teams to play with your opponent or having to correlate cards between teams after the round for points. I am sure the announcement that the course is going back to foursomes next week is a relief to our managers. Like you say, there is a balance and you just have to hope that most people can agree on what that balance point is. Cheers.
  13. @Dave P. HPMC, Gold Mountain has platforms installed and Trophy Lakes is using what looks like a piece of styrofoam pool "noodles" in the cups. I played White Horse the Friday they opened and the "splines" seemed to reject putts a lot more frequently than what I have been seeing with the platforms at GM or the "noodles" at Trophy today. But the upside down cup still beats the neck out of the raised cups. Enjoy the sunny days when you can.
  14. @Golfspy_CG2, Sounds like a sound plan. We are doing leagues, but no shotgun start tournaments for the same reasons you list. That makes sense. The struggle we faced with league play was trying to get 48 or more players off as two-somes; when you go from 12 tee times to 24 tee times if really stresses the window and it isn't like we can start early on a weekday as most of the players are still working regular days. The one item that really has me perplexed is not having holes on the putting greens; why not have holes, but not the flags/sticks? I get the whole keep multiple people from touching the same surfaces, but I don't really understand not having a hole (Fortunately, for me, I have one of those Odyssey putting targets I can toss out to putt at). I think your GM sounds like a pretty practical guy and like you said, you may not be making a mint with crowded restaurant/bar, but al least everyone is able to get something. I had a Commanding Officer impart a good bit of wisdom on us many years ago, he said, "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people, all of the time; so don't get too worried about the few who will always be happy, no matter what you do." Honestly, if my round today was any indication of how my game is developing, I might need them to open the bar so I can stay in there and save the real golfers from being embarrassed by my presence. Thanks for the read.
  15. @chisag, Yeah, I wondered and talked to several folks about it. The most frequent response was that they (management) was focused on figuring out how to work within the boundaries of the new rules and make things work on the course, like 2-somes only and individual carts etc. One of the big issues was having enough carts and also trying to "police" everyone to keep from having and issue with local...umm..."authorities"(?). A couple of the courses just don't have enough of an off course draw to make the restaurants a priority, but knowing the income margin for food and beverage over golf itself, it seems like it would make sense to try and get those moving. We actually had the beverage carts out and circulating pretty quick, so there does not seem to be a concern about alcohol, here anyway; and plenty of folks here bring their own coolers. I do hear what you are saying and all of your points make a certain amount of sense. The roll out plan reported by Golfspy_CG2 above sounds like a well phased plan. We actually got the report this morning that courses are going to foursomes; my big question on that will revolve around having enough carts to do individual carts. One of the courses up here has the golf boards, which seem like they would be a great alternative especially right now, to having four full size carts running around every fairway.
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