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  1. Interesting version. I have been experiencing some piriformis issues for a while now. Figure 4 stretches and pelvic raises are the prescribed fix, but it is still lingering. It does not feel good on my shoulder either, but I might have to give it few sessions to see it it will work or not. Thanks for sharing.
  2. There are so many directions this conversation could go during a post round stop in the bar. Aside from that, very interesting article. I never really noticed much change based on choking up/down; I used swing lenght.
  3. Beautiful weekend in the PNW. Chambers Bay had some gorgeous views. 83% of my game even looked pretty good (3 frickin holes ). But a great daybfor golf!
  4. Man, I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to give @Javs a run for his money this year. I got so amped up I shot 78 (NET -1) at the Plantation course last week with rental clubs and it doesn't even count yet Why do I have a feeling that once the next season opens I am not going to play nearly as well?
  5. One of the features I liked about SS over Arccos was that I don't really have to do the tap thing for the club to be picked up.
  6. Congrats Testers. I was just looking at these this weekend. Having worn the Speed Bold for about a year now I am interested in seeing what the feedback is. Have fun!
  7. I got two Sugar Daddy wedges with my set, they put them in the 7 part of the deal so I figured I'd try them out. I do like the feel, but honestly my T20s and T22s are great as well and I'm not sure I can justify going with SDs again when replacement time comes. But the Gen 6s are sweet.
  8. @Golfspy_CG2 like @ZackS said, fitting? PXG, Evnroll, Edel, something agnostic like CC. I really like my Evnroll. When I did the full bag at PXG the putter fitting was pretty solid IMO. They noted a little left side miss but it was very minor. The Bat Attack was the alternative to my Evnroll, but I didn't see enough of a difference.
  9. As an Evnroll player I can't argue with the ratings
  10. I've really liked the AVX for a while now. I played a round last Sunday and the first 9-holes I was by myself backed up with 4-somes in front and behind so I played two balls from the 1st tee; I played a ProV1 and an AVX because I was interested in how differently they played. I like the way the AVX plays and feels. I know the testing shows the Prov1 and V1x being a bit longer than the AVX, but I didn't see the difference. my 2 cents. I need to put an order in for the Odin balls, they sounds like a good option.
  11. That is kind of what I was thinking. This would be an interesting...experiment?...challenge? But as some of the others here, even some of the really low hcps, there are a couple of holes that I haven't birdied once in years of playing certain courses. I'd like to try and make it happen though. I think I might bring it up with out mens' club and see if there is a way to set it up.
  12. Crikey!!! That thing is a monster! I thought it looked a little larger than the Garsen in the original pics, but looking at the first two shots in this series, WOW! I guess you cannot fit that thing in a 14 slotted bag.
  13. It does look a lot like the Garsen Max. The testing done last year led me to using the Max on one putter and the Quad Tour. I included links to those testing forums your convenience.
  14. Was there a limit? Got sidetracked by work and travel.
  15. if we start seeing everybody post 10 yard gains this year, USGA and R&A will get together and announce a driver roll back because no golf course on earth will be able to handle all that distance in the hands of amateurs.
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