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  1. So in a weird twist, which by raising ensures imminent floods, we are currently In One of the driest periods for years in uk (at least down south anyway). Ground is cracking, courses are running fast and greens are firm. Frankly courses are playing really hard as a result. Now it is still the UK so it's still not warm! But it makes a change from our usual rain. hope the spring finally appears for golfers across the Atlantic
  2. to be fair with the money involved it's easy to see why players aren't prone to being fun or that charismatic even. That said some players are perceived Spieth - is boring and slow Rory - aloof Etc etc But was it ever really different? Yes we had people like John Daly, but what about woods and Faldo? Amazing, exciting players - but wow hard to love those personalities. Maybe, cold hard bastards win more? Is part of the issue, the traditional nature of the PGA tour? Once a season it gets a bit crazy with the football style crowd lining a par 3 - why not more often? Give the players a chance to show their personality, bet many of them are a lot more fun than we see now.
  3. You just don't get toothy reptiles in the UK.....which in my books is a good thing! Had the opportunity to play Royal Porthcawl (Wales) a few weeks back, it'll be hosting the British Seniors Open later in the year and is a wonderful old school links course. Worth the trip for overseas visitors looking for a real test. So have a putt on a putting green, with surf crashing close by, that was so fast that my first 3 putts missed the green. Then walk to this first tee shot..... No doubt the seniors will manage some great scores off the back pegs, off the yellows I was chuffed to bits with 79.
  4. westy

    is Tiger Done?

    It's a real shame that we couldn't have had a few more years of Tiger competing, to see him stare down some of the young guns would be great - let's be honest how many majors might Els, Mickleson, Singh, Garcia etc have if Tiger hadn't psyched them out? 4 back ops though, with this one a fusion? The scar tissue in and around those crucial lumbar discs will be a huge hindrance, could he win with a 3/4 swing and get his short game and putting back? No. Every week there are 30 players who could win, all class acts. In some ways though it's good not to have the will he play nonsense before the rest of the majors this season.
  5. Thanks folks kind words as always from the best golf community on the web. So aside from Costco balls (not available outside the US I'd guess) have I missed anything much?
  6. Also I seem to be getting more tailored adverts for Russian wives on here, must be my age!
  7. Evenin MGS folk Firstly seasons greetings to you all, really aware I've been away from the site since the summer, checked in now and again to follow the Kirkland ball shenanigans and the demise of Nike golf. Europe got hosed and the Open produced probably the finest shoot out in 25 years....plenty going on in the sport we love. Although a bit of a feeling that things aren't all well. So this season: I bought no golf clubs - probably leading to the demise of 3 shops and 1 manufacturer on my own! I demo'd the Ping Crossover for MGS and I still love it - it's in the bag. Not tried it yet? Find the right shaft and it's a winner. I won a few things, but stopped caring about my handicap and work has meant practice has gone out of the window! Handicap has drifted..... We're having an oddly dry winter in England so winter golf is possible, played some of the most wonderful links courses in the last 2 months - st enedoc, Burnham and Saunton (visitors from overseas take note - Scotland isn't the only place for great golf, try south west England). So where have I been? Frankly my energy for golf just drifted and practice, buying clubs, reading articles and being an active member wasn't up their on the list - not sure it's back to normal levels yet but as I started to think about next years comps I want to enter the energy comes back. So maybe I'll be back here a bit more......
  8. They could have saved the postage and sent it down the road to me in the UK to review for them!
  9. watched a bit of it today, nice golf and a decent field (not a massive purse by US standards) - getting very autumnal here now in England but the greens look top notch. For the final round the tv audience are able to vote to chose the pin position at one of the par 3's; just over the water by any chance?
  10. So this week the British Masters is being held at the Grove GC near London (home to a WGC win for Tiger back in the day). Sky Sports (Murdochs baby) resurrected this event last year and this year they are trying a few things out to extend the interest. After the Pro Am there was a night time par 3 shoot out, celebs and pro's involved with 2000 people turning up, but the 8 pro's involved played one hole match play. Fireworks, floodlights and cheering and booing (worth a look at sky sports website for some footage). Watching today they are doing interviews whilst players walk off the tee, it's super relaxed and friendly and almost has a shells world of golf feel. I like it. Mind you they are mostly following The Beef at the moment - which is always going to feel relaxed.
  11. Oh ffs I was looking forward to see how he got on this week - although I assumed it might be bad.
  12. Fair play it was a great result for the US and they outplayed Europe throughout. The golf was incredible at times. We won't see as many birdies in France! It's a much harder course and I'm sure it'll be set up to punish. But as with majors it's good to have different tests. Boring if they are all the same. I will be there (with luck!) and hopefully we can see a close finish.......with a European win! As for stupid fans? Well we know it's a minority, but it had an impact and that's what they wanted to achieve. Did it make a difference to the result? Nope. But to see players like Rory and Justin take abuse when they live in the states and are big supporters of the US Tour? Now that's over, Tigers back.....now to visit that thread!
  13. Yes furu it's not great to cheer bad shots - but karma is a ****** so perhaps some locals may regret that come Sunday. It's been great golf, swinging this way and that. Gripping so far Played this morning, with hangover, then watched in the clubhouse. Come home for curry and a few glasses of wine and more golf on tv
  14. Speith looks jumpy to me Great tee shots - wow
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