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  1. Thanks @vandyland for adding to this. I may give it a shot after reading your feedback. Is there another post I can follow?
  2. Tyler / Colorado Springs, CO around 100 MPH Titleist TS3 Tour AD DI-7 Stiff I have played both the Modus 120 and the 105's.
  3. I hate tagging people so I love the idea of this thread. Please add me - @tyler621
  4. What a great contest! Well, at least for you Apple people! Seriously though - best of luck to all who enter and I am already looking forward to the reviews.
  5. The T200's are great irons. Personally, I decided to go with the Srixon Z585. Performance was better for me and I found that I preferred the feel of the Srixon. I was coming from a set of 718 AP2's and wanted a bit more forgiveness than they offered. I would say get fitted (if available in your area) and compare multiple irons. A fitting will also help you determine if you need to keep your hybrids or if the long irons in the T200 will replace them. Good luck and have fun with the search!
  6. @toehold57 Thanks for the info! I hadn't looked into Antler Creek or Shining Mountain yet. I might try to get out to Pine Creek over the holiday weekend. Hopefully this morning's snow doesn't stick around too long.
  7. @toehold57 Good to hear - I have hit balls on the range at Pine Creek but have never played it. In fact, I have yet to tee it up in Colorado. Same with Kings Deer - only hit some balls on the range. I think Kings Deer normally closes for the winter but I think Pine Creek stays open @RaginCajun See my comments above - I haven't played PJ but it is pretty open from what I've seen. I was supposed to play in a league there this summer but COVID stopped that from happening. From my understanding the course is pretty open but don't expect to play real quick.
  8. @RaginCajunWelcome to the site - I am in the Springs and looking forward to playing some golf up in yor neck of the woods next season. Hopefully we can get a group together and tee it up when it warms up (and when groups are allowed) again
  9. Sounds good - I would love to make that trip. Might have to do a little research and find some breweries up there too.
  10. Tyler / Colorado Springs, Colorado I have never used any sort of hitting net. Until last winter, I lived in the Phoenix area so was always able to hit balls outdoors pretty much year round. I toyed with t he idea of buying a net last year but never did and was excited to start playing golf in the spring. Well, COVID made sure that that didn't happen so I began researching nets again. WIth most of the ones I liked being backordered (the Spornia included), I gave up. Now, heading in to my second winter, I have had plans of building a hitting bay in my garage. This would definitely be a better option. I would like to use a LM in the future but have not used one to date.
  11. I am in the Springs so not exactly Northern Colorado but definitely looking to travel next season and explore some of the courses. I am in the same boat as you after moving to CO from Phoenix last year. Haven't teed it up enough to know how bad I am playing anymore but recommiting to my game and plan do some work over the winter.
  12. Tyler / Colorado Springs I am RH VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular B/U 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular 9.1 Titleist 818H2 21*
  13. Tyler Colorado Springs, Colorado Titleist TS3 9.1 100 MPH +/- TSi2
  14. Tyler / Colorado Springs, CO 10.0 Cleveland CG16 Tour
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