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  1. Finding your numbers are the first step to success . Once you know then purchasing pre owned can be a great way to save a few bucks . Also you can negotiate with a used item where a new is price protected .
  2. I prefer both hybrids and fairway wood . At 15 hdcp maybe another wedge may allow for overall score decrease . IMO hybrids can be used for chipping and full swing easier than an iron.
  3. Stand bags are cute in my opinion . I had a friend just recently join a club and say “ I’m going to walk 9 “ . He went down 1 over on 2 , then back up 3 and got a cart . He isn’t 25 anymore . I’ve tried both and always end up at some form of cart/staff bag . Here in eastern Va we can start our winter ish round with a frost delay and by the end of the round be above 50 degrees . Storage is king for me I have an OGIO bag called Range to cart . It has legs but also increased storage for cart use . I recently switched to a Ping cart bag for the putter well and storage .
  4. Clear vision is the best I’ve found . With a clear plexiglass windshield I drop the carts and can see great . Also the materials are closer to a boat canvas and zippers. Combine the heater with a seat cover and I can play in the coldest/ wettest weather without looking like ralphies little brother . The XL fits every cart that I have come across by using a Velcro strap to the cart basket and bungee cords underneath .
  5. I agree to the pre shot routine . I let others affect my mental game waaaaaaaay to much . It’s not the thought of “ why is he opening a pack of crackers while I’m at address?” It’s more of it’s rude and can’t they just give me 10 seconds . That will carry into the next and next shot . The small steps before a shot helps calm my brain and keep positive .
  6. Wedges to me a personal .I’ve been using the ping since the wet wedge test run and had much success . The V grind sm9 has replaced one of the ping . Are you wanting full shot or the paintbrush for delicate strokes around the green . Application is key and imo I don’t think there’s a one wedge solution . I use a set PW and Gap zx5s they also have built in”help” with turf interaction . For me the face is the last part of the equation if I hit thin/ fat shots with a non fitting club .
  7. I switched years ago to the Oakley Prizm. I can pick up grain on ther green and shade difference that are very subtle without that lense.
  8. Sometimes it an be tough . We have a local course in Suffolk that will load the course with A and B starting tee placements , then complain that the pace is slow. Also during groups events/blitzes have open play put out on te first tee while the groups is coming from the back starting tees to the first tee. During individual play/competition I’ve seen groups of 3 work very well for pace and ability to keep up . When you don’t pick up at double bogey you can get caught behind . Another fail is having multiple tee boxes. If playing an event pairing everyone on the same box helps things move .
  9. I was hitting the PXG ball against PROV/X yesterday on course situations . Off the tee was eh ok . Coming into the green showed the difference . The half wedge was the knockout punch . First short wedge the cover started to shred . Doesn’t matter what Value the PXG ball offers, when you hit a fairway then wedge into the green and now it’s not usable .
  10. The golf pride CP (blue or red cap ) are close for the tack feel.
  11. First , ping offers 3 loft selection to get the launch squared away . I have had fittings where it does see “ used car sales ish “ I’ve also had a fitting where the guys helping the process said “ oh we happen to have that in stock ‘“ . When i asked for my information the fitter got an attitude and resisted giving me what I’ve paid for . ( hod golf) Richmond I understand if the fitting is free with purchase , but when I hand you money for the process I’ve paid for that information . for your situation apples to apples comparison with launch monitor set up with equal clubs . Don’t get hung up on a number . The Richmond club champion does a great job . I was freaked out about bending clubs weak , the distance gaps are what’s important. It’s not how far can you hit it , it’s how far do you need to carry it .
  12. These were 1st gen integrated boa shoes . I too am a footjoy fan and have many custom my joys . I don’t trust the boa product I’ve had more success with waxed laces . I’m not going to risk my climbing boot falling off my foot 30 feet in the air . You know how you you have “ that wedge “ you trust to bump skip and stop ? In my opinion boas are the knee high thinned rocket across the green method of shoe lace .
  13. The BOA seems like a neat idea . I’ve had nothing but problems . I’ve sent back to Footjoy 2 different shoe types , only to be told ‘’it’s out of warranty and it’s my problem “. It wasn’t out of warranty when the problem started , the boa would just pop and release , then either shoe comes off or very loose . This is a real pita especially when walking the course or on hilly/slippery terrain . I’ve seen the system offered for my work boots , but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to trust a product I can’t walk in while climbing a telephone pole .
  14. Yes , I use a remote control electric cart . I can load with cooler and whatever’s needed .
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