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  1. Any chance youd ship to Vancouver BC Canada or Toronto as my son lives there if its better for you
  2. Like a previous commenter, Ive been told by my instructor that the 60* wedge is difficult to hit. Im presently a 90-92 player and fully expect to hit the 85-87 range in the next short while and he says just to stick with my 56* and open it up if I need to hit a big flop. Any comments to this suggestion would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  3. Any trade interests . I live in BC just in case youre interested
  4. Got a TS 2 9.5, see attached pics Looking for 210.00 plus shipping
  5. For sale are 2 PX Yellow Hazardus Smoke Small Batch shafts One is 6.0 TS 60 grams and the other is 6.5 TX 70 grams - low spin shafts No tipping, brand new 190.00 shipped , will consider trades (but really not sure that I need anything)
  6. Looking to buy the 5 and 6 iron with shaft or without If shafted, will need the MMT 80g stiff flex shaft Thanks in advance
  7. One last try bump, help me please
  8. Looking to purchase a PXG DualCor 6 iron head Head only is preferable as you must be able to ship to Canada Thanks all
  9. You have such great putters!!!!
  10. Thanks very much You guys are great!!!!
  11. Thats what I was expecting but all I get is the Messenger page with none of that but Insert image from URL
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