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  1. 70445, just looking for the Shot Scope Thanks though
  2. Reply sent Golf Dawg
  3. Someone has to have one - please !!
  4. Still looking - anyone?
  5. Missed the latest one that was for sale here and hoping to find another one If youve got one and are interested in selling please drop me a line One note is that I live in Canada - on the left coast Thanks very much Pretty please!!!!
  6. Do you have to pay for a subscription for these. I know that one of the generations of these you get the Arccos Caddie for free and another you have to pay
  7. is this sold, cant see any pics
  8. Love Riverway, heard really good stuff about Pagoda, Cove Links - out in the valley? and not a fan of Furry Hopefully you played during that run of great weather
  9. Thats pretty good. Did you go on the MGS Vancouver trip Was way too busy to even try, where did they play - do you know
  10. Welcome MBP I wonder how many guys we have on My Golf Spy that live in Vancouver and the lower mainland
  11. Just following up, have you sent pics or have you sold it Thanks
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