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  1. Yep DJ is one class act himself--- but then again so are all the members on this site
  2. Something I missed the first time around. Chalk it up to a senior moment. That shaft in your driver is one heck of a shaft. I used that shaft for years in all my drivers and fairways. I finally got too old to swing them anymore. My favorite graphite shaft of all time.
  3. That is one of the most timeless designs ever--- And you are hearing that from a confirmed Macgregor and Hogan blade man. I actually have a set of eye 2s I found in one of the bins at work. They were red dots but I did bend the lies up to my specs but did not jack the lofts. A friend of mine on WRX who is a Ping expert told me not to jack the lofts. They are basically traditional lofts starting with a 48* PW. I think what smoothes mine out is the Apollo multi step shafts that were in them when I found them.
  4. Heck I work making pretty decent money and can not afford them
  5. And trust me on this because you and I think alike. You would not like them. My running partner Bear has a set. They hit ok but nothing like what you and I are bagging. Even at his age he is into the distance thing. His PXGs are 2* stronger than any of my KZGs and I still use 1 club less than he does. He swears I have those things jacked and I do not. Besides I can not justify paying that much for a set of clubs. But hey to each his own whatever floats their boat
  6. You guys know me I love to experiment---- I have been messing around with leaving it in some in my vintage practice rounds. On putts 5 feet and in it distracts me. I like it on long putts. But seriously I am still uncommitted either way because of late frankly my putting has sucked. The groups I play in are non committable too.
  7. I have had the same thing happen even with cheaper cigars. A experienced cigar smoker at the shop where I buy mine turned me on to the V cut method. Like I said I am a rookie on this. Trust me I read a lot of what you guys say and absorb it
  8. Now I am a "cigar rookie" compared to you guys but in my experiments I have found what I call a eye cut or what you call a v cut to be the most effective for me. I have experimented with both the guillotine and the hole punch thing and found the v cut is the best. I have even used a tee on occasion. Lately I have been smoking Tampa Trolleys because I got a good price on them but have tried Acid Blonde and like those too. The Trolleys seem smooth to me and I can buy 3 of them for what one Acid Blonde costs. The only time I smoke cigars is on the golf course
  9. You know you are welcome. We can go to the Kroger right across the street get us a tub of Palmetto Pimento and a loaf of bread and there you go. I also use it as a dip with chips too
  10. BIG STU

    Old vs new

    Cnosil pretty much nailed it. Far as I go I am a wedge ho and can tune mine with both weight placement and grinding on the soles. For me the older wedges have a better feel but that is just me and MHO. Conforming or not does not make a hill of beans to me because I do not play stipulated events or comps anymore. I will also take a groove sharpener to one in a NY minute
  11. Rookie Blue who used to be on here a lot had the recipe and posted it on here one year--- I made it and it was ok then someone here at the beach turned me on to Palmetto Pimento--- And yes I have been to Texas many times and that Price's is good too. Used to eat that stuff all the time. I have gotten older and that stuff tends to clog me up some if I eat it like I used too but then again that is one of the uses for Epson Salts
  12. Right ON ! Brother you got it!!!! Made right down the road about 8 miles from me
  13. Absolutely and the sweet smell of all the flowers and the grass itself. I like being on any golf course early in the morning and have been on quite a few. But the fresh mown grass there smells like no other place on earth I have ever been. And if you know golf history like I do it is amazing when you see the sights and sounds. I do not get into politics at all so I could care less if the ANGC members are Autocratic or Democratic. My inflammation is ok> It was a touch of gout caused by me eating too much imported or farm raised shrimp the last 2 weeks. Regular shrimp out of the Inlet here does not affect me much. I am on a BP pill anyhow that has a diuretic in it anyhow. My MD who is a golf bud anyhow told me what to do. Lay off the shrimp rest it up drink plenty of water and pee a lot. I am ok now I am going to practice in a few
  14. For us boys born and raised in the South it is tradition---- I have had the privilege of attending the event 7 times over the years. The last time was 20 years ago. Normally if the opportunity presents itself I will play golf myself and tape it. Yesterday I was sorta laid up with a joint inflammation in my left foot. I did do some modifications on my Scotty putter and putted about 2 hours with it yesterday morning and then yesterday afternoon. So I saw some of it and taped the rest and watched it this morning. And yes I purchased some Palmetto Pimento brand pimento cheese for the weekend which is about as close to the Pimento Cheese sandwiches at August as one can get. If you think ANGC looks good on HDTV you ought to be there in person. As far as the other majors especially the US Open I could give two hoots less
  15. Now you are cooking with gas so to speak--- I gave $13 for my Jones bag which is a non stand model which was what I wanted. A guy in Eastern NC had it. The shipping was around $15 or so. I am very pleased with it. Fits good on a riding cart and is sturdy enough the bag drop guys do not squish the living sheet out of it. I am thinking about buying a Classic Jones stand he has for the same price. I did retrofit mine with a padded Titleist strap from one of my old staff bags.
  16. Well I am a little late to this party but I will say what is not to like? V-Foils last of the great Macgregor irons. 254 and 258 Vokeys those were the best of the Vokeys IMHO. And a Circa 62 Scotty to boot. Those 5.5 Rifle Precisions are one heck of a shaft I am playing them in a set of forged CB KZGs right now. Do not worry about hogging out the grooves those Vokeys are non conforming anyhow not that I give 2 hoots.
  17. Where's the pics? I like looking at stuff like that. And I will debate your last line they must be perfect for you because they work for you. Hey play what works. Ain't got to be the most beautiful or modern. If I saw that bag somewhere I would say hmmm this guy knows his game with the TM driver and Vokey wedge with those irons
  18. A lower compression ball stays on the face a little longer and helps promote spin which increases control and height. Modern balls like a Pro V are hard to get airborne with a persimmon or laminate wood. Most of the time when I play strictly vintage I play the Bridgestone Ladies ball or a Srixon Soft Feel. The Wilson Zip that DJ mentioned is also a good ball for vintage play. As far as hurting those Ping Maple laminates a modern ball will not phase them one bit. Those things are actually harder than Persimmon. I have a friend of mine here that hits a Ping laminate 3 wood off the tee and has been doing so for years. He hits it further and straighter than he does any modern metal wood. But he has enough Swing speed he can elevate it with a modern ball. He has hit that thing for years with even range rocks and has not killed it yet
  19. Classy Man----- 58 Dynas and Mac woods and housed in a Jones Classic stand bag to boot!!! You ought to post those restored Precisions for folks to see too. Maybe we can draw some interest on the classic side of things here.
  20. Kinda like TPC down here. A lot of forced carries and when we were playing from the yellow (senior ) tees on a couple of par 4s we hit the driver good and still had 220 or so uphill into the green. What happens down here though is most tourist golfers have a big ego and will play from the tips. Management will not say anything because they have the course packed. Their way of thinking now is the longer folks are out there the more alcohol they will consume. Trust me the tourists will come back even if they have a 6 hour round because they are on vacation and they are drunk. Golf is booming here but IMHO in the wrong direction with more and more obnoxious drunks.
  21. They tried that at a course here one time. Actually had the starter and ranger asking for handicap cards. They asked us and my bud produced his which was a 1 at the time. His daughter ( now a Symetra Tour Player) had hers and I think it was about a 5. He looked at me and asked what about you? I produced 2 of my mini tour cards. He said well I guess you guys can play from the blues and we chuckled that course was only 6400 from the blues. That did not last long at that course which was not that great of a layout anyhow. A fun track but not a great layout. They lost a lot of business and 3 ownership changes later that course closed. Not really for that reason but that did help run off some of the tourist business.
  22. I could not get the other one to post right but here is my old warhorse Penna I played until 02 or so. The last persimmon standing on the SE Mini Tours. It also has a PGA pedigree it was also one of the last persimmon drivers played on the PGA tour. Yep I still play it on occasion even though the Aldila HM-65 graphite is getting a little stiff for me to hit. Those are also my Macgregor CF-4000 irons that my old man got new in 1962 when he was on Macgregor staff. Yep I still play them some but father time has caught up with me and I can not sadly swing those old Stiff Pro Pel 2 steel shafts like I used to. And yes they are in a genuine Macgregor Mini staff Tartan stripe bag not a Golfsmith plastic junk bag made in China but a genuine leather and vinyl made in the USA one
  23. Toney Penna was an old school tour player back in the day even before my time. He was on the Macgregor staff. He also was a club tinkerer and that evolved into club design. when his playing days and Macgregor contract ran out he started his own golf manufacturing company in Jupiter Florida. Years after he died the company was bought and sorta revived by Nathaniel Crosby son of Bing Crosby. I think sometime in the 90s it was absorbed into the deal with Nicklaus golf. In the mid 90s they got away from the quality persimmon woods and quality irons and started making junk ( IMHO) I think a couple of years ago I read on here someone had bought the rights to the company and were trying to revive the name brand with some horrible junk cast wedges. This is a picture of my most prized Penna driver this one is hand made and has never hit a ball
  24. BIG STU


    Actually that would be a great test for the MGS lab test guys---- Me I use whatever---- I am almost 62 years old and have never purchased a tee in my life. Growing up with my old man running a golf course I had and found plenty especially working the cart shed. Believe it or not I have tees probably 40 or 50 years old some in real tin Chase and Sanborn coffee cans. Like my old man I picked up tees. Sometimes played at clubs that gave you tees. My friend up the street who owns the pancake house gives them away and insists I grab several handfuls everytime I go there. Tourists also do not pick up tees either. Most of the time I can start a round here with 2 tees in my pocket and end up with 6 after the round. Most guys have a change jar on their dresser for spare change I have that and a tee jar. As far as tees marking up the sole of my driver I could care less If I happen to care acetone or WD-40 takes care of that. Personally I prefer stock wooden tees and BTW I tee the ball with the driver on most shots low or traditional height even with a modern driver unless I really want to hit it high
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