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  1. Senior moment I presume. Yep after my accident I had to go from 33" to 35". I was messing around the other day with my Cleveland 8802 Designed By at 33". After a few putts my back was killing me.
  2. I can tell you one worse than that on gas prices. Between my house and SC 544 which is about 4 miles there are 3 different Circle K stores. Gas prices vary between them sometimes by .10 per gallon. No one can explain it. Basically what little gas we use we go to Kroger because their gas is always cheaper and we are also on the points thing. Since we use just a little gas the prices had fallen here the week before Thanksgiving. We had like .20 per gallon discount. took both vehicles over and filled up. Not sure on the Caddy mileage yet this was the first fill up with it since I have had it 2 months. According to the trip odometer I have drove it only 200 miles since I got it. I got approxametely 16 MPG here around town which is about what I averaged with the rust Benz. Even though I do not drive far we after all have a lot of stop and go traffic As far as Thanksgiving travel we did not go anywhere. No reason for us. I have no living close relatives and my wife only has her brother who we have not heard from in over 5 years now. Besides in our trucking days we have done enough holiday travel for 3 lifetimes. But I can see it for others like you and I symphatize with you and those poor folks trapped in airports
  3. Yep you are like me do not play stipulated comps anymore and do not give a damn about the USGA or anything they have to say. I was messing around in the shop the other day and found a Pure Spin 64* I forgot I had. It is one of those with diamonds on the face. Illegal as all get out. I had it up on the range today and I can not hit it maybe 30 yards but I was spinning range rocks darn near back on me. LOL had range rock cover all over the face. For me it is not practical for regular play but it is off the charts for the kicks and giggles factor which for me these days is what golf is all about
  4. And I do not see anything wrong with that and I for one do not care if you anchor or not.
  5. Thanks I will check into that
  6. I kinda went through the same thing last week. We own an older mobile home and that old furnace is sorta pieced together. Not a lot of people work on the older furnaces anymore. But we do have a fall back we do have the woodstove was in here when we bought the place 22 years ago. My central air went out 2 years ago right when I got hurt so we have used "redneck ACs" as in window units. When I recieved my settlement last year we checked around and decided that it was cheaper to do some work instead of move. And really for us there was no where else we wanted to go. In the last 3 months we have had more insulation and new Vinyl siding installed. One of my golf buds is semi retired and is a carpenter handy man by trade. He works by himself and did not take on the siding job. I did have him rebuild the front porch including the wheelchair ramp. The ramp was here when we bought the place. In fact legally it did not cost me to re do the ramp because that came out of the medical fund money set aside seperately for medical supplies etc related to my accident Since we are staying I think I am going to spend the money and put in a central heat and A/C system. Oh trust me I will keep and still use the wood stove.
  7. One of the reasons I know my real distances is because I know my course like the back of my hand. I have also plotted my course. On my early dew sweeper rounds I carry an old flag and flagstick that had been broken off. I will place it where I hit from and go to where my ball is at and shoot it to see how far I hit it. I have a notebook full of notes which I have memorized now. Like it has been stated before most people don't hit the ball nearly as far as they think. Like I stated I hit a modern driver only 215 220 or so and my 5 iron 160.
  8. Now you are lucky the starter had the inititave. Here it would have been "tough Titleist ( yall get that) said the kitty when the milk ran dry especially if tourons were involved. One of the reasons I stick to my home course now. We do not have rangers and we do not do motel packages nor are members with any golf group. As far as violtions like riding the carts in unautorized areas or too close to the greens the members have the authority to tell them and identify themselves as members. But on the other hand the owners do not want us to say anything on pace of play and wrong tees etc. Now we are not exclusively private because they do book on golfnow.com
  9. I agree and they would get my death stare and be told to kiss my *** in no uncertain terms. I would also not play with them. A few years back my late friend Little Bear and I were paired with a older guy who used a broomstick putter. Someone must have chided him over it because he was defensive and told us up front that he used one. Bear told him no one in this group cares if you use a 10 foot putter stuck up your wazoo that the first tee was open to hit it. The older gent was from out of town and a hoot to play with. After the round he told us thanks because no one gave him any flack over his putter--- I gave him my number and told him any time he was down to call me and he could play with us and he was more than welcome
  10. While "common sense" is a great guideline it does not exist much today in golf or life? And I know you are in great shape for your age and have a good swing despite your back problems. In all honesty for me today at sea level I get like 160 out of the 5 iron if I hit it well. I still carry it and the 4 iron and I will hit them if the situation dictates but mostly for me it is the 7 wood at 21* and the 9 wood at 24*.
  11. A few years back I was a big Bridgestone Treo Soft fan. When I switched cars I found a dozen I won a couple of years back in a annual charity event. I threw 6 in the bag the other day along with 2 of the yellow E-6s I had found. Our course has a strong Srixon presence and I have won so many the last 2 years of so I have bunches. I have gotten used to Srixon balls. I played the 2 yellow E-6s Saturday in the shootout. Used those same 2 balls for rounds Tuesday and Wednesday. They are wearing well and I do not notice any more distance or spin compared to my usual Q Star or Q Star Tour. If we play the Shootout Saturday I will more than likely put 2 Treo Softs into play. I mess around on my practice rounds and play whatever premimun scuffed ball I grab from the shag bag. These days it does not really matter to me. If I were going to play serious comp or big money matches again it would be either Vice or Snell balls or maybe the Z-Star
  12. Like the broomstick putter and anchoring I absolutely see nothing wrong with it----- Yes I can relate to the back issues myself. Down here 99% of the clubs have disregarded the anchor long putter ban in league play etc because a lot of older guys have back problems and some have the shakes due to meds or medical problems. I Increased my putter length from 33" to 35" after my injury. I did putt with the broomstick in the past and I may go to it again if need be.
  13. Something I will suggest with new clubs--- Experiment around with different balls--- Different clubs because of design etc react differently with different balls. Mostly these days I am a Srixon guy since I have won so many over the past 2 years mainly Q Star Tours. With the Tourist influx season going on now Bridgestone E-6s must be on sale because I have found like 4 or 5 yellow ones brand new in the last 2 weeks. On a whim I played 2 in last weeks shootout and they performed well for me. I used the same 2 balls in my rounds Tuesday and yesterday. Now I am not going to justify me going out and buying a dozen because I still have like 4 dozen Q Stars and like 4 dozen Soft Feels. They must have changed the E-6 quite a bit because I remember when those came out a Pro friend of mine gave me 2 sleeves and I hated them because I could not curve them and they seemed hard off the putter for me. These did not feel that way so they may have changed them
  14. Our course referrs to the colors only. On the shootouts and nine and dines they do say the age thing and " ladies hit from the red tees" like one of my Pros/ Co Owner stated it we did the announcing on the distance thing it would confuse people and with a sly wink said that I was the only one who knew my true distance that most people think they hit it further than they do anyhow
  15. Basically that is where I am at after my accident in 2020. I lost so much distance because I can only pull the club back to like 9:00 or so. Pre accident I was long for 62 yoa around 250 255 at sea level. Now days only average like 215 220. I do not play leagues or any comp other than our weekly shootout and the Nine and Dines. And no it is not fun hitting 3 woods and 7 woods into par 4s when you have hit the best drive you can down the middle. Even with all of that I kept my unofficial handicap single digit. But not kidding myself it was all due to my short game. It also got to the point in the Shootout that they never used my drive unless they were in trouble. I relized after a while in the shootouts playing others drives I was ok distance wise playing from where they hit it. I also play a lot of vintage golf for kicks and giggles with the persimmon woods. On those rounds I was playing from our Super Senior ( 70 and older) and even with persimmon woods had better shots into greens. I am in a all different frame of mind playing vintage golf than regular golf. In vintage golf I consider it fun to try to hit like a persimmon 4 wood into a par 4. Regular modern golf it was not so much fun. Back in the summer being a full member I can play as much as I want to. I was doing one of my dew sweeper rounds with the somewhat modern set up in my signature and I tried the green tees for kicks and giggles one morning. Discovered it was fun again and I was pain free. Basically from the gold tees I was pushing it too hard trying to get distance and I would hurt for 2 days afterwards. Was seriously thinking about quitting period. After moving up I discovered regular golf was fun again. I was not straining myself and hurting. Like I said I do not play leagues any stipulated comps or keep a stipulated handicap any more. I also actually shot the yardage differences between our tees and moving up to the green tees averaged out my 30 yards or so of distance loss. And I feel I do not have to march to the beat of anyone elses beat of a drum. That was when I decided to move up one set of tees whether anyone likes it or not. If they did not like it then I would quit the shootouts and Nine and Dines and just play my morning rounds and late rounds either modern or vintage. I retired from high stakes money matches and Mini Tours like 12 years ago now and play for fun period. Come to find out none of our regular members had any objection at all because they know and saw me rehabbing. So yes golf is fun for me again and I am pain free. I tell anyone regardless of age or gender or even handicap to move up to where it is fun
  16. And if I remember it correctly and it was stated several times on here that a Rules Official was present and did give guidence so IMHO everything is Kosher so to speak as far as I am concerned which means zilch
  17. A couple of courses here in this Tourist and Retirement Mecca tried that but off of handicap. It did not work out and play suffered. The problem at most courses down here is the arrogant tourist golfers blow into town with their tour van look and will try to play the furtherst tees back. LOL If you are in the resturants at night and listen to them talking they will say like " That ( insert name of course) really kicked our butts today from the tips I shot like 110 and Joe shot 115" I am like what fun can that be??? I know a bunch of guys that are rangers and they are told to "somewhat keep play moving but do not piss off the tourists"
  18. Actually the USGA guide line chart I saw says nothing about age or handicap. it just deals with driver distance. Now I will admit when I turned 50 I did not move up still played the tips and I did not want to admit it but it was beginning to be a strugle. A young pro friend of mine that I had mentored and helped pass his PAT test for his card talked to me on that. He was correct and I put the man card away and moved up. When I turned 60 which is the guide lines here I did not hesitate to go to the Gold tees. After my injury and hurting myself several times chasing distance I decided to move up age be dammed. I had the attitude if anyone did not like it they could kiss my you know what. Like I said we have a tight knit bunch of members and everyone knows my plight and the fact I am lucky to be walking much less playing golf and have no problem.
  19. I basically ran into the same thing on loosing distance due to age and a back injury. My course has 5 sets of tees. We have Blue White Gold Green and Red. I had been playing the gold which are "age apporiate" for me at 5643 at sea level. I found I was hitting like a 7 wood into par 4s sometime a 3 wood into par 4s after a good drive. I had been playing the Super Senior green tees at 5120 at sea level with the persimmon woods and found out I was in better position there than with the modern from the gold tees. On 2 of our par 5s I could not hit the drive far enough to set my second shot over the hazard. Would have to lay up and have 160 165 into a par 4 for a 3rd shot. That is not fun IMHO. I started playing the Green Tees with the modern stuff and had more reasonable shots into greens with scoring opportunities. I talked to the owners of my course who are both PGAA pros and told them I was playing from the green tees from now on and if anyone objected I would no longer play the shootouts or 9 and dines. To put things in perspective I only hit a driver around 210 220 anymore and maybe 225 when I nut one. One of the guys produced a USGA chart reccomending yardages in relatonship to driver distance. My distance the reccomended yardage is 5320 so at sea level it levels out for me. My pros told me to play from the green tees if I desired and anyone with a problem should see them. Our membership is sorta tight knit and all the members know what I have went through and no one has a problem. We did have a question from an outsider the other week and one of my fellow members stepped in and told him that I was lucky to even be playing and not to worry about what I was doing. Most of the time if we have any problems it is caused by outside non members. My fellow member also told the guy if he was that serious that he should find another venue to play in and or keep his butt in North Myrtle Beach. I was going to quit until I was at least 70 and "eligible" to move to the green tees. But now I have ammo from both the USGA and PGAOA to support my decision not that I cared to begin with
  20. One of my sometimes Shootout partners uses the exact same Iron covers---- I did visit their site--- Was going to pull the trigger on the driver cover like yours then a friend of mine gave me a cover from a charity event in the Upstate that I had played in before. Was unable to play the last 2 years because my body will not let me travel. I had made a donation to their charity so my friend who is a wheel for the charity sent me a cover. Nice leather type pull cover that for now is a PITA to put on and off. When I did a trade deal for my current Cally Driver it came with a snazzy factory cover which is easy to use so I use it. Another friend gave me another Cally cover so right now I am good. If not for that good fortune I would have ordered a driver cover from them. I do not use iron covers and flat refuse to game a putter I have to use a cover on.
  21. Look he is a new poster and IMHO he is trolling us. And I saw the same thing you did and share your opinion LOL some THINK they do
  22. Nothing at all wrong with a Staff or Tour bag--- I have several I earned either being on staff Ping ( GASP!) Infiniti and Titleist ( where I had a ball deal only)---- I sorta got on a personal anti advertising jag a few years back. Here the Tourist posers carry staff bags or fancy stand bags. I caan remember at my former course the tourons if you set back and watched would check out my bag. They would come back perplexed seeing old V-Steel Fairways and rusty lead taped Macgregors etc. That was about the time I went on my anti advertising jag. I went to the old school non descript Jones. I do not carry a lot of stuff anyhow. The Jones for me in my state of health handles good. A few weeks back I did transfer my stuff to one of my Titleist staff bags just because one of my sometimes scramble partners is a poster Boy for PXG. Halfway through the round I rationalized I do not need all of that. Went home after the round and went back to the Jones. Yeah I like flying under the radar----- I do have a non descript old school Burton but for me it is heavy and overkill for the small amount of stuff I carry. But yeah if one wants a staff bag either with or without their name on it fine with me
  23. Well to a certain extend I can be a ho especially on the vintage side. No telling what you will see from me on those rounds. Now in the Shootouts etc the signature set is what you will see. I am a hopeless club ho with like 50 persimmon drivers and 100 or so vintage putters plus like 12 sets of Macgregor bladess ranging from 1940 to like 1986. My most "modern" set of irons is a set of 2014 TM TP CBs with graphite. They are put back to the time I can not swing the steel shafted blades
  24. How well I know. With over 100 putters in my stash I do stray from time to time. Somehow the rusty Scotty ends up back in. LOL one of my Shootout partners remarked the other day I needed to stop screwing around and keep the Scotty in the bag
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