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  1. Depends on the course you're playing. 5 yards more can give you a direct line to all of the green or you may have to factor in some obstacle on the way to some part of the green or the whole thing. In another instance, 5 yards more can shoot you past the ideal line to the green or, being 5 yards shorter, provide you with the best options for shots to the green. Greater distance is never a foregone conclusive advantage, but I'd rather have it and deal with controlling my shot than not have it to call on if needed. The game is one of accuracy and control. Distance helps and is a s
  2. It's not the tee box, though that does take a few minuits more if too long, it's the player who cannot come to a quick assessment, decision and execution. Much more time is consumed by players hemming and hawing before and after every shot as if they were on stage rather than doing a quick read, making a decision and executing. Shambles
  3. Spikeless. I like the shoe for that very reason. I wear it to the course and wear it just about everywhere else. Too bad the manufacturer stopped making the shoe except as a golf shoe and even redesigned the sole to accommodate a few soft spikes. I like it better as a street shoe with nubs. Shambles
  4. I was actually told that way back. The Pings were supposed to be better clubs in the wet season and the thin soles in the dry but after I got to know my Pings I just got to using them in all seasons and let Hogans go, without planning to do so. The guy just took them and left payment in excess behind when all I had agreed to was to let him use it until he could find the same model for himself. Shambles
  5. Never saw a picture or video of that trainer...just a lot of words full of claims and promises. Is there at least a picture of the thing ? Shambles
  6. For me the short game goes through the bag. It's not just the 30 and 35 yard pitches but actually begins for most at about 150 yards and all the distances within. The stronger players have short game that begins with their second shot, unless they are on a par 3. Players do not become good low caps by playing too many lay ups. You get better by learning to play the course and often need the resources your full bag affords you by giving you the kind of carry and roll your chosen landing dictates. The club you choose to do that job has it's own limitations and there will be times you need
  7. Revkev, I don't feel the need for additional wedges with my Eye 2's as their lofts are actually the lofts I spent the majority of my golfing life with. I actually have an L wedge that sits almost totally unused as my S wedge is 58* and really enough for all my sand needs and the short irons have always been the ones that supplied any help I needed to control trajectory for the short game. If any change is to be made, it would be in the long irons which I more often replace with current hybrids regardless that I already have fairways with almost the same lofts. That's because I sometimes
  8. That's a pretty permanent case with the range I used to frequent, with the addenda that some specific people are also forbidden the use of their fairways. Used to be fun to send a ball over the fence onto the roof of the apartments at the other end. Shambles
  9. Looks fun but I think those old 3 wheelers were prone to tipping over when the fool driving made sudden sharp turns and those teeny tiny wheels were not necessarily all that comfortable albeit good for acceleration. I'll wager a lot of that asking price was in the difficulty of finding or repairing parts and that cart isn't going to stand up well to a lot of use. Having said all that, I want to own it too, though I would likely put modern innards into that thing so I could use it regularly. Shambles
  10. Big subject for such a short title. I have my doubts that the jacked up lofts are ruining the game for new guys, though I do believe they leave decisions to the new guy that may or may not be comfortable for the new guy to make. I liked the days when you could buy a set of irons that consisted of 3 to sand and your only job after that was to learn to use them. If you got better, you could buy the 1 and 2 of that set, just like the pros carry. They even had the 60* wedge as an extra purchase and it was a relief for those of us who had trouble getting out of the sand without crossing the
  11. Your answer really depends on how bad the woods are and how good your fairways, Hybrids and Irons are. That's just the way Golf is. People like Seve and Tiger were able to shine from trouble that their not so great drives got them but people like Sergio and Rory get into trouble and too often get lost in the process. Seems to me Sergio and Rory were meant to play from the fairways only but Tiger and Seve were able to play from just about anywhere on the course. I once played a round from the tips with one of our truly great amateurs and he spent the entire round looking for the trouble he woul
  12. I had that problem for a bit, the freezing. I was able to get through it by turning the club 90* open and pushing it back close along the ground until it had no choice but to rise up into my backswing and then just finished by hitting the ball. I got to liking the routine and kept it long after I no longer needed it but my pro caught me and forced me to go normal. These days my hands sometimes freeze open on the downswing and I do the same thing to jog them into squaring the club. Apparently, for me, doing the strange and unorthodox has a way of forcing me to finish normal. Shambles
  13. I think slow play comes from thoughtless and selfish people who become unaware of the time they are consuming or just do not care about the people they are sharing the course with. Shambles
  14. I get a very wide variety from the experienced balls bin for a lot less. Might be a fun gift for a new golfer but would probably get old in the first three months. I pass. Shambles
  15. Revkev, The best that I can see of today's ball as against the balls of thirty or more years ago is that they are more durable and hold fewer secret surprises like lost compression, out of round or mobile centers. Frankly, I have not seen an out of center ball in more than 30 years. These days it's not as worrisome to shoot at small landings than in the past. However distance appears to be pretty much the same where carry is concerned if I allow for improvements that were gained from superior technique gained from videos and reading the thoughts of better hitters posted on the net. Simp
  16. I suppose you could use a small plastic or wooden hammer and tap the round edges of the dent repeatedly until the dent pops out on it's own if you're very lucky. It sometimes happens with a car for simple dents. Unfortunately I have doubts as it works better for big dents that are deeper, not teeny tiny shallow ones like the one on your golf club. Further, not to add to your woes, the repair does not always work 100% when it works. It sometimes leaves ripples. It would need a magnificent amount of luck for this solution to work. The best that can be done is actually your plan which is to b
  17. There are many things that have brought about greater length off the tee. The ball is a lesser contributor. I think the Internet and the ease of acquiring information might be the primary contributor for the most interested because, even with the least skill at searching, a ton of education on at least the most basic levels of the golf swing are available and for those that succeed, higher levels of knowledge that might sometimes need to be paid for but might also be found free or derived with some thinking or simply close observation of golf clips because software these days allow a frame by
  18. I doubt he gave a lot of thought to this position. It strikes me as a rather simplistic and shallow view of today's golfer. Shambles
  19. Designations have pretty much lost their meaning ever since club makers took up marketing as a major. Shambles
  20. If you already have them in hand and like what you see and feel, those could already be your lifetime clubs and you should do nothing more with them than to use them frequently.Those dime size spots are a sign of skill that may or may not belong to you but will certainly make golf hustlers a bit more careful around you. I view people who own clubs that have that kind of wear as someone to be approached carefully and respectfully especially where bets are concerned. At the very least, it will buy you respect until your first swing. Frankly, those brown marks are meaningless to the clubs
  21. Hybrids were a horror for me and it took a while to make them useful to my game. I always considered them woods and found them too heavy and short of shaft. However a couple of years of messing with them and comparing them to alternatives, mostly long irons and fairways, found a place in my bag for them at the cost of my long irons and threatening my fairways. They are simply so much easier to use than the long irons in so many more situations, and serve some fairway situations better than the fairway. Overall, I'd say they have their uses and I just have to make up for the changes by mak
  22. Rather disappointing that such advice is necessary where Golf shoes are concerned. They cost much more than every day shoes purportedly because they were made much better to stand up to long distance walking and endure the outdoors. Frankly, I think using them two or three times a week is light as against the daily wear we use for office or other work related activities. All the more light if compared to jogging shoes or B Ball shoes or whatever other athletic activities, yet my experience with golf shoes has been very disappointing. I rather miss the heavy leather shoes we used to wear fo
  23. Ten years is a bit amazing to me. I bought a pair of dryjoys from Sears many years ago and the damn things didn't even last a year, only lasting that long because I kept having them repaired. Greenjoys, on the other hand, lasted me almost two years. The only footjoys that lasted on me were a pair that were spikeless but these were dangerous in wet weather. Never bought footjoys since. I live in a different country so there was no sending them back for the warranty. Shambles
  24. Personally speaking I hope I'm at least partly past the business of an item becoming a beauty because of price, but I'm pretty sure that for most people high cost means high beauty. How would you otherwise explain the gathering and close exams given to the more expensive bags ? You might play just as badly with a cheap set and be better able to sneak on the fairway, but you're a furtive fellow when you have to do so. It's a fact that the cost of your set does not impart skill, but that works both ways. Likewise it's a pretty good assumption that the most popular clubs are more likely to fit mo
  25. People believe the advertising and word of mouth more than common sense and personal observation. As a matter of fact, that customer is more likely to derive satisfaction from the 1500 dollar set than the 200 dollar set simply because more experienced are more likely to look, touch, test and admire them. It's almost a sure thing that the guy with a shiny gew gaw is a trying to be new player who, at the very least, will get have a shot at the club house show considering he won't win any prizes on the fairways. I think the salesmen do the buyer a favor by showing them the most advertised pr
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