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  1. he's just feeling the price of fame. Being famous is only fun in the beginning. After a while you would prefer to be able to walk to the market and buy groceries without being remarked upon or hearing the continuous clicks of cameras following you. Movie stars and politicians can hide in very private clubs and very expensive places where the patrons politely leave you alone, but I suppose Rory has not learned to find those places yet. Shambles
  2. I doubt you can really blame the effect of one single aspect of a club upon it's effect on the player. Shaft length is one aspect, and a very easy one to play with. Others are lie, leading edge and flange. Even offset and loft has an effect upon the player's comfortable ball address position and therefore swing plane. If the discussion were restricted to shaft length, it can be affected by the width of the player's stance. Making use of longer shafts can encourage a player to take a narrower stance, therefore growing a bit taller and possibly making his angle of attack a bit steeper. In m
  3. It's obvious he is the real #1. The attendance and viewer ratings prove it. Nothing boosts a tourney's attendance and interest more than Tiger's presence. His effect is much the same as we had with Arnie and Jack when they were in shape. There are many pretenders but the crowd defines reality. Chi Chi Rodriguez once commented that there were more people watching Arnie park his car than were in the tournament watching the players. Tiger has the same effect. Shambles
  4. It would be nice to see Woods tie Snead's win record at Arnold Palmer's tourney and then break it at the Masters. I have no doubt he will break that record too along with so many others already broken, but to do so in this manner would add a lot of drama. Shambles
  5. Missing an appointment is the kind of thing that happens to people for whom there is an excessive demand for their time and there is not enough of a support structure. It sounds to me as if Yani has not developed such a support structure and is still functioning as if she were an ordinary person even if the demand for her time has grown. Sounds like a management failure. Shambles
  6. This thread is a time machine. Shambles
  7. That won't be a lot of fun on some sun shiny days. It's a bag beauty and that's about all it's good for. Shambles
  8. Life is truly challenging when you can no longer trust the ground you stand on. Shambles
  9. I was given an SW that I was told was about 60* back when I was in high school and the thing was heavy with a lot of bounce and sent the ball flying high. Unfortunately, in my part of the world, bending an iron was still done on a bench vise and measuring loft was more eyeball skill than some machine. Rather sad that I no longer have that club for discursive purposes. Back then, older golfers were complaining of delofted clubs that were coming out though I myself felt that my new clubs were already too lofted. I have no idea of when there was such a thing as traditional lofts. I have the
  10. So called " traditional lofts " do not exist. Lofts change from generation to generation. I spent a tremendous amount of time with Eye 2 lofts and am therefore most comfortable with them. When the Callaway X12 came out, they were a full club stronger than the Eye 2 which in their turn had been lower lofted than the clubs that preceded them. I understand the latest PW loft is about the loft of my eye 2 8 iron. The 60* wedge, I think, used to be a fairly common sand wedge but became a Lob wedge in my time. If you are used to the lofts of a bygone time, you would need to buy additional wedge
  11. Sounds to me like we know the same people. However the guy I had, I was able to fix, for one range session in any case. After persuading him to not deloft so severely and showing him that he was actually able to use the long clubs with reliable direction, I left him to practice on his own. A few years passed and we ended up playing together again and...he was back to the old problems for the old reasons, but at least he was able to use his driver for a fair result with some reasonable direction. I'm too tired these days to have the energy to fix people so I stayed silent. Shambles
  12. Seems to me that the primary objective of an ad campaign is to bring the brand name to the attention of the consumer. Repetition and proliferation accomplishes that very well. Further, repetition and successfully penetrating public awareness has a way of lending credibility to a brand. Outrageous claims do not buy credibility but they do plant the seed of possibility and that, often enough, earns the product a look see and a swing which brings up the possibility of a sale. Consider the technical difficulties that were behind the S2H2 design. It never truly delivered in performance, but it sold
  13. I'm thinking you must be a giant amongst men for the weight of your clubs. I'm not nearly as meticulous. I leave the heads as is and merely pay attention to the length of the shafts I install. In truth, there was a time that I gave attention to swing weight but these days my sets range from C5 to D1, depending on the shafts I fit to them. They all work as long as I can feel the shaft and head when I swing. Just stick 3 grams to any of your clubs, change nothing else, and you really should feel a significant change. Shambles
  14. Jmiller065, Best is most of the time to take it to a pro and just pay him for the job. However some of us do not have access to a pro who charges a rate we can live with. However, from the first post, I had the impression that Joezilla was considering doing the job on his own. As to the 12 gram thing, just pick up a weight intended for tennis racquets. They come in 3 gram portions and are small and compact. You can measure to verify that they are truly 3 grams. Tape it to any club of your choice and I'm pretty sure almost anybody will find the resultant swing weight excessive. I say a
  15. I think the 8 Iron on my favorite set is 45*, more or less. But it's a very old set. Shambles
  16. 12 grams strikes me as a lot of weight to be adding to any club. I suggest a dry measure. Measure the SW before cutting. After cutting, just hang or tape the weight to the club head and do a swing weight measure to see what you are getting. You ought to be able to use bits of masking tape to hold the grip and other parts together so you get a close enough measure. Once you have determined the actual amount you need, do a rough check to see if that amount will fit into the shaft and not go higher than the hosel. If it exceeds, you might need to look for heavier materials like tungsten powd
  17. Anybody who looks closely at clubs in general ought to be able to see how much alike they can be. Much more so than different, other than cosmetic and brand. It's well known that whenever a player signs on with a club manufacturer to play his clubs, they choose a model that most closely resembles the set he is most familiar with and then modify it in every way possible to be the same as the old set, except for the brand and identifying marks. Then they put together 3 or more sets for him to work with and select the set or sets that most satisfies him. He returns the sets that he feels are
  18. I'm glad to hear that there is, at least, a disclaimer these days. You look backwards at the ads and you'll see the same old 10 more yards in one form or another from every manufacturer, and without a disclaimer. It's well know there is no such thing as a magic club but that silly and inconvenient fact is not going to stop us from continuing to search. Shambles
  19. I call it country, though that sound might be more accurately classed as rockabilly. I was really looking elsewhere at that time so I have no idea of where to put them or what they did. I was just convinced I was not going to become the next great rock star and needed to find something else to give attention to. Regardless, country music in the generic sense has depths and currents that can be a wonder. You go into the subject too deep and you might never find a way out. There is just so much of it and the nuances are fun. Shambles
  20. I didn't know the Hollies did country. However, in my defense, that was pretty much the time I was turning away from music to focus on the effort to make some green for the pocket. Shambles
  21. I think it's fun, though I really hate the long walk of shame back to the clubhouse when you lose early. Shambles
  22. Loved the song but I think it was the only thing that came out of that group. Big TY for letting me hear it again. Shambles
  23. I would not expect a significant difference. Intellectually I would expect the head weight, swing weight, would subjectively increase but that's depending on how sensitive you are. For practical purposes it might just be what you need to allow your knees more comfort and your eyes to fall on the ball better. I myself prefer to choke down to about half way down the grip of my own putter and give no mind to shaft length. I simply find it easier to point the putt this way. I suppose you could ask your wife or girlfriend if an extra inch would make things more satisfactory. Shambles
  24. If everybody had the same chance to earn their way into this does it make sense to continue to clutter up the field with people who have already failed to measure up ? Shambles
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