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  1. Drive for show, putt for dough has been shown to be an incorrect statement! However, Drive for dough, putt for dough is the reality of your weekend game. Whether you are playing for quarters or 100's, everyone wants to sink that dagger that sends your bitter group mates reaching for their wallets! The drive and buttery 8 iron may had set it up, but that 15 foot snake you just drained while walking it into the hole is what they are going to be complaining about when you hit the bar for your drinks! Every time you reach for your putter you can get a not so subtle reminder that while you love the game and would play anyway, taking those dollar bills from your friends makes it that much sweeter! Stand over your ball and make that confident stroke just like Cup himself whispering "dollar bills" under your breath to take the match and the 3 dollars you earned out there on the battlefield!
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  3. Lived here for 4 years now coming from Western Kansas. Golf in the summer in AZ. Pros: Prices are very reasonable on most of the courses. Compared to winter prices it feels like a steal. If you can tolerate 105 to 110 you don't have to have the first tee time, but obviously the earlier the better. Rarely is the wind over 10 mph which is great golf weather. Most of the courses I've played are very accommodating with water on every other hole or every three holes to refill your bottles. The courses are much less played which makes it easier to get a tee time but still busy enough that if you are a single you can always find someone to play with. The ball goes a mile due to the dry conditions which can make some of the courses play much easier than in the winter. The "dry heat" saying really is true. 100 degrees here feels nothing like 100 back home. The sun is intense, so floppy hats and covering exposed skin can be more comfortable than a cap and shorts/short sleeves. There are so many courses you will never run out of new challenges and fun venues. Cons: If you can't tee off by 8 or 9 you will absolutely be playing in the hottest part of the day as it's usually almost there by 10 or 11 am. Rarely is the wind over 10 mph which doesn't help cooling you off as you sweat. The courses are dry and the ball goes forever, but they also generally aren't in as good a shape as keeping grass alive in the heat is a challenge. If you aren't a morning person, playing well at 5:30 am can be a challenge. Wildlife is out in the morning just like you due to the heat. Snakes are a hassle so looking for balls in the desert is an adventure sometimes, buy a ball retriever to reach into bushes and cactus, best club in my bag. You have to think about prep a lot more. Make sure you have sunscreen, water, etc... Check to make sure there will be water on the course or at least a beverage cart. The worst time I've had we played in 120 degree heat with a 25 mph wind and it was brutal. But the price was right for an expensive course. I would not do it again however even for the price. Overall I love living here and the golf is fantastic. In my opinion the pros outweigh the cons.
  4. Ashley Phoenix AZ PING G400 LST Kuro Kage Stiff Never played a Tour Edge before.
  5. Ashley Arizona 9 Callaway APEX CF16 v110 KBS tour i500
  6. Ashley - Arizona 41 - 8.4 Callaway Apex CF16 KBS Tour v110 stiff Mack Daddy Wedges
  7. - Ashley - Arizona - Callaway Apex CF16 with KBS Tour shafts - 165
  8. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Patrick Cantlay Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Gary Woodland Tier 5: Steve Stricker Winning Score: -6
  9. First name: Ashley Home State/Province/Country: Arizona ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? SkyCaddie LYNX
  10. 1. Ashley Phoenix, AZ 2. PING G400 LST Kuro Kagi, Taylormade RBZ2 3 wood, Titleist 915 3 and 4 hybrids graphite design shafts, Callaway APEX CF 2016 5 through AW, Callaway Mack Daddy III 54 and 58 degree wedges. Evenroll putter. Snell MTB 3. 9.0 4. To get more consistent off of the tee. My current driving game is poor. It's costing me on average 4 strokes a round. I also need to get a better routine involving putting.
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