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  1. Every time I get on Facebook or Instagram I run across their ads. Usually when I'm browsing ad laden websites, I get them and Cut Golf.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I never was considering buying their clubs. I just keep getting bombarded by their advertisements.
  3. I went to Swingbyte's website and they say they are on back order. They don't even show up for sale on Amazon.
  4. I had to look it up to decipher all of that. It is in fact the new Big Tour 3 Wood from Cobra. Looks nice, but has a big price tag.
  5. If this was discussed a long time ago, please link me to the old thread. So, I see the ads all the time for Bombtech Golf Clubs and one of my friends has liked their page on Facebook, but does anyone really use Bombtech clubs? I've never seen them on a course and from looking at their website, they look chunky and out dated.
  6. I've been thinking about trying Golf Pride Align grips just to help take some of the guess work out of the learning stages. In fact, I really should hurry up and figure out which ones I like and order them. My time with a 40% discount and access to ones even the Pros dont have access to is running out!
  7. While I don't have any nicknames yet, a coworker of mine who's not on this forum calls his special edition Cobra Driver "Emerald City" due to it's particular shade of green.
  8. Wish this thread was more alive. This looks interesting and I would like to know other people's experiences and opinions on these types of training aids.
  9. I bet Harry is excited to get that over with. He looked exhausted in the more recent No Putts podcasts.
  10. Highest around here has been $65 for me. Most of the courses near me are semi-private courses with the public courses being an hour or more away.
  11. Thank you. It may come down to lessons. I struggle with a big ripe banana slice with driver and 3 wood. It doesn't appear in my irons as often. I made some progress last year and got to where I wasn't in the wrong fairway as often. I had one round last June where I hit straight on almost every hole, but I haven't repeated that game.
  12. Nail on the head at the end. I paid $220 for the Strata set (complete with bag). I found it on Facebook's Yardsale page for my area. The Texan Classics were $50 for the set and the Odyssey was an even $100 for Black Friday. Certified Like New. Still had the plastic on it. My wife complained about the $220 for the set when I bought it and I tried to tell her I got into golf SUPER CHEAP. A month or so later I went to Golf Headquarters in North Little Rock and the first set of irons she saw on the wall were Callaway's for $1,600. She let fly a string of expletives and the store employees never paid her any attention. Since then I haven't heard anything about my $370 worth of clubs.
  13. Thank you for the welcome. Mostly playing right now. I need to hit the range with my driver and 3W and restore confidence in them. If that doesn't work, then I will seek out lessons. I've hit great shots for a beginner with both, but they haven't come consistently. I should also add on the note of the iron lofts, that the listed lofts change from Plus to Ultimate on Callaway's website. Like I said, not really sure what I have.
  14. I started playing golf last year and decided on these Stratas because they were inexpensive and I wouldn't be upset if they got beat up during the learning process. I don't have much confidence in the driver, but that may just be down to swing errors because I have hit a few good drives with it. Driver and 3W are graphite shafts. Four hybrid and five hybrid are fun to hit, but have a really high pitched TING sound when they make contact with the ball. Irons are decent (again this is the perspective of a begginer). They have a very appealing sound at impact. They're cavity backs and have helped with the learning curve of golf. Lofts unknown (will get to the later). Wedges that came with the set have been horribly frustrating. I was nearly unable to escape a sand bunker with the SW from the set. Could've been operator error. I dont use the Pitching Wedge from the set either. Just never felt right. Both clubs will likely be pulled from the bag in the future. Texan Classics 52, 56, and 60 wedges. Cheap forged wedges I found as a 3 piece set on Amazon. I have been tickled with the 60 and so so with the 56. Lots of trouble out of the 52, but my golfing buddy says its swing flaws. Strata mid mallet putter. Out of the bag in a hurry. Never had any power to it. I was leaving everything short with this putter. Odyssey Red Ball mallet. A fantastic upgrade. White Hot face, Red Ball stance alignment sight, Odyssey pistol grip, but a non matching headcover. I bought this putter Certified Pre-Owned from Callaway on Black Friday. Not pictured: Srixon Q Star Tour 2 balls. I say the lofts on my Strata irons and wedges are unknown because I never found anything in the box that stated them. The composition of the bag doesn't match the sets on Callaway's website. The Strata Plus set should come with a 12.5 driver and only a 5H, but the Strata Ultimate set comes with the 10.5 driver and 4H and 5H.
  15. I agree. This would be very interesting. Also, how much improvement can be placed on a change in mentality when using the blades? Speaking personally, GI irons (what I use) can promote a thought train of, "It doesn't have to be a well struck ball, the club will make up for it."
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