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  1. I bought some vintage irons last night while at work. I had been eyeing them for a day when I saw the price get marked down from $125 to $90. My willpower failed me and I hit the infamous buy now button. Coming soon to my doorstep are a set of early to mid 90s Ben Hogan Edge Forged irons. It's a near complete set that's missing the 2 iron and 8 iron. I already found a replacement 8 iron and if I can hunt down a 2, I'll have the FULL set of 1-SW. These are not intended to replace my current set of irons permanently, but more of a fun toy and then a possible bridge set when I part ways wit
  2. It definitely beats not having anything for that and it adds being able to check club head path without tearing up my yard or going through tons of powder spray.
  3. Alright. I'm sold on this. I had to look it up after seeing this post and wondering what exactly it was. These forums are always dangerous to someone with a weak will.
  4. Courses 'round here are fickle. Either they are long and wide or extremely narrow. The CC down the road from my house is around 5200 yards from the white tees, but each fairway is horrendously tight. I have never played there because it's a highly over priced membership, but I know a few folks who have. There's another course about 40 minutes South of me that only has about 4 holes where a driver is an option because everything is so short and narrow. Then there's the majestic beauty that is Tannenbaum GC. Every fairway is 100 yards wide and 5 miles long.
  5. Sometimes when you work midnights and 7 days a week, you find creative ways to practice.
  6. @JohnSmalls good stuff to know. I've seen the other AMT shafts on "older" iron sets for sale and I've read what little TT has about them under their Legacy Shaft section for retired shaft lines. Five iron down to pitching wedge is all I would have personally, I have yet to come across a four iron that I can hit AND have the ball go very far. I have honestly wondered if there is such a thing as too light of a shaft for long irons, 5 and below (up?), so personally I would say that you may be on to something about the weight of your 4 iron shaft.
  7. www.ironfinder.com is the only place that jumps to my mind. There's no guarantee they have what you are after, but it's a good place to start. I have never used them, but I have seen the name pop up of the forums a few times.
  8. So, who all here on the forums uses the TT AMT series of iron shafts and what are your thoughts? I've had my eye on the AMT Black set specifically. I really like the idea of lighter weight long iron shafts to help generate club head speed and assist with getting the ball going.
  9. I'm not sleeping on either. There's nothing that terribly excited me about the look of the new Srixon irons. I know I won't see the back of the iron while the club is in hand, but it's a weird Intangible in my window shopping. PXG. Oh, PXG. Much like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, I wouldn't touch PXG without going to a dealer.
  10. Irons, irons, and more irons. A full set to replace my current gamers and a vintage set just to have. The shortlist to replace my gamers are Cobras, Mizunos, and Titleist irons. Perhaps I am over confident based on where I felt I ended year 2 of golf, perhaps I am overconfident because of my Arcoss calculated handicap vs my actual GHIN number. My Arcoss data has fewer rounds, but better rounds and my GHIN number has more rounds, but older and uglier rounds. It's a tough spot to be in.
  11. You're probably not going to get a reply. That user hasn't been signed in since 2018.
  12. Snowmageddon part Deux: Not so Electric Boogaloo. Different door at work and a homestead photo to change up my usual scenery. Rolling blackouts started to be implemented in parts of Arkansas last night and could potentially carry on into next week. The Arkansas grid is normally supplemented by the Texas grid, but with all of wind turbines frozen over and a large portion of the main power generating equipment down for preventative maintenance, the Arkansas grid is struggling. Several area factories have been shut down by the power companies in order to try and save the grid.
  13. To avoid confusion, I have removed the sale price and buy now buttons from the Facebook posting about these. Has anyone ever seen as strange of a wood head as these? Definitely not a brand I have heard of before and I happened to come across them on Facebook Marketplace. All 3 had the same indented sole feature. I didn't include pictures of the face of the clubs because it looked like a regular wood. Oh! I almost forgot, all three shafts had a different flex listed on them. An L, an R, and an S.
  14. I saw the announcement of these earlier today. They look very appealing from the top down. The top line isn't too thick, the offset isn't too much, but turn them over and there's a battleship hull! Not to say that I wouldn't try them out one day.
  15. Same door at work as my ice storm photo. This was early in the snowfall during the overnight hours. The total snowfall for today has stopped at 5.5 inches. I won't be taking another picture tonight at work since everyone else called in already. Major downside to a small 3rd shift is when the other 3 people call in, the 4th guy is forced to be a couch potato too.
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