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  1. Are these standard length shafts?
  2. I'm glad this thread has lived on longer than anticipated and helped someone.
  3. Me too. Stuff like that makes me consider moving back to KY.
  4. In honor of World Whiskey Day, I had some Buffalo Trace with dinner. Before bed I'll cap off the day with a splash of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.
  5. Bought a Sun Mountain Teton cart bag this afternoon. I've been wanting a cart bag since I'm only a rider in the hotter months and may move into walking with a push cart in the early Spring rounds in the future.
  6. A paint tray. Holy cow! I never even thought of that. That would've been a mess saver for sure. And good luck to you. Regripping is pretty simple, just make sure you take your time.
  7. For anyone who might be curious, after a couple of rounds and range sessions, I'm not overly impressed with the align grips. They feel good in my hands, but the Align strip isn't as noticeable as I had imagined it would be.
  8. While I wouldn't rule out that I forgot one or two, I did tap the end of each grip as I went. Out of curiosity, which ones appear to not be fully seated?
  9. I would like to share a brief update after just shy of two years with this putter (1 year and 9 months I believe). This is by far my favorite club in my bag and firmly in the "cold, dead hands" section. My distance control is highly accurate and the sight alignment and scope still give me the little reassurance I need to succeed. Any 3 putts are a result of poor reads or lackluster approach shots. I will also adhere to the saying that your miles may vary. To some the Red Ball may seem like nothing more than a gimmick that was tried only briefly by Odyssey just to sell more putters. To me, this is my eternal companion on the greens.
  10. I had to teach myself how to edit putts on Arcoss to show this one, but I made one of my better putts ever yesterday. One of my longest and the highlight of my round. All of my putts were good yesterday, but this was by far the best. My distance control is absolutely spot on with my putter, but I don't always read the break correctly.
  11. Amidst an ugly first round of the year, I managed to step on the gas on the 8th tee at Greystone this morning and I managed to stripe one through the gap in the trees and end up in the middle of the fairway. Granted I was back to my usual self right afterwards on the same hole, but I was still smiling. Arcoss doesn't do this justice because right at the hard left in the fairway, the hole climbs up the hillside to the green.
  12. Thanks. It was a case of learning on the go. I didn't suspect that the solvent would have an affect similar to acetone on a rubber product. So, I thought I would share in the hopes that someone on here learns from my mistake.
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