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  1. I'm definitely surprised by this. I'm equally concerned as to how all Srixon balls will fare and by how other balls in the value urethane category will fare. Over my year of playing only this ball I saw some odd flights, but always blamed that on growing and learning. I had even had some similar flights out of Tour balls and just blamed it on my swing. I switched recently to Z Stars and saw a big improvement in my game and now I see some of the factors behind it.
  2. I have seen this come up a few times in discussions, but without going back through and re-reading every fitting discussion, I can't remember the consensus (if there was one). With today's launch monitor technology that is employeed by fitters, are static measurements such as wrist to floor still relevant?
  3. Rick was one of the first opinions about golf I came across last year. After I found MGS, I learned what the real opinions in golf were and now I just watch Rick's videos to see new clubs and for the occasional tip about technique. I am also curious to try single length just to see how it affects long irons. I've never been to a fitter, but I know that I can hit a 5 iron well enough and a 4 iron is a viable club for me. The Pinhawk 3, 4, and 5 irons sound interesting simply because they are the length of a 5 iron. I have a 3 hybrid that's 18⁰ and an absolute blast to hit off the tee,
  4. I'm on the fence on One/Single Length irons. I feel that I may be too new to golf still to try them, but at the same time, taking out variables may be exactly what I need. I would definitely only ever buy them through a fitting/gapping session and I had arrived at that conclusion even before watching the TXG video just now. I've seen Rick Shiels videos of the Cobra One Lengths and how his long iron shots went too close to his mid irons and for a long time that was enough to turn me off of the idea.
  5. I will definitely keep an eye on this, a set of PtxPros is on my list of possible new iron sets.
  6. There was a special box set back at the beginning of the season that contained 4 or 5 dozen of either the TP5 or TP5X. I don't think it was discounted in any way, but I also remember the 4 for 3 deal as mentioned above.
  7. I'll throw in my 2 cents on Srixon. I'm fairly sure the dozens for $25 are Gen 5 and not Gen 6 Z Stars and I'm also willing to bet that us average folks, can't tell a difference between the two on the course. The Walmart here has the same price on the Z Stars that are on the shelf.
  8. Good to know that they are blemish free. I had seen practice balls for sale several times and wondered about their quality.
  9. @choldread @Michael1975 @KDM0716 @Big Cheddar, welcome aboard.
  10. I'm a few episodes behind on No Putts Given and don't have Twitter, but if I'm not mistaken it has been stated on NPG that after the release of the ProV1 Left Dash that all of Titleist's tour pros are gaming balls that are available to the average consumer. I do remember on the video tour of Callaway's Tour Truck that the equipment guy showed the drawer of tour pro only balls. They had some designation like the tour driver heads and their double diamond or double black diamond.
  11. This a valid question that I'm going to bump.
  12. Your last two posts about the physical science shed some really good light on the MPF ratings. I think some people are going to naturally balk and have a fit when they see things like known GI or SGI clubs listed as something other than that and some tour level irons listed as GI irons.
  13. Believe me, the ball goes like a scalded dog. I've tried MG Tour C4s, Srixon Q Star Tours, Z Stars, and the Quantix F18, they all go and go and go. Oh and I mustn't forget the humble Srixon Range Boulder.
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