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  1. I'm guessing when the ball lab testing wraps up, there will be some kind of data published. From the sound of the podcast any data that exists outside of MGS testing isn't available to the public.
  2. Well, this thread certainly gives me a lot to think about. I've pondered about switching from spikeless to spiked shoes to see if it makes any difference. My feet definitely move around a lot.
  3. I agree. Most of the polos I see advertised online are $100 or more. A friend of mine bought a Callaway polo for $40 on sale at TJ Max last and felt it was a good deal. I have yet to pay over $30 for one not on sale. I didn't know until tonight about Ben Hogan apparel when I stumbled across the section at Wal-Mart. Which brings me to my next point, I stocked up on Hogan shorts for $16.97 a pair which beats the heck out of the $60 and $70 shorts I've seen at Kohl's.
  4. I have a GAPR MID 3 that I use for a driving iron. I haven't tried a LO, but I would say the feedback at impact is similar. Feels very good on dead center, but very hard anywhere else.
  5. How do the C4s compare to the more recent ProV1 models? I saw that they were on the middle of the 2019 Ball Test at simply a Good. I decided to buy a dozen to try out since they are still $19.99 a dozen and one step higher than my current gamer, the Srixon Q Star Tour.
  6. I spent some more time on the driving range today. Got better at closing the club face, but now my power is gone. This game is a fickle mistress!
  7. I would guess he is attempting to replicate the temperature/humidity at time of manufacture so that the ball is as close to the factory environment as possible. It takes away a potential Avenue of escape by an OEM where they could say the ball would test different at the factory because of temperature/humidity.
  8. I was just fixing to ask the same question. It looks really nice, I was just hesitant due to the price tag. Then again a sale price of $85 does make for a great excuse to have a second bag.
  9. Every time we get an update about the ball lab progress, I keep feeling like there are no balls worth playing besides the top handful of brands. Titleist, Birdgestone, Srixon, and maybe Snell (I only say maybe because I know very little about Snell, but it seems a popular ball on the forums). It's just a feeling I get and it bothers me. I know the staffers aren't pushing any brands at all, but the possible results make me anxious. I play Srixon Q Star Tours and I'm worried that there may even be a big difference between them and the higher tier Z Star/XV. I've never seen anything crazy that would reinforce that, but I wonder where the lower price really comes from. Edit: Somehow I forgot about the TP/X from Taylormade. My bad.
  10. The face is pretty small. The feedback from it is amazing! But like the Lo, offcenter hits dont go as well. I asked around on the forums and the feedback was that the Mid could accommodate average ball striking and the Lo was a lot closer to a true driving iron and required really good ball striking. Hopefully, I'll get to try it on the course soon, but rain is the forecast for the next couple days.
  11. I had a thought over night at work after my range session of slices yesterday afternoon. Grabbed a wedge and went into my spare room and slowed down my swing to the point that I could watch exactly what my hands/wrists were doing. The good ole EYES launch monitor locked right onto the problem. Wide open club face at impact. Made a few pitch shot swings to work on rolling my wrists over enough to close the club face. Now I have to wait out the rain again.
  12. This is a non scoring related milestone and didnt happen on the course. Some of you old timers may even be able to remember the moment. I had my first suck back on a wedge shot. Usually my wedge shots roll forward after a bounce, but I had a genuine drop and suck back. With a range ball at 90 yards.
  13. Went through almost 3 buckets on the driving range. I made some decent progress with simple ball striking by realizing what my body was doing that was incorrect. I kept falling to the right as I went through the downstroke. Once I stopped that, topped shots went away. I'm going to have to break down and pay for some swing lessons though. I can't cure my slice on my own. I had 9 holes back in February where it was nonexistent, but I don't know what came and went with my swing.
  14. Go back one more episode of NPG. Miranda's response to Harry being in the studio to get a break from being stuck at home with his wife sound like she's friends with Harry's wife.
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