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  1. Awesome stuff MGS and Bridgestone! Reckon I'll take my shot at it. Tiebreaker: Tour Championship Final Score: -13
  2. Tier 5 - Cameron Smith Tiebreaker: Winning score -16 #SpyStaffSlam: 2019 Open Championship#SpyStaffSlam: 2019 Open Championship
  3. #SpyStaffSlam: 2019 PGA Championship Tiebreaker: - Tier 5 player: Charles Howell III - Winning score: - 8
  4. Awesome contest! Tier 5 Player: Kodaira Tiebreaker: -13 #SpyStaffSlam
  5. Thanks MGS & Wilson for these fun opportunities! Tier 1: Jason Day Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Ian Poulter Tier 4: Luke List Tier 5: Keegan Bradley Winning Score -20
  6. Thanks MGS and Wilson for another fun opportunity! Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Brian Harman Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Graeme McDowell Tier 5: Steve Stricker Winning Score: -8
  7. To follow up on this - it was five different manufacturers represented in Patrick's bag.
  8. I saw somewhere, he has like 7 different brands in his bag right now.
  9. Good luck everyone - been looking forward to this week for a long while! Masters 2018: Tier 1: Jordan Spieth Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Kevin Chappell Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -11 Low Amateur: +1
  10. Great season guys! I enjoyed the competition all year. Congrats to the overall winner, whoever that turns out to be. I had a good run, in the summer segment, my most consistent segment, but came up just a bit short. Good luck next year!
  11. My experience with Ping has been very good as well. Sent my i25 PW back to repair a minor ding on the face/leading edge (must have hit a stone or something hard) well after the any free replacement period. Instead of repairing it, they sent me a brand new club. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Disclaimer: This post may qualify as a bunch of ramblings Lessons have helped me immensely and I'm hitting the ball better than I ever have before. It has been fairly costly, but my swing was so fundamentally flawed and my knowledge and understanding of it so limited, that I was never going to get any better - and I had tried! For someone like myself or a beginner, I think lessons are a no-brainer and almost a must. In such cases the overhaul or a specific swing philosophy is probably needed. but for others (like some of the commenters here) who are low handicaps, what is needed can be drastically different. The last thing i would want now, is to start over with a completely new theory/philosophy and I'm not a low handicapper yet. It just takes a ton of work! Whatever my ceiling is with the track I'm on now, is going to be my ceiling. When an instructor wants to make every golfer adhere to his swing philosophy, I think he/she may be missing the mark in not knowing/caring what the golfer actually wants out of his game. Certainly any scratch player is going to need a very compelling reason to make drastic changes and any good instructor should carefully weigh what instruction is given to someone at that skill level. On the flip-side, if the golfer (like me) says the goal is to get to scratch, but my fundamentally flawed hack attack (I wouldn't call it a swing ) was never going to have a high-enough ceiling to allow me to get there, so I had to be willing to make drastic changes and to put in the work - lots of it! Probably more work than most beginners, because I had to undo the years of bad habits. I think lessons for someone who has the swing they want/need, then any instructing should be about tweaking and understanding nuances, not a major philosophy shift and overhaul. One more thing, in my work (financial advisor) I've had to realize and accept/embrace that I may not be a good fit for every potential client. Things like communication style, personality, and experience (among other things) can all make us better suited two work with certain types of people and/or companies. I think golf instruction is no different. We may have a hard time "hearing" what one instructor is saying (or him understanding what I want) while we almost immediately "get" what another instructor might say, even if they're trying to convey the exact same concept. All these things can factor in, and like so many other things in life, it comes back to relationships, comfort level and trust. If those aren't present, I'm not going to be willing to commit to a whole pile of work for something that I'm not sold on.
  13. Going to pass on this, but this a hard one to pass on. Absolute beauties! Good luck and look forward to the reviews!
  14. Great thread and discussion! Several of these brands that have failed, went through a reset, or pulled out of the equipment industry, had periods when their product was inferior or at least perceived to be so. Think Wilson in the PepsiCo/Amer years, McGregor during the Amer years, even Nike clubs in the early years. Once a company has the stigma of having an inferior product, coming back has to be extremely difficult. Barbajo and MyGolfSpy did a great job showing that in the article(s) on Wilson (sorry, don't have the links at the moment) as they rebuild their reputation, which it seems, they are doing a good job of. However, recently I was visiting with the local club fitter that I have been working with, and he just dropped Wilson as one of his offerings because, in his words, "nobody bought it". So, no wilson demo clubs at his shop anymore, and I don't think they will be at his demo day either this year. When the general public has a perception of something, whether accurate or not, it can be almost impossible to overcome. Hopefully this is just an exception and Wilson's recovery continues.
  15. Great opportunity for the chosen ones 😁 - I have been deferring on these opportunities and need to on this one as well, I simply haven't had the time to invest that these require. Good luck, I look forward to seeing the reviews as these wedges or on my radar.
  16. I'll chime in too, I'm with the others, prayers and best wishes!
  17. Me too, although it was a little better than I expected on first thought. - Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.
  18. Prayers and blessings, wish you well!
  19. I haven't had many and what I have now (Ping i25s) is the best that I've ever had, so those are my favorites for now 😁
  20. What a bummer! I thought about moving DJ in for Lowry, then decided to save him after Lowry rallied in round two, wish I would have. Hindsight is 20/20, right? 😁
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