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  1. I just can't get the 939x hybrid figured out - the first few rounds after buying, it was perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Now, I can only seem to completely 90 degree turn left hook the ball with it, no matter what I do (ball almost seems like it boomerangs back around at me!). I think it's a wizard not the wand issue.... Either way, the owner has answered all of my questions, and I'm going to buy one of their wedges soon, how have they held up for people here? I've seen a few good things on here, and may be looking for a full 50, 54, 58 set!
  2. This looks so much like the Tommy Armour 845 Driver on the topside: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/tommy-armour-845-driver-19av3m2020t845drvdrv/19av3m2020t845drvdrv Great review, i'm going to check these bad boys out!
  3. Thanks everyone, happy birthday to my birthday brothers!
  4. 15 - Richmond VA Lynx Black Cat irons - 155 I have a Sub 70 hybrid, it's a great club, and the customer service is top-notch - I have talked to Sub70 about these very irons, and would love to test them!
  5. Sadly, I am out. work is too busy in the summer for me right now, hopefully I'll make it sometime1
  6. Well i did like it! I was hitting it great, it was very forgiving and long. but the last 3-5 times playing, I can ONLY hook the club. Not really the club's fault, but obviously I'm thinking about a different hybrid
  7. So I played my first round with the Habanero yesterday, LOVED it. With the TA#3, I had distance control issues, with the Blue Goose putter, i've had left/right issues. With the Habanero, if I'm 2-putting, my second putt was always within 2 feet. Plus it looks awesome with and without the headcover, and feels so great. I don't like the grip, but if I putt like i did yesterday, I don't care
  8. Alex / Virginia 15 Handicap Sub 70 3 hybrid Versatility - good off the tee, rough, fairway, long fairway bunker, punch type shots
  9. So I was cruising through twitter and saw this: It may be the reason they're having a big sale on the Elixir (a ball I really liked). Maybe someone here has some insight on this new ball, maybe not. Either way, I wanted to bring it up to see if anyone has any dirt on this!
  10. That sounds sweet, I'm a hard maybe, my work schedule gets crazy the hotter it gets. That being said, if anyone needs window film, hit me up!
  11. I haven't played Glade in.... 5-7 years? The last time I played there they either just got new owners or were about to change ownership, some buddies told me that the course has gotten nicer in that time. I always thought it was the best deal in the area in terms of quality/price. From what I remember, it was a step down in quality from Clustered, but it's been a while since I've been in the area
  12. well I just bought one today... will report back (Habanero)
  13. I'm from Frederick, went to TJ. I used to play Glade Valley a lot, only played Clustered a few times, would love to get back out there. Welcome to the forum!
  14. OK I went to the range today here are my initial thoughts (and small comparison to my Cobra F7). I am happy with the Cobra driver, really had no need to get another driver, I only purchased it because I had to spend a $100 visa card, the 845 was on flash sale, and I had some DIcks scorecard points, so I only ended up paying about $20 out of my pocket for this. First and foremost, this driver is LOUD. I have a very strong feeling about the sound of this driver, I'm just not sure if I love it or hate it yet, it will be very polarizing for anyone. It is long and forgiving. It was extremely easy to find the sweet spot, for some reason I was hitting it right on the screws with the 845 almost every swing, even as I was alternating between the Cobra F7 and 845. It is very easy to see where the strike is on the face of both clubs, I rarely missed with the 845. I believe everyone who says it is low spinning. With my Cobra F7, I am able to fade and draw my shots - weather I mean to or not. With the 845 driver, I had to extremely exaggerate my path/face angle to achieve a slice or hook, like really exaggerate the motion. in my "normal" swings, this thing was very very straight, and noticeably longer than the F7. I may have just randomly lucked into buying a great driver for myself, at a bargain price, I will for sure be gaming it this weekend, we'll see how the sound holds up!
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