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  1. Alex - Richmond VA Driver speed: 100-105 Kirkland 3 piece/ Srixon q-starxv I’d prefer the tour x! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Jim Nantz's Toast's Stage 2 is UP Thank you MGS - I had a great experience testing, and would love to answer any questions anyone has!
  3. I asked for a gap wedge to go along with the set because the lofts matched up almost perfectly. And I still wish it came with one! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Sorry for the delay in a LOT of thoughts I have on the Black Cats - I just started a new job, and have been incredibly busy the past week. I played a bunch of rounds (around during my time between jobs, here are my thoughts and some pictures to support some good/bad things. 1. Distance The Lynx Black Cat's have a more "traditional" loft setup, very similar to my old Adams Idea Black irons. When I switched to the Cobra Irons from the Adams, I was expecting a giant distance gain - That turned out not to be the case. (I will use my 7 iron distances for these examples). Here are the lofts: ^Adams Idea Pro Black CB1 Forged Irons Lofts ^Cobra King F8 Irons Lofts ^Lynx Black Cat Iron Lofts Adams Irons: Average 140-145 yards (only on very well struck balls would I reach 145) Cobra F8: Average 145-155 yards (very small increase, and only very well struck balls would reach 155 - and trended toward 150 more frequently after lessons) Black Cat: Average 145 (really doesn't matter how good or bad I strike them, they go right about 145 in almost any situation) As I have taken some lessons toward the end of 2018, I noticed my distance gaining a little bit. I directly tie this to the golf lessons. I have had two lessons with the Black Cat irons as well, so any technique/swing improvements will have been translated to this as well. My conclusion a few weeks in is that the cobra F8's have a few more yards to squeeze out of them, while the Black Cat's are incredibly consistent (and do fly straighter). I will continue to play around with all three of these irons, and update from a range session using only these irons. 2. Spin After the aforementioned golf lessons, my ball striking improved. After taking some of them, I began to hit my irons with backspin - something I had only seen on TV or YouTube. After comparing the groove depths of the Cobra irons and the Black Cat's - I was concerned I'd lose this cool party trick. After my first 8-ish rounds with the Black Cats - almost all irons seem to drop and stop within a 2 foot radius of my divot (left/right/forward/back depending on if I had a slight draw/fade or slope of the green): I have WAY more of these types of pictures - but figure this does about show it. All of these shots were hit with a club between the Black Cat PW-7 Iron. This is a positive if you look at it right. Combining this with the very consistent distance of the Black Cat Irons, you will pretty much know exactly where the shot will land and end at the end of almost any iron shot. The only time I experienced major backspin is on a green greatly sloped against the tee box on Par 3 Hole 17 at Meadowbrook CC in Richmond: So if you know what the greens are like, club up! Overall, I am enjoying the predictability of these clubs, but the potential loss of distance could be a killer (since I don't hit the ball far anyway) I'll continue to update, and would love to answer any questions anyone has! Note: in these spin pictures, I am using the Srixon Z Star XV in each shot (bought a bunch of them at Dick's during their BoGo)
  5. Alex / Virginia Ray Cook Blue Goose (Just replaced the TA #3) 13
  6. @knightsofnii That course looks beautiful! I'll be posting some pictures comparing the irons to my other two sets (reminder): Cobra King F8 (Regular flex, standard length/lie/ not the ONE length shafts) Adams Idea Pro CB1 Black (Regular flex, standard length, bent up to a neutral lie) Along with the corresponding loft configurations. The Black Cats are Stiff instead of regular, +.25" length, and 1* upright compared to the other irons, all specs generated from my "light" iron fitting at Mulligan's - all are things that could make the iron better preforming for me, and something that should be considered when looking at my thoughts!
  7. JimNantzsToast


  8. I am looking for more forgiveness on miss-hits, and hopefully more distance (or no loss of distance).
  9. oooh i want one! right when I'm maybe potentially in the market for a new wedge too...
  10. That thing is so cool, the story is great as well!
  11. I wanted to update a few things I realize I left out of the stage 1 ( I will edit it to reflect this as well): Typical Driver SS: 100-105 Iron/shaft specs: KBS Stiff shafts 1* upright +.25" Some initial thoughts after showing these to people at my club, including the pro: The first thing my club pro mentioned was "wow these are the most upright irons I've ever seen!" I need to get the lie checked out, to see how close they are to the 1* upright I ordered. Most people I show them to really like how they look! Like really like them a LOT. I'm getting more compliments on clubs than I ever have before. Which is weird to me because: Other than the black finish, and the nice shape - I think these clubs look cheap and pretty ugly. I am not a fan of the bedazzled silver inlay, and the lime green "eye" looking thing. (I don't care if I think a club is ugly, if I play well with them, I'm just fine with anything!). I shot my best two rounds with these last week, an 81 followed by an 80 - so there may be something to these things!
  12. For sure, I've always wanted to know if any of the Ray Cook gear was any good, they're affordable, but don't really see too many reviews on them. I read your review on the Mati putter, those things are damn cool!
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