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  1. Thanks everyone, happy birthday to my birthday brothers!
  2. 15 - Richmond VA Lynx Black Cat irons - 155 I have a Sub 70 hybrid, it's a great club, and the customer service is top-notch - I have talked to Sub70 about these very irons, and would love to test them!
  3. Sadly, I am out. work is too busy in the summer for me right now, hopefully I'll make it sometime1
  4. Well i did like it! I was hitting it great, it was very forgiving and long. but the last 3-5 times playing, I can ONLY hook the club. Not really the club's fault, but obviously I'm thinking about a different hybrid
  5. So I played my first round with the Habanero yesterday, LOVED it. With the TA#3, I had distance control issues, with the Blue Goose putter, i've had left/right issues. With the Habanero, if I'm 2-putting, my second putt was always within 2 feet. Plus it looks awesome with and without the headcover, and feels so great. I don't like the grip, but if I putt like i did yesterday, I don't care
  6. Alex / Virginia 15 Handicap Sub 70 3 hybrid Versatility - good off the tee, rough, fairway, long fairway bunker, punch type shots
  7. So I was cruising through twitter and saw this: It may be the reason they're having a big sale on the Elixir (a ball I really liked). Maybe someone here has some insight on this new ball, maybe not. Either way, I wanted to bring it up to see if anyone has any dirt on this!
  8. That sounds sweet, I'm a hard maybe, my work schedule gets crazy the hotter it gets. That being said, if anyone needs window film, hit me up!
  9. I haven't played Glade in.... 5-7 years? The last time I played there they either just got new owners or were about to change ownership, some buddies told me that the course has gotten nicer in that time. I always thought it was the best deal in the area in terms of quality/price. From what I remember, it was a step down in quality from Clustered, but it's been a while since I've been in the area
  10. well I just bought one today... will report back (Habanero)
  11. I'm from Frederick, went to TJ. I used to play Glade Valley a lot, only played Clustered a few times, would love to get back out there. Welcome to the forum!
  12. OK I went to the range today here are my initial thoughts (and small comparison to my Cobra F7). I am happy with the Cobra driver, really had no need to get another driver, I only purchased it because I had to spend a $100 visa card, the 845 was on flash sale, and I had some DIcks scorecard points, so I only ended up paying about $20 out of my pocket for this. First and foremost, this driver is LOUD. I have a very strong feeling about the sound of this driver, I'm just not sure if I love it or hate it yet, it will be very polarizing for anyone. It is long and forgiving. It was extrem
  13. I just bought one because of that sale, plan on swinging it this week
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