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  1. It's been a long time since I've played in Frederick, but generally I would play Glade Valley or sneak on to Holly Hills for a few holes
  2. Alex - Virginia 14 Ping Tour-S 54* Adams/Tom Watson 58* A flop shot, or the one where it goes on the green!
  3. Awesome. I graduated 2010, played lacrosse and hockey. I'm no longer there, but go back for the Frederick Fair every once in a while!
  4. Hey @HardcoreLooper - the GF and I just toured Meadowbrook today, I think we're going to join!
  5. Wow, super clean set, looks incredible!
  6. - Your first name: Alex - State: Virginia - Your Handicap: 14 - The model and distance you hit your current 7 iron: Cobra King F8: 150 yards
  7. Hey everyone! I currently use a Tommy Armour #3 putter, but wanted to have a blade style with toe hang to compare the two. In my weekly perusing of my local Play it Again Sports, I saw the Blue Goose, loved the name, loved the color, and decided to pick it up. I'll update this thread with my thoughts, how it preforms on the course and during practice - but wanted to open it up to anyone else who has had experience with Ray Cook putters, or has any specific questions! My thoughts so far: Love the color - we'll see how long it lasts/holds up Looks like it's made pretty well Very nice head cover - again, we'll see how it holds up It rolls very nice! I have a hard time finding a flat/true rolling area in my house, even on carpet (old house with hardwood floors). But it has a great feel at impact. For sure lighter than the TA #3, so distance control will be very fun during practice/play.
  8. I really didn't "mean" to have mostly Cobra stuff - I got the driver first after hitting most of the drivers from 2017, the F7 was the second best I hit, and cost less than half of the other ones (open box). I wasn't in the market for new irons, but was paroozing ebay, saw these F8 irons' auction was about to expire for just under $220 (all clubs brand new other than one didn't have the wrapper on it) - so I jumped on them And you know this bag will look very different soon!
  9. The milling on the soles of those is so damn cool
  10. Lets see a mix of pictures! I've always liked those Cleveland putters, do you have the black and copper one or the newer silver ones? I've always wanted to try one outside of a golf galaxy
  11. Looking forward to seeing the pics! Great national anthem BTW - years of playing hockey, it's burned into my brain!
  12. Super excited for my first test - Congrats everyone and thank you MGS
  13. what a steal on the irons!
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