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  1. Last time i was in OC was Senior week right after high school (about 10 years ago) - is it still as big of a s*** show + golf now? If so, that sounds awesome
  2. Yeah no disrespect taken - I honestly think something was way wrong + I chopped way down on the ball/bad swing. My local range with the trackman has 2 bays, the right bay seems to always be right/calibrated correctly, the left bay is rumored to be cursed. I think when I played that round it was on the "cursed left bay" that never seems to be quite right.
  3. Awesome, I just looked at it, and you should have a PM in your inbox now...
  4. I'm taking a good hard look at their hybrid, anyone have some good experience there? Also, after being a Lynx Black Cat tester, and roaming around on the Sub70 site for a while, the 699 irons and the Black Cat look very similar - I wonder if they are from the same "open" design (I think that's what it's called) Either way, I'd love some feedback on the hybrid! My current hybrid is 10 ish years old by now
  5. Thanks for your response! It seems like the grooves on the F8s are much more pronounced/well machined - which is probably the culprit. That's great about the XP85. the F8s have XP95 shafts, I think they're great!
  6. Thank you for the response! I was a tester for the Lynx Black Cat irons, and had some customization options (shaft flex, lie, grip), so was curious about that. During testing, I found that when comparing my current (Cobra F8) and Lynx irons, the spin was vastly different. My cobra irons would hit the green and spin back quite a bit - while the Lynx would do basically exactly what the TA's did (according to your pictures). Your answer on spin surprised me because my Cobras and the TA Atomics are both "loft jacked" (TA's more so). And the Lynx's are much more traditionally lofted. Yet my Cobra irons have a LOT of spin. I was on a Trackman today, hit my Lynx 7 iron about 150 yards with around 5500 RPM back spin (averaging a few swings). I hit my Cobra 7 iron 165 with... ALMOST 12,000 RPM BACKSPIN (averaging a few swings). I guess I don't know the point of my rambling haha but thank you for the great responses! Also, I went to UT - go Vols!
  7. Great reviews guys. I have 2 questions : 1. We're you offered different shaft flexes/lie angles? 2. What kind of on-course spin did you guys experience? These being loft-jacked, I'd assume the descent angles are not "great" and they may roll out a lot? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Does anyone know what putter the guys were talking about on NPG Episode 24? They referenced a putter that can easily be found on eBay with a moving part in the head - I'm hoping someone on here would be able to identify it! Happy Turkey Day everyone
  9. Alex - Richmond VA Driver speed: 100-105 Kirkland 3 piece/ Srixon q-starxv I’d prefer the tour x! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Jim Nantz's Toast's Stage 2 is UP Thank you MGS - I had a great experience testing, and would love to answer any questions anyone has!
  11. I asked for a gap wedge to go along with the set because the lofts matched up almost perfectly. And I still wish it came with one! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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