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  1. I did a putter try out on my own. I had a mallet style with offset hosel and was sure I needed a different mallet putter. I went to a golf store and picked 10 putters to try. I hit 10 putts with each and ruled them good or not so good by accuracy. Much to my surprise I ended up with a center shafted blade. It came down to the Ping or the Cameron, both center shafted blades. I made the same amount of puts with each one every time I tried them. I chose the Cameron for "sound" reasons. See what I did there. : )
  2. I have one very similar , Same shaft, same shape not as old. Tommy Armour 300. A couple of the alignment lines are not on mine.
  3. Welcome White chocolate. I am up in central Ma. I have not yet played Blackstone , I will admit I have not heard a bad word about that course.
  4. I would think a good fitting would either fit you into the clubs, saying these are right for you, our out of the clubs and it would be explained why. Like these 2* flat you need 2* upright, stiff shafts , you should have senior flex.
  5. I was wondering if you still liked those Wilson irons.
  6. Good for you . I assume you will have a great time.
  7. I did something like that 10 years ago. Took my clubs and went to a "club analysis, swing analysis, putting analysis , lesson" in White Plains NY. At the time it was a $200 fee. When all was said and done they recommended a few different sets of game improvement clubs to help my game. I went with the Cleveland club set and it was a big improvement. I was joining a private CC and I was willing to spend some $ to make myself a better golfer, problem was I did not spend enough $. It was a very thorough fitting, even showed me where my putter was lined up when I thought it was lined up at the hole, it was off by 8" in 15 feet. { Laser set up} My club fitter was a guy by the name of Andrew Stroukoff, yes really. He was a world class athlete and represented the USA in the 1976 winter Olympics. Nothing like having a professional guide you thru getting the right equipment..
  8. I played in the senior club championship . Played from the white tees, net score. Gross score is from the blue tees. I was 6 over par after 7 holes and 6 over par after 18 holes. I parred out except for a bird on 10 and bogey on 18. 76 net 64, 6 under par, leader in the club house for the first day. The second round was not so good , shot an 86 ended up in 7 place. 76 was my best round ever. After the first day I was thrilled with my round and you know what, so was everyone else I play golf with.
  9. Congratulations Shawn I am a little concerned though. When is the first test? Do I need to study?
  10. I know someone who waggles 5 times It's probably OCD , well maybe not, 5 and 3 are odd numbers . My OCD would have to be even numbers
  11. I played in my club championship the last 2 weekends, the 2nd flight. I was in 3rd after the first 2 rounds but finished 5th after 3 rounds. The last nine holes I had 4 triple bogeys, just one of those things, 1 putt leading to 3 more on 3 holes. Some times I can talk myself into being to tentative on slick greens. It was another great experience to play for the club championship.
  12. I just played with someone who has to start a round with 6 balls in his bag.
  13. Red Tail can be challenging. I hit Driver , 3 wood, 3 hybrid and I was still 150 yards out on a par 4. True story Poor golf skills.
  14. My list is Massachusetts, Maine , New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. More than I thought. I played the University of Virginia and the University of Florida golf courses. They were quite nice.
  15. New Jersey? I'm sorry
  16. I had a great time also. We all shot in the low 80's. I am a firm believer that the first time out on a difficult course it's just not fair to count that score. Of course it might have been a little bit more helpful if I had told them where the hazards are before they hit into them, you know how that works .
  17. My course is rated like your course and we play it as a par 70. So if you shoot an 80 you did not shoot 10 over par you shot 7.7 over par. That will lower your handi cap. We are in the club championships now with Championship flight, black tees, up to 6 handi cap, A flight 6 to 9.5, B 9.6 to 12.5 blue tees C flight 12.6 to 16 white tees, these flights are gross scores. D flight over 16 net score. Final 2 rounds this coming weekend.
  18. I used a friends last year. He bought the "return net" . Every shot that hits the net gets funneled back to the hitting station . The net is built to hang that way. He said he would not hit his 60 wedge into it anymore as he has hit the ceiling. Some people build a box of nets to hit into. I liked my friends return net system, you only need 1 ball.
  19. I usually wear a white baseball cap with Oak Hill on it. I have 4 that I switch out.
  20. I get 2 or 3 rounds out of a ball. When I played the 3 up ball it looks used up after 1 round. I buy 5 dozen balls for the year. Most of the losses happen when playing a few balls at a time when no one is on the course.
  21. I always putt looking at the ball. I have tried looking at the hole and the results have been good, just can't get the nerve to stick with it.
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