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  1. For me it's no particular shot, but more I forget my pre shot routine, and hit the ball when I know I'm not ready. Then come the recriminations, especially as it usually results in real trouble. My last few rounds I've really been focussing in, which has been working well on the tee, but I can't seem to apply it for second shots. Next step is to improve my focus, across the board.
  2. Pretty messy today. Ball striking wasn't great, only 7 greens in regulation. Putted ok, but didn't make many. Had a few lip outs, made 4 10 foot putts, problem was only one was for birdie.
  3. Wow, a real honor and privilege to be selected. So much about these putters appeal to me. Really looking forward to rolling some balls with it, and letting everyone know how it goes. We've certainly got a good spread of reviewer locations
  4. My daughter had a hit of the above driver, and hit my 9 iron once. Hit both with good contact and ball flight. She commented that she felt she could just swing the driver. Might have some expense coming my way soon.
  5. Combination of fitting, lessons and practice. No point in practicing the wrong things, so lessons are important. No point in just smashing balls on a driving range, need to have a focused, planned practice session. On course practice with perhaps a playing lesson, especially if course management is an issue. Weight your practice to short game and putting, probably more gain for effort, and can be more fun.Don't just chip a 100 balls from the one spot, throw a few balls randomly around the chipping green and play each ball on its merits. If your equipment is poorly suited, fitting can make a big difference, especially if it is causing bad habits to develop.
  6. I started looking through this thread and was reminded of my old Ram Zebra, even before I saw yours. Mine is in gray finish, and lives with my old set at my in-laws holiday apartment. It gets a run a few times a year. Used to get lots of comments on how ugly it was, but it works pretty well.
  7. I'll see how she goes with a spare 12* Nickent 4DX head on another UST Proforce V2 in reg flex. It might be an interesting experiment.
  8. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these hybrids. I'm looking at changing shafts in my Cobra Bio Cell 5 hybrid, but the Adams are going cheap at the moment. My preference would be in stiff flex.
  9. This is really interesting for me. My 15 year old daughter is tall and reasonably athletic. All her clubs are L flex, her driver is a TM R11. Recently she was at a golf development camp, and the kids were hitting each other's drivers. She hit one of the boys R flex driver better than hers. I've got a Proforce V2 Senior flex shaft lying around, so I'll get a TM R11 tip put on it so she can trial it. I've been holding off a full fitting for her until her growing slows, which finally it seems to be at 5'10"
  10. The only exception is if you damage a club through normal use, for example snapping a shaft by hitting a tree on your follow through. In this case you can replace the damaged club. If you damage it by smashing a club into your bag, tree, ground etc, bad luck, play with one less club.
  11. Played mixed Pinehurst Foursomes with my daughter, too many 3 putts between us. Drove the ball well, hit some really good irons. Played with another father/daughter team who killed it. We had 83 net 71 3/4, other team had 7 shots better off same handicap. Highlight was an eagle, holed out from 137m (150yd) with a 6 iron.
  12. Pair of FJ DNAs, $100 (AUD130), 3 sets of spikes for about 1/2 price in Aus. Got them at Roger Dunn Honolulu. Didn't even have to beg too much for permission.
  13. Had 2 rounds at Waikoloa on the Big Island Hawaii. Played Kings Course first, off blue tees. Played with rental clubs. Had 82 with 6 X 3 putts, couldn't adjust to rental putter and Bermuda greens, reasonably happy with how I struck the ball. Played with my 15 yo daughter, she hit some good shots after adjusting to rentals. Second round at Beach course, off white tees. 74, par 70. Lost a ball for a double (decided 3 wood off the tee for safety) and missed a tap in. Much better on the greens, still not a fan of Bermuda greens, but bent doesn't work everywhere. Both courses were in good condition, fairways a bit scalped in places, and a couple of burnt off patches on Beach course greens, but overall no problems.
  14. I've got Grafalloy Epics in driver,fairways and hybrid. Would love to find something similar for my newest hybrid. Any suggestions?
  15. Love the boa, have it in dryjoys, stumbled across standard DNAs for $99 while on holiday in Hawaii. Roger Dunn store, may be the same at other outlets. Challenge now is to convince my wife to let me buy them. So tempting, especially as width options are limited in Aust.
  16. This is great, trying to convince my 15 y.o. daughter that Loudmouth is the way to go. Got her to try on some mini shorts today, and she liked them. Main problem is she doesn't want to look like me. I've got 4 pairs of LM trousers, and 4 shorts. Interestingly, not a single pair the same as yours Bigtazz. They are the most comfortable pants I've worn, as well as looking great.
  17. This is interesting for me, as in Australia, for any round to count towards your handicap, it must be in a formal competition, and signed off by a marker. It seems to be a significant cultural difference, we play competition rounds (within our own clubs) every weekend, and most clubs have at least one midweek competition. A recent push to allow social (non competition) rounds to be handicapped was shouted down almost unanimously. This doesn't stop cheats from putting in bad scores deliberately to push out handicaps, but nothing will ever stop that.
  18. It is, quality golf is affordable and accessible here too.
  19. Hi, just joined after a long time lurking. Play most weeks, surrounded by amazing courses about an hour sw of Melbourne on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula.
  20. Grant, Victoria Australia Scotty California Del Mar Tour Mallet Short miss left, long uphill well short or well long Like the idea of catering to the left/right brain theory. I tend to putt better on long putts down hill as I rely on feel, whereas short putts I rely on mechanics.
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