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  1. Good shoes are really important, reduce the amount of unnecessary weight in your bag, if weather is clear and mild, ditch the umbrella and wet weather gear. I walk nearly all of my rounds, only use a cart a few times a year on trips away.
  2. Very ugly 30 Stableford points, yet another stretch of bad holes through the middle, 5 over from 10-13, with a 4 putt thrown in(my 2nd for the day) Finished solidly, 1 over for the last 6. Played off 5 at my club for the first time, conditions were tough with pins almost off the back of most greens, with a 2 club wind and showers thrown in.
  3. I play a Nickent 4DX Evolver with a Grafalloy Epic shaft. I think both came out in 2008. I've had a hit of a few new drivers, but I don't seem to get any significant benefit. All up (including shipping and swapping the tip) I got a 10.5, 12.5 and the Epic for about $150. My daughter is now playing the 12.5 with a reg UST V2 shaft. I haven't had swing speed checked for years, let alone other numbers, but average about 260 with roll out. The occasional one gets out there further when the stars align.
  4. Today was about 20C down here (just south of Melbourne) Not often I get to wear shorts this time of year. I think Sydney had record high temperatures for May in the last week.
  5. 7 over playing off 6. Started with 2 bogeys and turned 2 over. Leaked a few shots through the middle of the back 9, really should have scored better. Conditions were great for this time of year in my area.
  6. It's amazing to see big birds of prey up close. We have a Wedge Tailed Eagle (slightly bigger than a Bald Eagle) that comes around our course occasionally, Only seen it dive once, what an awesome sight.
  7. You were correct. Relief from any abnormal condition doesn't always make things better! Always check where you are going to take a drop, before picking up your ball, it may be worse (unlikely if in a burrow, but gur can be better than nearest point)
  8. Stage 3 Will the MLA Tour Mallet go in my bag? Most definitely, the balance, feel and consistency off the face off the putter are all great. I would recommend this putter to anyone whose stroke is suited to a face balanced putter. Sure they aren't cheap, but I firmly believe they sit well when compared to other putters in the same price range that I've tried. This was my first exposure to MLA, and without MGS I would never have even heard of them, let alone get achance to use their equipment. I am really impressed with the quality of this putter, across the board. Everyone who I've shown it to have also been impressed. The only thing I would look at changing is different colour and grip size options, which it seems they are already offering. I would love to see them continue to make such beautifully balanced putters, it really is amazing how well balanced this putter is. Have I mention that I love how well balanced this putter is? Thanks again to MGS for the opportunity to review this putter, I've really enjoyed the process, and hope that others can benefit from this review.
  9. MLA Tour Mallet Stage 2 As stated in stage 1, I'm really impressed with the balance and initial feel of this putter. The matt black finish with matt white alignment aid is striking at first, and takes a bit of getting used to. The mid sized Winn pistol grip in black and green coordinates well with the graphics and has a nice soft (but not too soft) feel. I started trialling the putter with the middle 10g weights, but decided to change to the 15g weights, as I wanted to feel a little more head weight. Of course this is all subjective, and the fact I wanted a 33 inch putter probably makes the extra weight more necessary. I haven't done a full statistical review, for several reasons. The practice green at my club has had some minor renovation work done (just prior to putter arriving) which has meant the flatter section is out of action. I didn't want to confuse my stroke by swapping too much between to very different putters, with the MLA being face balanced and my current Scotty Del Mar heavily toe weighted. At the moment I don't think raw stats from playing would be of much use, as we have had a run of brutal pin positions at my club, due in part to heavy rain forecasts. It would be interesting to see a Putts Gained stat at my club in the recent weeks. The MLA Tour Mallet is probably the best balanced and most stable putter I have used. Off centre contact seems to have minimal impact on short putts, which still roll well. My long range putting has improved since changing to the 15g weights, with several very near misses from 40+ feet. The putter works very well in the 4 foot “knee knocker” range, and my confidence over these puts has significantly increased. I had an issue during my third round with this putter that I almost assumed the ball would go in the hole without thinking (it didn't) another reason why I'm not giving full stats. This putter has really highlighted to me perhaps the major issue with my putting, which is poor alignment. The ball rolls so truly off the face that I can actually see what I'm doing wrong, which hasn't always been the case. I tend to align slightly to the left of where I want, but at least with the MLA I'm now realising that this is the problem, rather than a pull or slight closing of the face. I've shown the putter to several mates and our club pro. The pros initial comment was “this is a really well made putter, it feels great”. A mate who is notoriously yippy (known to miss the hole from under 1 foot) and who currently uses a claw grip first comment was “I think I could putt normally with this” which is pretty high praise from him. Yesterday's round was my 4th with this putter. I started with 2 X 3 putts, both from 50 odd feet, one where all I was hoping was to put my ball somewhere I had a chance to hole the second putt. Our greens were the quickest they have been for months, and we're rolling very truly. After my initial 3 putts, I putted well, with most putts going where I aimed them. Misses were either misread or slightly short. I finished the round with a 14 foot birdie followed by a 12 foot downhill left to right slider, so things are on the improve. One of my issues with my putting stroke is watching the putter head, the design of the MLA with the white alignment “line” helps make this more obvious which helps me do something about it. Scoring Performance I will score for on course performance only, as practise performance to me doesn't matter, only what happens in real play, and only in a competition setting. My putting has improved slightly overall with this putter, with less bad misses (particularly short putts) It has taken a bit of adjusting, mainly with long putts. The feedback this putter gives is great, it is very easy to see incorrect face angle (usually closed for me) The weight kit allows for a bit of experimentation, and helped to get the putter set up more to my liking. I expect my putting on course to further improve as I get more used to it, and as our greens fully recover from a coring. This putter is definitely more suited to my SBST stroke than my current SC Del Mar, especially on short putts. Score 16/20 (32/40) Looks The putter has an understated look, except for the alignment line, which is a bit confronting as it is so different. After a few rounds I don't notice the difference. The black and green combination is interesting, I don't know if this is a great choice in terms of attracting potential users. I personally don't have any problem with it, but I'm not sure how appealing it will be to a potential purchaser. The grip ties in well with the other graphics/colors. I have concerns that the black finish will scratch easily, and obviously but so far no problems. Score 15/20 Sound and Feel The feel of this putter is fantastic, with well struck putts rolling perfectly off the face. The sound is muted, but pleasingly so. Off centre contact is noticeable, with enough feedback to realise the contact wasn't perfect, but the ball still rolls well. Score 19/20 Likelihood of Purchase This is a really difficult question, partly due to my buying habits (as can be seen by what's in my bag. I would be unlikely to purchase this putter (or any other) without the opportunity to try it in the flesh, especially at $350 price tag. Having used this putter, I can safely say that if I were to spend that amount on a putter, this is one of the few I would consider. The slightly “boutique” nature of the brand, and the different approach to design does set the MLA Tour Mallet apart from virtually all other putters I have looked at or tried. Score 14/20, mainly due to limited access, and a hesitance to spend on an untried product. If MLA had a presence in store or demo days in Australia this score would increase. Total score 80/100, with potential for higher. Conclusion Is this a good putter? Absolutely Is it a miracle putter? No, you still need to use it properly Does it design and beautiful balance make it easy to know what I'm doing? Again, absolutely Will it improve my putting? I think it will, especially as it gives great feedback, and the ball rolls so truly of the face Will the MLA Tour Mallet stay in my bag? Absolutely
  10. Stage 1 A great surprise and honor to be selected to review this MLA Putter, hopefully I do it justice. I've been playing for more than 25 years, the last 20 or so seriously and regularly. My handicap started off in the mid 20s, and reduced rapidly to high teens. After a bit of a break I returned to regular play and had a handicap of 14. My handicap reduced gradually to around 10, with an occasional appearance in single figures. My game has always been reasonably well balanced, with no particular glaring weaknesses, an inability to put everything together is my biggest stumbling block. I have always been a streaky putter, when I'm on I putt very well, but when I'm off it can get a bit ugly. My short misses tend to be left, and I can struggle with distance control on long uphill putts. About 6 years ago my daughter started doing a junior clinic at my club, and while waiting for her to finish, I would practice. During this time my handicap dropped from 12 to 6, amazing what a bit of work can do. My handicap is at its lowest ever, 4.9. Australian handicaps are managed by a central body, with all scores returned by clubs to the handicapping body. Only competition rounds count towards your handicap, with slope rating and a daily scratch rating affecting playing handicap and “played to” figure. Over the years I've had only a few putters, a Jack Nicklaus Response (with a massive head), a Cobra Dual Metal, a Ram Zebra, and finally my current putter, a Scotty Cameron California Del Mar, which I've had for about 3 years. I probably putted most consistently with the Zebra, a face balanced putter that probably suit my reasonably straight back and through stroke. I play mostly at Curlewis Golf Club, on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula, about an hour south east of Melbourne. The greens are large (up to 3 clubs from front to back) and undulating. The greens are usually firm and fast, with bent grass surfaces. My region has about 12 courses, 5 of which (including mine) are rated in Australia's top 100 courses. I play one or two rounds a year in Queensland (northern Aust) with most courses up there having Bermuda greens, which are far from my preference! Within 1 ½ hours of home there is perhaps the highest concentration of accessible top class courses in the world. I chose the MLA Tour Mallet mainly because I prefer mallet styles, and returning to a face balanced putter really appealed. I chose 33", as I like to get my head over the ball, and slightly shorter encourages this with me. Initial impression was great. Beautifully balanced putter. I changed the weights to the 10g, mid range of the 3 weights provided. The 2 hats were an unexpected bonus, now I have to fight off my daughter (she wants the white one) I'll edit some photos in once the weather makes photography possible.
  11. One review at a time for me, good luck to all hopefuls. Looking forward to hearing how they go.
  12. Welcome, I joined here while on holiday in Hawaii. Ate poke every second day, loved it. Huli huli chicken was great too.
  13. Tour mallet for me, initial thoughts are very positive, broke out the putting mat for the first time in years. I've got a couple of days off later in the week, so I will have some solid time on the practice green and play at least 9 on Friday. Can't play this weekend, but will give it a run the week after in a competition at Barwon Heads Golf Club, which has some of the best putting surfaces in Australia. Really looking forward to the whole process, and hopefully making more putts.
  14. Played to handicap, 6 over. Should be happy with that, but had 4 X 3 putts (including one from fringe) Greens were a bit slow, I couldn't settle into my stroke, especially on 6-8 foot putts. Ball striking was ok, didn't hit many really good shots, but was never in any trouble. Exact handicap edged down a tiny bit to my lowest exact of 4.9.
  15. I'm the guy who invents rules so someone has to buy me a beer.
  16. Can't find anything I can consistently hit better, I'm not sure how much is the shaft. I've nearly pulled the trigger a few times, but couldn't justify the cost for little or no improvement.
  17. Used to have a hit as a kid, my older brother played a bit. Had an occasional hit during high school, then didn't play for a few years. During university we had an afternoon of each week, so a couple of us decided to go have a hit at the closest public track. Got hooked big time. Bought a second hand set with money from my 21st birthday, and have been playing ever since.
  18. 300 yards is a bit ridiculous, but I suppose everyone has to play it. I think its worse when the USGA set the course up so fairways are narrower than greens, with fairways running straight into 6 inch rough. I love to see courses set up so that every type of golfer has a chance, not just those who can do one component of the game well.
  19. I have limited experience with Nike. Had a pair of shoes that I left at the clubhouse after a round, they disappeared. Tried a ball, not sure what model about 15 years ago, hit it once, it too disappeared. The disappearances were not necessarily Nike's fault! Recently used a set of Nike rentals while in Hawaii. 2013 Coverts. The shaft specs probably weren't perfect for me but they were ok. Irons were a bit too chunky for my eye, 3 wood wanted to go left, 5 wood right. The 4 hybrid was pretty solid. Couldn't really just swing the driver as shaft was a bit whippy, but slower tempo swings went ok. Not too sure about the Method putters, the first one seemed a little off square. Historically Nike has had a very low profile in terms of equipment in Australia. i think this is/was due to the importer having his own smallish chain of stores so they had limited availability. This seems to be changing recently. I wouldn't write off any manufacturer, likewise I don't stick to any one brand (See whats in my bag!) If it works, it works whoever makes it.
  20. Had another costly mid round collapse, even with the card through 10, including a very soft bogey, then proceeded to double the next 2. Ended up 7 over playing of 6 today. Poor decision making was a significant part of my doubles. Played with my daughter and an old couple (89 & 80) She started well, but had an even bigger mid round collapse. Was pleased she fought it out well.
  21. Strange round, 9 over 81, 2 over on front 9, couldn't hit the planet let alone fairway or green 10 -13. Got my swing back and parred in from there. Must have had dyslexia on the greens, hit most putts exactly how I wanted, but couldn't get anything to drop. Had 3 putts and a chip finish 2 inches from the hole directly behind after trickling past on the high side. One of those days.
  22. I also remember when Wilson Staff blades were top of the tree. My first set were Wilson GE1200s, bought second hand around 1990. My brother had a set of Wilson Staff blades that were way too much for him. The sweet spot was tiny, but if you found it, it was incredibly sweet. I've hit a few of the more recent higher end irons, thought they were pretty good. Haven't tried the Duo Urethane, my daughter plays the original Duo, might try the Urethane model for her.
  23. For me it's no particular shot, but more I forget my pre shot routine, and hit the ball when I know I'm not ready. Then come the recriminations, especially as it usually results in real trouble. My last few rounds I've really been focussing in, which has been working well on the tee, but I can't seem to apply it for second shots. Next step is to improve my focus, across the board.
  24. Pretty messy today. Ball striking wasn't great, only 7 greens in regulation. Putted ok, but didn't make many. Had a few lip outs, made 4 10 foot putts, problem was only one was for birdie.
  25. Wow, a real honor and privilege to be selected. So much about these putters appeal to me. Really looking forward to rolling some balls with it, and letting everyone know how it goes. We've certainly got a good spread of reviewer locations
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