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  1. Kapstadt


  2. Michael, San Francisco CA current driver M3 taylor made x flex Mitsubishi whiteboard 73x swing speed 110 handicap 1 epic flash subzero
  3. Michael Farley 2 handicap San Francisco, CA I500 irons X100 dynamic gold 120 Plus two wraps Been playing S55s for past 3-4 years looking to try the new ones !!
  4. Michael Farley Tempe Arizona' Currently gaming a titleist 915D2 9,5 set to neutral with a mitsubishi whiteboard 73 x ... have hit the M2 loved it... just need to find the right combo...been a titleist driver user for the past 17 years! time for a change... I am a 1.5 handicap ex playing professional. Thanks!!
  5. Mike Farley from Tempe, Arizona, Currently using a Leoupold.... but definitely ready to try something else....
  6. 39 Tempe, AZ J Lindenberg or Travis Matthews
  7. Michael Farley Tempe, AZ 1.5 Titleist vokey sm5 48, 54 ,58 s400 tour issue
  8. Thanks guys!!! Must say I am looking forward to that new titleist driver.....
  9. I played Ben Hogans years ago Michael Farley Handicap 1.5 Tempe, Az
  10. michael farley tempe, arizona handicap 1.5 help me get more lean into the ball at impact...
  11. Been reader for years, have relocated to Arizona from Switzerland. Originally from Cape Town. Great stuff you guys do! I'm off 1.5 at the moment used to be a pro... Keep up the good work! Regards Mike Farley
  12. Hi, I'm a 39 year old ex playing and teaching pro now selling real estate in Arizona. Looking for good guys to golf with. Love competition still ajd keeping up with everything golf. I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Best place on the planet for a golf holiday hands down! Current set is: Titleist 915 d3 8.5 Mitsubishi whiteboard 73x Ping g30 with 80x Ping tour issue Titleist 915 hybrid 18 with speeder 85s Ping s55 3-pw with Nippon nsp pro 120s Ping Scottsdale anser Titleist sm5 wedges 52,58 with tour issue s400 Best Regards Mike Farley
  13. Michael living in Tempe, Arizona Handicap 1.5 ex pro played hogan blades back in 1992-1995! Currently got 2 and 3 iron but stick mostly to 3 depending on the course conditions
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