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  1. I swing it like 110 with my driver 104 with my fairways….. I’m thinking it’s time for a and 7 wood must be TSR 2? Seems like best head, I’m not super high spin kind of average flight etc.
  2. 19-11 USA don’t see this one being tight but might be wrong!!
  3. Just received my Srixons ZX5 4 iron then ZX7S 5-PW all with 105-X Nippons more to follow I’m a 1 handicap i got the ZX5 4 iron which doesn’t look to offset and the ZX7s look great!
  4. ya ended changing to a callaway Epix MAX LS its good club.... they close with the TSi2 but I think its better for me
  5. I got the TSi2 it’s great just tough to shape, but could be a shaft, head setting that needs work
  6. Distance and trajectory... went back to my old Ping S55s The 4 iron yes, I think a 17 degree hybrid too strong, really need an 18 or 19 degree
  7. Michael San Francisco, ca 110-115 titeist TSi2 9 degree mitsubishi Tensei white 65-S CK i have played nippon shafts currently have 120-X s Modus in my irons
  8. Taylor made SIM 9 degree motore F-1 6-x or Evenflow black 65 gram 6.5 callaway subzero 15 degree Mitsubishi Tensei CK blue 70-TX hybrid 17 degree 818 titleist Mitsubishi Tensei CK 90-x white Ping S55 dynamic golf 120 x-100 3-PW Vokey SM8 50-54-58 S400 tour issue Ping Dale Anser 2.0 putter Got a new set of titleist T-100•s irons but they are hard to control such a bummer....
  9. Mike Farley San Francisco, Ca iPhone 11x combination but 90% outside weather is great year round!
  10. Michael Farley San Francisco, Ca Taylormade SIM 9 degree Fujikura F-1 60-X flex 1 handicap 109 TSi3 9 degree
  11. Michael San Francisco, Ca handicap 1 current model Titleist vokey SM8 50.10 54.08 58.08 raw appeals because of the feel!! The feel and look is the key! Plus the bounce but more the feel! No glare is a bonus too
  12. Michael, San Francisco, ca currently use a Ping anser dale vault 2.0 I would like to try a heppler Tyne 3 the colour contrasting and different look caught my eye. The anser I have is a very soft feel would like a bit of a harder feel off the face. Also more foregiveness sounds appealing. thanks mike
  13. Michael Farley 1 handicap current irons ping S55 with 120 g x100 DG shafts i played Wilson staff FG-49 in my junior years and early college, proper blades, beautiful irons from 1-SW! Would love to play Wilson’s again! Can’t beat the shape of a Wilson players iron
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